Who is a Republican

Here at Hollywood Republican we are constantly being asked “Is So and So a Republican?” We decided to make a list of celebrities an the political affiliation. Below are the ones we know about. If felt we have left some one out or know one that we missed let us know.


50 Centis a Republican
Aaron Russois a Republican
Adam Baldwinis a Libertarian
Adam Sandleris a Republican
Adolphe Menjouis a Republican
Ainsley Earhardtis a Republican
Al Frankenis a Democrat
Al Jolsonis a Republican
Al Michaelsis a Republican
Alec Baldwinis a Democrat
Alex Trebekis a Republican
Alice Cooperis a Republican
Amanda Carpenteris a Republican
Andre Agassiis a Democrat
Andrew Wilkowis a Republican
Andy Garciais a Republican
Angie Harmonis a Republican
Anita Louiseis a Republican
Ann Coulteris a Republican
Ann Milleris a Republican
Armstrong Williamsis a Republican
Arnold Schwarzeneggeris a Republican
Barbra Streisandis a Democrat
Ben Affleckis a Democrat
Ben Steinis a Republican
Ben Stilleris a Democrat
Billy Bushis a Republican
Billy Maysis a Republican
Blake Livelyis a Democrat
Blythe Danneris a Democrat
Bo Derekis a Republican
Bob Barkeris a Republican
Bob Grantis a Republican
Bob Hopeis a Republican
Brad Pittis a Democrat
Brian Kilmeadeis a Republican
Bruce Springsteenis a Democrat
Bruce Willisis a Republican
Cameron Diazis a Democrat
Carrie Fisheris a Democrat
Cary Grantis a Republican
Catherine Hicksis a Republican
Cecil B. DeMilleis a Republican
Chad Everettis a Republican
Charlton Hestonis a Republican
Chelsea Nobleis a Republican
Cheryl Laddis a Republican
Chevy Chaseis a Democrat
Chris Rockis a Democrat
Chuck Norrisis a Republican
Cindy Williamsis a Republican
Clark Gableis a Republican
Connie Stevensis a Republican
Craig T. Nelsonis a Republican
Danny Aiellois a Republican
David Greenwaltis a Republican
David Lynchis a Republican
David Zuckeris a Republican
Dean Cainis a Republican
Dean Jonesis a Republican
Deanna Lundis a Republican
Demi Mooreis a Democrat
Dennis Franzis a Republican
Dennis Hopperis a Republican
Dennis Milleris a Republican
Dennis Prageris a Republican
Dick Enbergis a Republican
Dick Powellis a Republican
Dina Merrillis a Republican
Don Kingis a Republican
Donald Trumpis a Republican
Drew Careyis a Republican
Dwight Schultzis a Republican
E. D. Hillis a Republican
Eduardo Verásteguiis a Republican
Edward Nortonis a Democrat
Efrem Zimbalist Jr.is a Republican
Elisabeth Hasselbeckis a Republican
Eminemis a Democrat
Ethel Mermanis a Republican
Eva Gaboris a Republican
Faith Hillis a Democrat
Fess Parkeris a Republican
Frank Caprais a Republican
Frank Sinatrais a Republican
Fred Grandyis a Republican
Fred MacMurrayis a Republican
Fred Thompsonis a Republican
Freddie Prinzeis a Republican
Gail O'Gradyis a Republican
Gary Siniseis a Republican
Gene Autryis a Republican
George Clooneyis a Democrat
George Gervinis a Republican
George Hamiltonis a Republican
George Peppardis a Republican
Gerald McRaneyis a Republican
Ginger Rogersis a Republican
Glenn Fordis a Republican
Gloria Estefanis a Republican
Gwyneth Paltrowis a Democrat
Hal Holbrookis a Republican
Harrison Fordis a Democrat
Heather Locklearis a Republican
Hedda Hopperis a Republican
Heidi Montagis a Republican
Helen Hayesis a Republican
Hugh Hefneris a Democrat
Hugh Hewittis a Republican
Hugh O'Brianis a Republican
Hulk Hoganis a Democrat
Hunter Tylois a Republican
Irving Thalbergis a Republican
Jack Nicholsonis a Democrat
Jack Warneris a Republican
Jackie Masonis a Republican
Jaclyn Smithis a Republican
Jake Gyllenhaalis a Democrat
James Earl Jonesis a Republican
James Woodsis a Republican
Jamie Farris a Republican
Jane Russellis a Republican
Jane Wymanis a Republican
Janine Turneris a Republican
Jeanette MacDonaldis a Republican
Jeff Foxworthyis a Republican
Jennifer Anistonis a Democrat
Jennifer Flavinis a Republican
Jennifer Garneris a Democrat
Jerry Springeris a Democrat
Jerry Stilleris a Democrat
Jessica Albais a Democrat
Jessica Bielis a Democrat
Jessica Simpsonis a Republican
Jim Belushiis a Republican
Jim Naborsis a Republican
Jim Nantzis a Republican
Jimmy Stewartis a Republican
Jinx Falkenburgis a Republican
Joan Riversis a Republican
Joe Pesciis a Republican
John Cusackis a Democrat
John Gavinis a Republican
John Gibsonis a Republican
John Goodmanis a Democrat
John Hughesis a Republican
John Jamesis a Republican
John Kasichis a Republican
John Miliusis a Republican
John Schneideris a Republican
John Wayneis a Republican
Johnny Ramoneis a Republican
Jon Stewartis a Democrat
Jon Voightis a Republican
Jonathan Jacksonis a Republican
Joy Beharis a Democrat
Julia Stilesis a Democrat
Julie Banderasis a Republican
June Allysonis a Republican
Kal Pennis a Democrat
Karl Maloneis a Republican
Kathy Irelandis a Republican
Kelsey Grammeris a Republican
Kevin Baconis a Democrat
Kevin Jamesis a Republican
Kevin Sorbois a Republican
Kim Alexisis a Republican
Kim Komandois a Republican
Kurt Russellis a Republican
Lady Gagais a Democrat
Larry Davidis a Democrat
Larry Elderis a Republican
Larry Milleris a Republican
Larry the Cable Guyis a Republican
Lars Larsonis a Republican
Laura Ingrahamis a Republican
Laura Preponis a Republican
Lawrence Kudlowis a Republican
Leeann Tweedenis a Republican
Leo McCareyis a Republican
Leonardo Dicapriois a Democrat
Leslie Nielsenis a Republican
Lionel Chetwyndis a Republican
Lionel Hamptonis a Republican
Lisa Kennedy Montgomeryis a Republican
LL Cool Jis a Republican
Louella Parsonsis a Republican
Louis B. Mayeris a Republican
Mancow Mulleris a Republican
Margaret Hamiltonis a Republican
Margaret Hooveris a Republican
Mark Hainesis a Republican
Mark Levinis a Republican
Mark Steynis a Republican
Mary Hartis a Republican
Mary Lou Rettonis a Republican
Mary Steenburgenis a Democrat
Matt Damonis a Democrat
Matt Mulhernis a Republican
Maureen O'Harais a Republican
Meat Loafis a Republican
Meg Kellyis a Republican
Mel Gibsonis a Republican
Merv Griffinis a Republican
Meryl Streepis a Democrat
Michael J. Foxis a Democrat
Michael Jordanis a Democrat
Michael Medvedis a Republican
Michael Moriartyis a Republican
Michael Reaganis a Republican
Michael Savageis a Republican
Mickey Rooneyis a Republican
Mike Gallagheris a Republican
Milos Formanis a Republican
Monica Crowleyis a Republican
Naomi Juddis a Republican
Natalie Portmanis a Democrat
Neal Boortzis a Republican
Nick Lacheyis a Republican
Olivia Wildeis a Democrat
Oprah Winfreyis a Democrat
Pat Dollardis a Republican
Pat Sajakis a Republican
Pat Summerallis a Republican
Patricia Heatonis a Republican
Paul Newmanis a Democrat
Paul Sorvinois a Republican
Paula Deenis a Democrat
Paula Prentissis a Republican
Pete Williamsis a Republican
Phil Hendrieis a Republican
Phil Markoffis a Republican
Rachel Hunteris a Republican
Reese Witherspoonis a Democrat
Regis Philbinis a Democrat
Ricardo Montalbánis a Republican
Richard D. Zanuckis a Republican
Richard Lee Jacksonis a Republican
Rick Deesis a Republican
Rick Schroderis a Republican
Rip Tornis a Republican
Rita Cosbyis a Republican
Rob Longis a Republican
Robert De Nirois a Democrat
Robert Duvallis a Republican
Robert Redfordis a Democrat
Ron Silveris a Republican



511 Responses to "Who is a Republican"

    1. Tiffany,
      Thanks we checked and Kevin James is added and as far as we can see is a Republican. This list is a work in progress. We will also list other democrats but we are still working on the republicans. If you have more suggestions let us know.

        1. I’m betting there are a whole lot more Republicans than feel comfortable admitting it at this point. They may feel they’ll lose jobs if they let it be known. And Hollywood, being as it is, would probably try to make that happen.
          It would be great to see a bunch of them, en masse, stand up and let it be known!

          1. I’m going on a strike and not spporting democrat actors/actresses until they stop black balling the Republican actors/actresses. WThey have been given too much power with all the money we give them buying their products. When I don’t go to a movie, not buy their films and not watch their tv shows the dems don’t get my money or support.

          2. So a large industry that is one of the main tools to putting out subtle republican propaganda in bulk is supposed to ostracize republican actors?
            Lets make some more strawmen to create bonding social capital.

          3. I’ve become disillusioned with both the biased news media and big-mouth Hollywood democrats shoving their opinions down American throats. I only want to hear the news and not their political opinions, and just because someone is a movie star doesn’t justify them to push their political views either. Like others, I’m striking against all democratic filmmakers, stars and news stations that were involved in this past election. Let’s hit them in their pocketbooks where it really hurts then maybe they will learn to shut up and just do their jobs. What a novelty that will be. And when that next blockbuster comes out I won’t be standing in line!

          4. count me in on hollywood ban. i tossed every will ferrel, tom hanks, george clooney, desparate housewife, sex in the city, barbara striesand, cher, all the big moths, in trash!! i honestly can’t stand to watch them anymore. who the ….do they think they are? suckers!

          5. Seems pretty lame to include dead people from long-ago eras… to make it seem there are a lot more Republicans on the list.

          6. Sadly, in spite of Democrats weak historical political record, dumbells like the Hollywood clowns continue to vote for them.

            The top 10 most empoverished city’s in the United States are all Democractically run, with Detroit leading the way.

            I guess the actors have only enough time to memorize their lines, but don’t take the time to find out the truth behind the nonsense which is the Democratic party.

          7. This seems very immature. I’m banning deese peeple until dey bcum republicans. How un-accepting you Republicans are. Why hate everything that differs from you. I don’t live with that guys sexual orientation,I hate gay people!” Really? This is the kind of shit that forms the basis of your party

          8. Gotta admit, don’t care for republicans. I can meet one in a social setting and in no time, I simply don’t care for them. Very surprised to see Bruce Willis was republican. Disappointing.

            You know, I think Hollywood should shun them. Or fire them. I’ve seen my last Adam sandler movie, tell you that. Hollywood portrays the hypocracy and greed of the REICHT and the religios fakes VERY very well. Better even then the news.

            When I think republican I just think YUCK ,,, not going to spend money to think “YUCK” for an hour and a half.

            Remember, the freaks on the Curchitty church and the wealthy Koch brothers made Corporations into people . So if MGM is a Person and that person doesn’t like Adam sandler, then Adam can hit the damn road. A Jewish republican is a real turnoff….

          9. I find it amazing that the pinko left (maybe closer to red than pink) still screams about the fellow travelers who were outed and then kicked out of Hollywood so many years ago, and how they thought it was so terrible. Now, with the conservatives being denied jobs because of their political stance, you don’t hear the hypocritical lefties (now there’s a redundancy if I’ve ever seen one!) saying one single word about the masses of conservatives who are denied by the studios…. but such is the nature of a true Democrat.

          10. I think it’s worth mentioning somewhere on your list (perhaps using an asterisk or a plus sign) that some of the Old Hollywood stars and personalities that you list as Republicans, particularly those thriving during the 1930s, would not ascribe to the platforms propagated by this “Republican” party. It’s a fallacy to wrongly assign the views and beliefs of the dead to try to bring notoriety to a dying party.

          11. ok, I don’t know where to leave a post, so I apologize for doing it under someone else’s post. Question: are you sure Toby Keith is Republican? I heard he is democrat from more than one source.

          1. Denzel Washington is a republican through and through.
            , a discourse (or more preferably, a fight!) began between all three of them with Denzel being barraged with all kinds of anti-Bush, anti-Republican comments, but “the man stood his ground” and soon enraged the women so much that they couldn’t get a word in edgewise. Meryl Streep turned blood red and she sat with her legs crossed and her one leg shaking up and down, fuming! Then Katie uttered the words that put the final nail in her coffin, she said to Denzel “you see, that’s the problem I have with ‘you people’.” She of course did not get to finish her sentence because Denzel pounced on her verbally by responding “YOU PEOPLE! YOU PEOPLE! Just what do you mean you people! Do you mean ‘You People’ as in me as a Christian, or do you mean ‘”You People'” as in me as a REPUBLICAN?” She then tap danced her way through the next minute of the show. But Denzel went out fighting and declaring that Fahrenheit 9/11 is nothing but propaganda and lies distorted to support a Democratic cynical film directors views.

          2. Denzel is neither, as am I. I hear both sides and make an assessment. This brings much of the list into question.
            (Try Google – it’s amazing.)

          1. In some Urban Areas They are told not who to vote for ! Just Vote Democrat wow Like Lambs . Sad how the Democrats take advantage of 80% of a certain minority Group. How bad it is in Baltimore City!!! They bye them Crack Cigs & booze ! Some People should not be allowed to Vote ? Dose it seem right I ask you? Gotta do something Acorn is still around .Reality is The unions&Acorn are still just and Existancion of their right arm . Rob.

          2. Yea so all the southerners and and those people (mostly republicans I think make up a little more than 10%) I would like to know where you got that information.

          3. You obviously made that up. I am a republican but I am not religious. I have never been to church. Your “statistics” do not make any sense anyways because the republicans just took the senate and gained a wider majority on the house, and 56% (whoa! I actually did research) of the governors in this country are republican which obviously proves that you information is totally false.

          4. if that is the case, then why did obama win two terms? Duh! Next time, get ur math straight. You don’t even make sense and ur math doesn’t add up. Stupid republicans!

          5. Where on earth did you you get your statistic that 90% of americans are democrats??? Lol! MSNBC! Glad to see who one of the three people are that watches MSNBC. Good to see you’re a true democrat. Absolutely no facts and absolutely no problem with telling lies. Thank you for the continuing prove that dems/libs are always one step away from the looney bin. Bravo!

        2. That’s a real myth people fall for.Read the above list and the “Hollywood” Republicans slaughtered the Dems from way way back and throughout the years,and now.You needn’t count the Republicans.Too many to count.Count the Dems on a few hands.I even fell for that myth my whole life until I read this list.

          1. Well if she WAS one she isn’t now. I know, her doctor was a Democrat and he is the reason she died. A Democrat killed her. There is the answer to the conspiracy her family is looking to prove.
            They can now blame it on a Democrat. Mystery solved!

          1. This is the typical class exhibited by one of your ilk. As we believe in free speech, unlike liberals, I will allow your stupidity and crassness to be displayed. I hope your happy of the example you are setting.

          2. Republicans are 35 percent of U.S. voting population, Democrats are 38 percent, and Nin-Affiliated make up most the remaining. There are more Conservatives than Liberals, by far!
            PLEASE note: Liberals are 100 percent destroying the U.S.. They are this counyries biggest enemies. Sincerely, Jamie Gokey.

          3. don’t get it. Repubs have been shaping the country for the past 25 years….Yet they keep complaining about dems. Get real.

          4. Free speech (like capitalism) is a LIBERAL idea . Good god why are people so ignorant?


            If you strongly support personal freedom, are very pro science, do not believe tradition is a good reason to keep doing something and believe the market shouldn’t be completely dictaded by the government, and you believe the U.S. government should be involved in foriegn affiars, including to promote Democracy and capitalism, you are a LIBERAL.

            If you are basically a liberal except you oppose public education and think the government should stay out of foriegn affairs and cut military spending, you are probably a LIBERTARIAN.

            If you believe the production and distribution of goods and services should be owned by the workers themselves, you aelre a COMMUNIST. If you believe in a somewhat consumer driven market in which the the government handles production and distribution of goods and services on behalf of the people, you are a SOCIALIST.

            If you believe that TRADITION is a good reason to continue doing something, and you believe society should improve but only if the changes are SLOW so as to not cause chaos, and you believe the government should minimize its involvement in foreign affairs, and you think people should listen to eldars and Holy Books like the Bible, you are a CONSERVATIVE.

            If you believe we should return to how things used to be, because things were better in the “good old days”, that the 60s or 50s were the Golden Age for this country and we should return to that way of life, you are a REACTIONARY (often times people think being a reactionary is being a conservative… just like they th ink a liberal is the same thing as a socialist).

            So please learn the terms FFS.

      1. I think it’d be great to hear about Kaley Cuoco and Jennifer Lawrence… I’ve heard they’re both republicans but it’d be nice to know more

      2. I feel same. Tired big mouth liberals in hollywood shoving their dim witted views down our throats no thnks. They do not live in our world they head to rodeo drive with 4 or 5 armed guards then proceed to tell us. That guns bad bad bad. Even tho a lot made movies with a lot guns in them. And the. Obama administration is starting make it a lot easier to call urself republican. If he’s a demo I want no part of em none and I’ve sworn off a lot. Of movies with demos in em george clooney who only got into hollywood cause of his aunt kickin doors in. Cause he is a lousey actor

        1. That funny because the right to own guns is a liberal idea by its very nature because it threatens the power structure of the elite by putting power into the hands of the individual, but it’s ALSOA a CONSERVATIVE idea because of the tradition of bearing arms that started with the founding of the nation.

          When a liberal idea becomes a tradition, we have conservative liberalism. Ahahahahaha.

        2. My god learn how to at least spell and verbalize if you are going to post your opinion. You are perfect being a Republican because they don”t give a damn about education. I mean look at yourself you are a perfect example of a Republican education. Did you make it out of the 4th grade. Holy Crap!

          1. Liberals/socialists/obama believers are ruining this country. Conservatives believe in education however, children going to school in this country come out of grade twelve not able to read, write, math…..oh sorry, too busy learning how to become transgender or a disgusting reality star like the kardashins. Oh yes, the democratic nutjobs that yammer at our college children speak only of one way or the highway. Much like our news stations that only report on what they are told, which is not exactly news. Ever seen the truman show? Wake up and smell the coffee!

    2. there are so many dumbocrats. thats the problem with hollywood instead of using the brain they seem to think with their a…s what a shame

      1. I see that you’re one of those republican idiots who support war with iraq and fear and bankruptcy in America. obviosly either you never went to a proper college, your dad/mom has given you a bad influence r you’re just a plain effing asshole. Bieng a Republican is bad enough, but don’t go showing your dreadful personality and opinion to everyone else. and….may i correct your spelling,, it’s DEMOCRAT not DUMBOCRAT, dumbo isn’t a frikin crat so learn your english dude!

        1. Man, are you mad about something? What’s wrong with having an opinion? Are you one of those liberals that feels that the First Amendment guarantees should be canceled for anyone who doesn’t agree with you? Lose the anger brother and learn how to debate politics in a civilized manner.

          1. It’s not like the Republican was being very nice with his comment either, but of course it’s the Democrats fault with our planning hurricanes and ruining the world with godless redistribution.

          2. Wait… are you trying to say that liberals are trying to take away first amendment? Clearly, you don’t know your amendments or at least didn’t look into them correctly, . The first amendment says “congress has no law abiding the freedom of speech.”, which means you could post anything on the internet. however, if it’s offense them that person HAS THE RIGHT to call them out on it.

          3. You might want to read the posts on this page from the Republicans and give them the same advice you just gave the Democrat. Political discourse in this country has reached a new low if that’s possible as it’s always been pretty low. And for those of you who think the Democrats are so evil and you won’t watch their movies, you might want to think about refusing Social Security and other programs the Democrats put in place to help the average citizen.

        2. Looks like you described your self, I guess you want 4 more years of a bad economy, and for your info bush in 8 years run up less than obama in less that 4 years, you shouold do your reasearch before you make remarks that are not true. The first 2 years Obama had a Democrat majority in congress and still did not accomplish much of anything ,o yes his stimulis that put this country deeper in debt.

          1. You need to take classes in economics. Historically in times of recession, countries that tightened spending excessively made the situation worse. Many descended into full blown depressions. Most of the world’s top economists, including many top conservative economists, agree that the best way to get an economy out of a recession is to stimulate it by spending. They have learned this by studying history. Unfortunately, fear keeps people from understanding this and the tendency is to restrict spending. Obama’s mistake was that the stimulus was too small. You have to give the economy a good jolt to get things moving again. As for republicans claiming that democrats are a bunch of irresponsible financial redistributors, the Clinton Administration handed the Bush Administration a surplus. Taxes were higher under the Clinton Administration and the economy still extremely well when Clinton was President.

          2. Let’s talk about the New Deal and it’s successes. It didn’t work. It extended the recession. Same with Japan during the 1990’s. Stimulus didn’t work those two times and it didn’t work now. On the other hand, let’s talk about tax breaks and increased government revenues. Case in point, Kennedy in the early 60s and Reagan in the 80s. Both times the taxes were lowered during a recession and regulation was eased, great periods of growth followed. Strange how it always works out that way.

            Oh, and if you want to go back even further, it was the policies of the early 1920’s that created the incredible growth of the Roaring 20s.

          3. Yes, the first two years Obama had a congress that favored him, but he had made a promise to work with republicans so he tried to compromise with them. Instead of “shoving” his programs through and running right over them, he spent a lot of time and energy trying to find common ground. Obama takes great pride in being a mediator of sorts. He learned a painful lesson. Some people do not believe in compromise, and Obama had a difficult time facing the cruel reality that many republicans consider a willingness to compromise as a weakness, not a strength, and he also had to come to terms with the truth, which was that the republicans vowed they would do everything in their power to block anything and everything Obama put before congress. They even voted against Obama’s programs which contained a majority of ideas that originated with republicans, sometimes things they had voted for in the past! When the new congress came in, with a majority of repubs in the House of Representatives, the republicans went into full obstructionist mode, knowing full well that they were actually hurting the country, but they did not care. They made a pledge to destroy the Obama Administration, and they were determined to see it through. The good news is I think Obama is catching on and he is finding ways to get around the obstructionists. If he is re-elected President, he is going to have to get even more creative in finding ways to get around them!

          4. Mel, not only did we approve all of your comments, but I will comment on them. You are in fantasy land and have no knowledge of the facts. The President did not try to work with Republicans. Not, the first two years or the last two. In fact, during his first meeting with Congressional leaders after being elected he looked at the Republican leaders right in the face and told them, “Elections have consequences. I won.” That is not bipartisan. That is screw you, I’m doing what I want.

          5. Another idiot with a one channel TV. Branch out. Find some HONEST statistics. The deficit is shrinking. No GOP POTUS in the last 50 years has reduced the deficit instead of making it bigger. But the Dems do, every time. Ignorance may be bliss in your class, but you’re helping destroy the country.

            How many R’s would actually be ON this list if you removed all the DEAD ones?

          6. Dave you seem to be conveniently leaving out it is the Republicans who made it their POLITICAL MISSION when Obama was elected to block anything and everything Obama was trying to pass to the point where they shut down the government. I think it was because no Lilly-livered white man was EVER going to accept that a black man had been elected President. Not a chance. So how could he look good to anyone when one could say the Republicans of this country became the legal KuKluxKlan, the bullies and incredibly sore losers. After all, that rampart Dick, ‘let’s kill ’em all’, Cheney was just a heartbeat (excuse the pun) of being president when your illustrious war mongering daddy’s boy Bush ran the country. And by the way how many American boys and girls died following this travesty? And now you have anchor boy Trump frothing at the mouth to show America he is the god Apollo – who could very aptly lead us into oblivion!

        3. Why do democrats always resort to name calling? Kinda sounds like the dems are the people with no college education ,but maybe that’s just me. My family could not afford college, but I don’t think I need a liberal telling me anything. Maybe, just maybe this world would be peaceful without uneducated college students opening their mouths. GO ROMNEY/RYAN!!!!!!! GO BIG BUSINESS AND SMALL GOVERNMENT !!!!!!!!!!!! VOTE 4 YOUR FREEDOM AND COUNTRY!!!!! I guess l’m excited . Democrats call that un-AMERICAN, I CALL IT MY FREEDOM WITH PLENTY OF AMERICAN PRIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


          1. Funny how one of the “tolerant defenders of the poor” finds humor in the substandard financial situation of another. Or is it ok to ridicule him because he actually bettered himself instead of leeching off the American taxpayers? The left’s hypocrisy runs rampant.

          2. Do you live in the state where Ryan is located? Cause you need to! Holy Smokes you need help badly. If you are old enough for Social Security and Medicare I hope THIS BIG GOVERNMENT loses your name and address.

        4. Thanks for proving his point! What a moron you are to talk about someones schooling and parents when you know nothing about them. Go back to killing babies and raising taxes on the poor. Go back to forgetting about what the words naturalization act are. I hope you have a job ( doubt it ) You sound like the type who lives off the tax payers backs, but if for some reason, McDonalds DID give you a job…I hope you can say..PART TIME ONLY…Thanks to ignorance and people like you…now more Americans are going to go from having full time jobs to part time to avoid the company paying for insurance. Nice move DUMBASS. If you believe ANYTHING Obama says anymore it’s quite obvious you are too stupid to even argue here. Don’t waste our time. Enroll your kids into boy scouts…Your LEADER is pushing to have MORE Gay leaders there. Oh…THERE’S you a JOB! Good luck!

        5. You spelled being wrong. I’m 15 years old and I can spell. Obviously you are the one who did not attend a proper college. I don’t appreciate you disrespecting veterans. My dad, uncle and other family members served their country in the armed forces. I feel bad for people like you, really.

          1. Stephan, I am much older than you, but not necessarily any wiser because of it. You blew me away with your proper sentence structure and the manner in which you got your point across to whomever you were putting in their place. I would have been proud to have a young man like you for a son or grandson. I appreciate you standing up for your family members who served our country in the military. Keep up your schooling and, no doubt, you will do well in whatever field of endeavor you are led. Most of what I read in this blog, or whatever it is, cannot and does not stand as tall as the words of wisdom you imparted to some wise__s. Your words tell me there is hope for the younger generation. Bless you!

        6. I find it disgusting that you are ignorant enough to believe that just because someone is a republican that they are somehow less than you. What makes you think your views/beliefs/opinions are the correct way to think and act? How dare you treat people like they are trash because their political views are different. Grow up and stop acting like your the only one on this earth.

        7. Repugnant, Repusnican, Repubescent [ Johnnie Boehner?] are not words; nor has Christo-fascist been added to the dictionary. However,Repubescent describes Bone-brains well.

        8. Did you get an education as a kid? You don’t even know how to spell. Also, Republican’s not only PROTECT AMERICA, but we LOVE AMERICA, too, unlike you tree hugging assholes!

        9. Hey, Buddy, if you’re so against fighting the heathens over in the Middle East, why don’t you blast the uber-liberal warmonger in the White House right now, your socialist hero Obama? He’s been in office over four years now and could have brought our troops home, but he didn’t. Where’s your tirade against our dear comrade leader 0bama?

        10. I see that you are one of those liberal idiots that support that guy we call president who has done nothing really for this country but play another round of golf as we sink deeper into debt and as we have all these problems with these terrerists beheading Americans and holding them hostage. I would love it if you liberals democrats and some republicans too actouly learned something about the real world. Thank you

        11. You are the poor speller, the “awesomeone”: obviosly, r for or, iraq for Iraq, bieng, etc. You must be a Dumbocrat! It’s not misspelling; it’s a NEW word that is more descriptive of the party under discussion!!!

      2. Calling them names is not such a great plan, we must educate them while still being respectful. That is one of the things that hurts our image as Republicans. We must be the better men & women. If we come across as arrogant snobs then we will never convert them.

          1. Thanks for the laugh. I find it quite amusing that any Democrat would accuse Republicans of being dumb or uneducated. Many of these actors constantly pontificating and shoving their liberal ideals down our throats tend to be high school level educated simpletons that have little to no concept of the business or real worlds.

            While members of both parties come from different walks of life, generally I would say Republicans tend to be the more educated of the two groups. I have worked in the biotech industry most of my career and the overwhelming majority of us (men, women, minorities) tend to be conservative Republicans. Almost all of us hold a bachelors degree or better (basic requirement for employment).

            This holds true in other business and related fields throughout the country as well. Businesses (large & small), industry, and innovation is what has built this country and still employs the vast majority of Americans. Conservatives have a better idea of what is required for the economy and business to thrive, grow, create employment opportunities, and help America prosper.

            Liberals look at business and industry through a suspicious lens and advocate ivory tower ideas and policies that hurt the economy and the very Americans (middle class) they constantly claim they are trying to help.

            Educated liberals on the other hand tend to dominate academia. Most of these types pontificate, theorize, and try to tell us how the world should work while mostly lacking real world experience and perspective themselves. Kind of like so many Hollywood and entertainment industry types (and our current POTUS who is also an ivory tower idealogue with little to no real world experience).

        1. Bob, I understand your point, but the fact is that too often we are losing ground by NOT being a bit more aggressive when it comes to Democrats and their agendas. They expect us to stand there and just take it – and that’s how so much of their hedonistic ideals and lifestyles get shoved down our throats. It’s time we stand up, push up our sleeves and flex some muscle right in their faces! NO – WE’RE NOT LISTENING TO YOU ANYMORE AND HERE’S WHY!! We need to stop being the bullied and start vocalizing our views or else their shouting will forever drown out our beliefs.

      3. Hey Edward… Get your head at out of your dumb republican ass and go to grammar school… It’s people like you that make me want vomit because of your arrogant attitudes towards people who have a different opinion than the majority.

      1. Yes, the interesting thing to me is that many of these Republicans are known for their womanizing ways (Derek Jeter, 50 Cent) and drug abuse. You can have them.

        1. One does not have to be of either party to be a womanizer. I looked up presidents with mistresses one time and found it pretty much equal except for Kennedy and Clnton; worst offenders,

    3. These so called movie stars have no idea how hard it is to live today. When Obama taxes their asses and telling you how to spend your momey. You guys will see. Obama is shooting for a one world order. He truly dislikes the millinairs…get ready to share your money with the lazy asses of the world.

    4. 50 cent, Oprah Winfrey , Jessica simpsion, Adam sandler,Debby Ryan,Zac effron,beyonce, Hilary duff,Justin bieber,Fran Drescher,Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson,Dolly Parton, LL Cool J

      Are All Democrats

      1. and 80% of them are uneducated morons. Why would I care what Justin Beiber, Chris Rock, or 50 cent think on political and economic issues? Seriously, if you have a brain you’d listen to what they say on these issues and take the opposite viewpoint (or vote the opposite).

        If people in this country (yes, those of you that frequently read People, gossip mags, and watch E!) base their ideas and thinking on what celebrities have to say, this country is a big trouble… oh wait, we already are, Obama just got reelected.

    5. What is wrong with the work Republican , you don’t seem to be ashamed of saying your a demacrate! So why don’t you be leave the way you want and let the rest o of use decide the we want to believe.

      1. That is because many Jews in America are Jews or their decedents who had to escape Nazi Germany. It also has been noted that German Jews have higher IQ’s than other Jews in the world.

      1. You want to hear and read some major lies, continual lies, lies that can destroy America?

        Just listen to 0bama, Biden, Kerry, Hillary Hag Clinton, Boxer, Reid, Pelosi… You’ll get your fill of lies every single day.

    6. I have a problem with this list.
      It clearly states that Rosie O’Donnell is a celebrity. This completely invalidates the entire list.

    7. I only checked the first 150 names but I noticed an enormous amount of dead republicans listed and not one single dead democrat. I take it that all the old Hollywood people were republicans. As a Republican I take exception to this type of BS. It is stuff like this that makes us look like a bunch of uneducated lemmings that will follow anyone that will shout down “Liberals”. Ann Coulter a Hollywood celebrity, give me a break! Since the takeover of our party by the religious right and the Tea Party we have become a laughing stalk of whackos willing to see the country go down in flames as long as we can all have machine guns and ban abortion. Of all my 2nd amendment friends not one owns an automatic weapon.

  1. Oh I forgot to add one. I read recently that the hip-hop performer 50 Cent is a Republican. Also, am I correct in my assumption that you’ve only gotten as far as the J’s?

    Thanks :-)


    1. Hi,
      I did some research on both JAY LENO and DAVID LETTERMAN.The results are:

      Jay Leno calls himself a Liberal.

      David Letterman has quoted “I believe I have voted for both Democrats and Republicans. Am I either one? Absolutely not. Ladies and gentlemen, I am an American.”

      So we can’t put them up as either. If you have a source we could reference please let us know. The would make a good addition to the list

      We will be posting more very soon.

      1. If you’ll consider one who’s not “in the biz”, but is merely a consumer: I can’t tell what Letterman is- whether he leans so far left that he can only walk counterclockwise, or if he’s just making fun of them? My apologies for conflicting Mr. Letterman’s statement about being an American- the tube only shows the stage characters. Mr. Letterman’s personal views are his own business, not mine. Maybe Mr. Letterman can get a laugh out of this one.

      2. Letterman? Give me a break. That old tool is as far left as they come. The fact you believe that quote rather than just listening to the bias and left wing rhetoric he spouts on almost every show (and has for the past 6-8 years) would indicate you aren’t very discerning or capable of thinking for yourself.

    2. My heart goes out to you, oh thee of little empathy. Your xenophobic outlook on life will not serve you well in the hereafter, whatever your isolationist mind may consider that to be. I’m ashamed to be YOUR fellow American.

      1. If you didn’t like hearing the truth from him, you’ll really love what I have to say.

        Export them all, get them out of our country now before it’s too late. Look what they’ve done to England.

        Oh, and you can go with them if you love them so much.

    3. You ought to be ashamed of yourself facilitating hate and untruths. Think about it. Republicans fly off the handle if a Republican politician is remotely insulted but expect Democrats to back off when they spew untruths about the president. You need to source your information from three legitimate independent sources before continuing the pattern. The truth is DC is broken and that isn’t due to just one person, president or otherwise. It is a combination of everyone. We all must take responsibility. It is time to break the cycle of deadlock. That doesn’t come from bad mouthing or overpowering others. It has never ever worked in the history of the world-not as a permanent solution. Breaking the cycle means doing something different and that starts with each of us!

    4. Are you serious? What the hell is wrong with you? I really, really, hope that you are being sarcastic. If you aren’t, you should be ashamed of yourself. You don’t deserve to call yourself an American.

    1. Yes, Are you saying we should celebrate these people? These were evil people and should be recognized as that and only that.
      Here is a small list of evil democrats for you.

      John Wayne Gacy, rapist, murderer, democrat fund raiser
      Michael Skakel, murderer
      William Kennedy Smith, rapist
      Brian Doyle, dem activist child molester
      Neil Goldschmidt, Oregon governor, confessed child molester
      Rep. Mel Reynolds, D-IL child rapist pardoned by Clinton
      Former Sen. Brock Adams, rape

      These are all bad people no matter what their political affiliation is.

    2. and Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Castro, Hugo Chavez, etc. are all leftists that would be classified as left wing Democrats politically had they lived in the US.

      The political and economic models they support and implemented in their respective countries are many of the same ideas and policies advocated by growing far left fringe of the Democratic party, including our current administration. These include but are not limited to: redistribution of wealth, class warfare, centrally planned economics, heavy state intervention in business & industry, etc.).

      You lefties get defensive when the dots are connected and the similarities between your ideals and these type of unsavory historical figures is pointed out but facts are facts. Socialism and centrally planned economics has failed everywhere it has been tried and that isn’t debateable (there is a reason European countries are also losing their competitiveness and dying economically). Too many of you choose to ignore history and bury your heads in the sand.

  3. 90% of the people on this list are dead,hardly even famous or no one likes them.The only likeable ones on here are Kevin James and Adam Sandler.

  4. Jim Belushi is a Republican? I’m pretty sure I’ve heard him bashing Bush and supporting Obama. Am I wrong?

    Also, other Republicans/Conservatives:

    Scott Baio
    Robert Duvall
    Stephen Baldwin
    James Caan
    Jon Voight
    Kurt Russell
    James Woods
    Kirk Cameron
    Ron Silver
    Dean Cain
    Drew Carey
    Sylvester Stallone

    1. Just because he shows up on Fox’s News makes him outspoken your Nuts ! As He said on Fox’s He tries to keep his politics private and just happens to be good friends with Billy Bob Thorton who He calls His Lovable Liberal Buddy! See not everyone is ignorant like you ! I have plenty of liberal Friends myself and we choose to keep are politics private !!! Get he a life change your Diaper and grow up American Rob.

    1. Re: Kurt Russell, here’s a quote from his Wikipedia entry (sourced in that article): “I was brought up as a Republican. But when I realized that at the end of the day there wasn’t much difference between a Democrat and Republican, I became a libertarian.”

      So, yes — Libertarian. Perhaps conservative, but not Republican.

  5. I am pretty sure Frank Sinatra was a democrat.. and I do believe Eddie W is correct that Bruce Willis is a democrat. Where did this information originate to confirm these celebrities political affiliations? Just wondering.

    1. Lucille we get the names of the celebrity from our readers. Before they go on the list we research their party. Bruce Willis for example It states in his biography the he has been very vocal in his support of almost every major Republican candidate in recent history except Bob Dole. He felt that presidential candidate Dole was out of line in his attacks on Demi Moore and her part in the movie Striptease (1996). So to answer the question each one has a different source.

      1. I think you had better research again on Ricky Martin as he has lately done a fund raiser for Obama in George Clooney’s circus of friends, just 2 weeks ago.

    2. Actually Frank Sinatra was a staunch Liberal, but he was converted by The Great Communicator to a staunch Conservative later in his years.

    3. Sinatra was a Dem until he got screwed by JFK, then he converted. Besides the Democrats at that time would be Republicans now… and the Democrats now were the communists then.

      1. Wrong. The Democrats now would have been the “Rockerfeller Republicans” then. The areas that vote Democrat now were staunchly Republican then (eg. New England states), but the Republicans in the past had a liberal wing which no longer exists.

    1. Absolutely, Ted Nugent is a strong conservative and a strong Constitutionalist. It is possible that he has leanings toward a Libertarian viewpoint but he is a strong conservative. See Glenn Beck’s website for references

        1. Completely false. Do you know who championed both the abolitionist movement and the women’s sufferage movement? Republicans. It was their platform. Opposed by Democrats.

          1. The parties have changed greatly over the last fifty years. Moderate republicans such as Ronald Reagan would not do well in the present day Republican Party. In the past southern democrats were against civil rights. Today most of them support civil rights. Abraham Lincoln, probably the greatest republican of all time, would not be comfortable in today’s republican party. And the great World War Two General Dwight Eisenhower who later became a two term President of the United States, and who warned us of the dangers of the military industrial complex, would not find many current members of the republican party appreciating his profound wisdom. These great men would have a difficult time locating like-minded compatriots among the current crop of republicans.

          2. Mel, the fact is that today’s Democrats are yesterday’s Communists. Democrats like Kennnedy, Stevenson, Truman, Humphrey, et al would be disgusted if they saw what happened to their party…. and would be Republicans today.

          3. Exactly, and if anything, our country has gotten more liberal so the Republicans like Lincoln, would be really strong conservatives.

          1. Brain Dead look who’s killing the Country !First NAFTA Then Obama get a Life ! American Rob and Proud to be one. Please Move to another Country Like Alec Baldwin Moved to another (Planet) (;/

  6. Just a couple of names I didn’t notice on your list: Ely Manning, Mickey Mantle, Danika Patrick. I’ll probably think of more another time.

    1. Ely and Danika added. Mickey Mantle (who I would love to have on the list) is not yet. I am still trying to find a good source to verify him. If you have one let us know.

      1. It’s inconceivable to me that Mantle was other than a conservative Republican…. where he came from, his closest friends, etc. No way he’d be a democrat.

        From “Mickey Mantle: America’s Prodigal Son” by Tony Castro: Mantle joined a group “Athletes For Nixon” who supported supported the President’s 1972 reelection campaign. (page 225)

        I’ve looked for more, without luck.

  7. Some of these are kind of crazy. Sinatra was a life long registered Democrat who publicly supported Reagan, but that was the extent of his Republican support. Cary Grant’s wife Barbara says he was a Democrat. Gloria Estafan has said many times she is independent, but has supported Obama. Ricky Martin supports Democrats, don’t know how he is registered. He has asked Republicans many times to stop using La Vida Loca.

    1. You cannot be a Democrat and support Ronald Reagan – It is logically incompatable. Ronald Reagan’s Reaganomics is the polar opposite of any Liberal view point. Many people convert to Conservatism as they get older: its just the way it is. “The older you get, the wiser”? Perhaps.

      1. Reagan would be considered way too liberal for today’s GOP. Too many tax hikes, increased the deficit by a large margin, was light on the abortion issue and he had a wife who was heavily into astrology. also, he was an evil union leader! No way he’d make it in a GOP primary of today, unless he suddenly switched his view as Romney has done.

        1. The left created a characture of Romney for months and then when Romney spoke and told what his views actually are, it seemed at odds with the false narrative. An example would be the claim that Obamacare was modelled after what Romney did in his state as Governor.. problem is, a lot of Conservatives believe a state should have the right to work out things as they want, but would be opposed to a federal mandate of the same thing. As for Reagan, he is pretty much idolized by the right as Clinton is of the left.

      2. Are you for real? It is called freedom of choice. You can choose who you want, doesn’t matter what party they say they belong to. That is why in the general election you can vote for the person, not the party.

    1. I’m a registered Democrat who hasn’t voted for a Democrat since 2000. So being registered under a certain party doesn’t 100% guarentee that persons loyalty. My BIL is a registered Republican that has recently become a die hard liberal. We would really mess up the polls.

      1. I’m a registered Republican who hasn’t voted for a Republican in major elections in a long time. McCain was going to get my vote until he brought Palin in. In this current election none of the Republican nominees were even close to being respectable enough both morally and ethically to vote for in my eyes. The Republican party has been shifting to a party that I don’t want to be a part of anymore. Guess it’s time to pull an Arlen Specter.

    2. I don’t know about H.Fonda, but I know that his disgusting daughter isn’t a Democrat at heart, regardless of how she may be registered. Her statement at Michigan State University in 1970 clearly defines which party she associates with: “I would think that if you understood what communism was, you would hope, you would pray on your knees that someday we would someday become communists.”

      Ironic is that Communism hates God, yet this witch talks about praying. So, she’s even hypocritical about her politics.

  8. I looked at each of these names and covered up the right side of the list and guessed whether they were Republican or not. I was right 90% of the time. Mind you, I know nothing about them, other than their acting skills. When I chose I just thought about whether or not they had that pained expression on their face or looked really uptight. Those people tend to be Republicans. People uncomfortable looking in their own skin.

    1. Yeah like Adam Sandler, Walt Disney, Kevin James, Dennis Miller, Drew Carey, they all look so bitter compared to Woopy Goldberg, Rosie O’Donnel, Kayne West, and all the other liberals.

  9. Derek Jeter and A-Rod are Republicans,and so are former NFL Quarterbacks Jim Harbaugh,Bill Kenney,Joe Montana,Steve Young,and of course,NY Jets & Former Florida Gators Quarterback Tim Tebow..Yeah!!

  10. So every athlete is a republican… was this made by a 8 year old making assumptions? Reference each one to an article or report. Like if you click the name it takes you there… this is so pathetic.

    1. I can feel your pain, and laugh at it.

      Oh, there has to be a number of athletes who vote democrat, people like Tyson, Mayweather, Richard Sherman, Hernandez, and others of their ilk.

  11. I agree you need to site your source… I cross checked a lot of the names with the official political contribution records (all contributions greater or equal to $500 are publicly recorded as legally required), and they just don’t seem to match up. Also, the democrats you name are very famous, currently relevant in the industry, while most of the republicans I have never even heard of. Maybe you could add more famous republicans. I also think you need to include celebrities who consider themselves liberals or conservative. Liberal is almost synonymous with democrat, as is conservative is to republican especially in a two party system. Lastly, people keep bringing up athletes, and although they are celebrities they are not considered part of “Hollywood”. I appreciate the point that is trying to be made, but it is a weak argument at this point if one was going by the data on this site.

  12. The question is not necessarily Republican / Democrat.

    It’s Democrat vs. “Crazy republican” vs. “Republican”.

    The definition of a republican has changed greatly over the pas 4/8/12 years as the monkeys have taken over the party

    1. Do yourself a favor and look up Democrats in the early stages of our country. You will find that Democrats have changed from almost Conservative into the Leftist group they are today.

      1. I’d hardly call Democrats leftist. The party as a majority tends to be very moderate. I think the Republican’s heads would spin if we ever elected a true liberal to office along with a supporting congress.

  13. Rep party has changed?? look at the Dem’s… With everything going on… Liberals used to protest the things they are now supporting… Who is the party of Big Business… who bailed out Wall Street… Who executive orders himself control over internet and talks about controlling information???

    If you think your are a 60’s hippy liberal – then your ideology matches up more with Conservatives… What killed the Hippy liberals… Communal ideology… turned them into the me generation of Parents…

    Parties do change their position on the road… we are so far left now their middle still is way to far left… so are Reps the Conservative choice – today yes but tomorrow might spawn a real 3rd party made up of Conservative demo’s Reps and indies… the choices now are not good enough – we need better… and that will be what a real 3rd party offers and the GOP might just lose out – cuz they line up way to far left to make nice with the Wild side…

  14. Correction to my post “support” and “they”. I was checking this out in the history of US presidents. The only president that didn’t have an affiliation was George Washington. Then from 1809 to 1825 four presidents were from the Democratic/Republican party. The parties weren’t divided.

  15. Tom Brady is also a republican. he attended bushes’ inauguration and publicly stated his support for bush. but after some heat from the democrats hes kept quiet since then.

    1. Isn’t that a familiar story… the libs want to have their say and shut up everyone else…. well, maybe they don’t want to shut up the Communists.

    1. The kind of fucking idiot who is Republican, Mr Davis, is the person who understands that free market leads to Prosperity, that a 16 trillion debt in an economy that produces less than 16 trillion dollars worth of production is not good for the long term and the kind of idiot who sees Europe collapsing due to the Policy that Obama is pursuing him. As with many leftist, your retort is profanity for the obvious reason. You lack the intelligence to come up with reasoned arguments to defend your position. You know what is dumber than even the dumbest conservative? A smart liberal and you simply the butt of the joke.

      1. Ditto, Democrats have no record to run on, oops yes they do driving the country deeper in dept, no job growth to speak of and foreign policy? he has none. Obama doesent tell what he will do to get us out of this mess except more of the same that brought us to this mess, this country can not stand 4 more years of obama, this country is going bankrupt, our credit rating has already gone down

        1. The republican Bush administration created this mess that President Clinton said no President, not a single past President, could have fixed the economy Obama was given it was in such a deep hole. The stock market was sinking fast in the last months of the Bush Administration. People were losing the value in their pensions. Today the stock market has climbed all the way back, and if you kept your pension, it now either is back to what it was before the big crash, or it is on it’s way to getting there. The Real Estate Market is finally turning around. Unemployment is going down even though republicans in congress are blocking the passage of Obama’s job bill that economists say would probably create at least two million new jobs.

      2. The world’s top economists say Europe is collapsing because they restricted spending to an excessive degree. Those European economies that have adopted austerity programs have actually made things worse. Those that did not go the austerity route are faring much better!

    2. People without brains.

      I’m not a democrat by the way, I’m just not a mindless idiot who wastes their time with politics.Politicians and politics are useless.

    3. A Idiot like me who is very proud to have Known WW1 Vets WW2 and Korean Vets and Vietnam Vets!!! Thank God for those whom giving us the Right to complain American Rob.

  16. Will Smith a Republican!? Wrong.. I’m a Nederlander and some experts did some research: 82% of the population from The Netherlands will vote Obama. Me too.
    14 year old boy.

    1. You think we care about the political views of a 14 year old from The Netherlands (or any Dutch adult for that matter)?

      You live in a country where prostitution and drugs are legal, women sell themselves for sex in store windows, and the welfare state is the prevailing economic model. Your country rotted and lost its way years ago.

      The United States didn’t get where it is in the world economic order by following the herd and emulating the failed ideals and policies that has destroyed many countries and is currently plaguing Europe. Euros like Obama because he espouses many of the same failed socialistic and other ideals they share. Many of us here still understand what made America what it is and have no desire to go that route.

      I’ll forgive your naivete and simplistic view of the world. You are being raised and indoctrinated in culture in decay and just don’t know any better.

      1. I find it hilarious that a 14-year old kid from the Netherlands can spell in our language better than you can. Perhaps it’s a reflection of the superior education system that they, as well as many other countries, have in comparison to ours. Or maybe you’re just an idiot. Pick one.

    2. I guess, then, that means 82% of the population of Holland is Muslim…. Of course they’d vote for their brother.

      And, realistically, who cares who you people would vote for?

      1. No, 82% of people are not Muslim in the Netherlands. The largest religion is Roman Catholicism followed 24% of the Dutch.

        Do your research before you spew bullshit.

  17. This list appears to be based on hearsay.
    Some of these celebrities have been outspoken in favor of opposition party candidates (meaning Republicans in support of Democratic candidates and vice versa).

      1. first of all the democrats r killing this cty just because didnt do a good job doesnt mean they r all bad. We have a democrat in the white house who was born in kendya #1 shdnt be pres. at all also not just a socialist but a communist. Read all the books on obama. If Obama was white no blk person whd have voted for him and its shocking because his mother was white so not full african american. He is a puppet for soros, ayers and alexerod who r commies. This ctry is falling apart and will get worse under obama dont vote for a party vote for best man & obama was not the best man. IN fact soros gave 8 million towards obamas ist run. The bubble will burst very soon and market will collapse. I am lower than most but retired but my ss is not a lot and i dont get any brakes. Its like here in ny bloomberg ruined the city and 5 boroughs. when he came in my house tax was 1800.00 a yr now 5800.00 he is the worst mayor we ever had beside dinkins and jimmuy carter was like obama but not as bad and look what happened to this cty. Stop wars keeep money in us and get illegals out.

        1. I concur with all your sentiments, Sandy.

          Good luck to you up there in NY, actually isn’t its real name The Democratic People’s Socialist Republic of New York?

  18. Art Alexakis from Everclear is a Dem who even had a song called “Jesus Was A Democrat”. He has admitted to voting GOP when he was 18 but has voted Dem ever since.

    Shawnee Smith has been an activist for gay marriage. Not likely GOP.

    1. Yeah, they want him to stay here and not get involved in their politics. If Sweden has a law that the country’s leader must be a natural born citizen, he’d be able to come up with a birth certificate showing that he was born in Sweden and not Kenya…. so after he leaves here (hopefully, he won’t be snuffed out), he can go over there and ruin your country, too.

      Actually, if the Swedes like him so much, they can have him now.

    1. That’s the funniest freaken comment I’ve seen here!

      How ignorant it is to make a statement like you made.

      You only voted for him because he’s black… that’s patently obvious.

      You people who pull out the race card whenever someone doesn’t approve of a particular black person are the true racists.

    2. Get the Fuck out of Here I’m Black and I can’t stand the Brother keep that Race Card on the back of the Bus the shit is gettoo Please get over it and come off the Farm please !!!! American Rob.

  19. Awaiting moderation? I made a bet that you would not print what I had to say, and I won! Thank-you for proving an important point I have been trying to make. Republicans do not like democracy nor do they like the free expression of ideas! Can’t you repubs be honest just once in your lives? Instead of saying “awaiting moderation”, just say “we only accept pro-repub opinions and ideas here at this website.” This is why I probably will never vote for another republican. Being totally honest seems to be extremely painful and difficult for present-day repubs. Not that democrats are always truthful, but repubs have made twisting the truth an art form! It is amazing the stuff I hear republican politicians say with not a hint of shame or embarrasment. Thank-you for the list of republicans. You have no idea how many of us appreciate having that list! Many of us wondered who they were so we would not waste our money on buying their records, going to their movies or concerts, or watching their shows on television. When Reba McIntire did a cruel number on the Dixie Chicks I stopped buying her records. I noticed that shortly after that country music did see a decline in sales, and a couple years after this Reba’s tv show was canceled. Of course, Reba is going to try again with a new show with Tim Allen. She is betting people have forgotten her Dixie Chick stunt.I, along with lots of others, stopped watching all those country and western awards shows many years ago because they were boring and because they were run by some pretty nasty republicans. I will be sure to double check this list before I pass it along to others. Some people listed here may no longer be repubs, and some maybe never were. However, people who remain members of a party that appears to have lost all sense of morality, ethics, fairness, or a collective conscious should be avoided whenever possible! It is sad because the party has been getting rid of all it’s most intelligent and decent members one by one. It is sad because this country needs respectable people promoting a conservative viewpoint. Instead, we get Michelle Bachmann!

    1. Just like a leftist – waste our time with your emo fantasies and don’t bother to provide any useful info. Keep it up filibuster! I can see right through your dillusion! Sober up, pay your taxes and realize that the middle-class are being raped and pillaged so ignorant people like you can spend their unexamined lives theorizing your utopian ideals.Face the facts – in order for someone to win.someone has to lose! It will never be all for one and one for all. There’s always going to be people living ladge off of the blood and sweat of
      Others. I am not talking about entitlements either. Why don’t you look at how the wealthiest democrats live!

    2. Oy!

      You want to see lies, just listen to or read Obama. The man does not know what truth is.

      As for “people who remain members of a party that appears to have lost all sense of morality, ethics, fairness, or a collective conscious should be avoided whenever possible”, you do realize that you’re talking about the Democratic Party…or should I say the Communist Party.

  20. LL Cool J is an Independent who opposes republican congressional obstructionism against President Obama. He claims republicans are trying to make Obama look like a failure. I doubt that he appreciates you classifying him as a republican, and he says he is not a democrat either! Check your facts!

  21. As much as I’d love to believe Emma Caulfield is a republican (maybe she used to be), she’s not. She’s my Facebook friend and I’ve followed her on Twitter for a few years. She’s been very vocal in supporting lots of liberal ideas (gay marriage, reproductive “rights”, etc.). But hey, maybe she IS a registered Republican, not sure.

    1. Donovan, there are many fiscal conservatives that are liberal on social issues. It is one of the splits in our party. In fact, I know many hard line Republicans that are for gay rights and pro choice. Emma Caulfield may be one of those. I don’t know her.

  22. Lindsay Lohan and Denzel Washington are Republicans…..we know plenty of black Republicans….Allen West, Herman Cain ….of course also. Obama is socialist/communist…..study those 2 forms of government and you will agree….if you have half a brain

    1. And he’s not reluctant to speak out and say what he believes. He’s a true hero and patriot. The Democommies hate him, and that speaks to how good he is.

  23. This kinda reminds me of the Gays in 1980 – people were “outing” all these straight people all the time. Now they are “outing” as Republicans. LOL

  24. Ugghh111 Reading some of the comments here from the tea baggers is cringe worthy. There is a reason there are so many democrats. You republicans stay in the bubble even to the extent of trying to find actor republicans so you can make yourselves feel better. You watch only fox news and proclaim anyone who has facts to be bias. You even claim that whichever entity counts the unemployment numbers are cheating. You like finding fellow bigots who say its okay to be a bigot, It’s a sickness, LOL. And…the goddamnned internet has allowed you to keep finding and feeding off each other. You people don’t even know what a coomunist is or how our government has been run for the past 40 or more years. Sheesh!

    1. My husband was a Chicago Democrat & politician. (Lost him to cancer 15 years ago, I was widowed at 34). Our son is attending Law School & is a registered Democrat……however, didn’t vote this past election, because he didn’t know the lesser of two evils. I am a registered Republican. I believe in looking at FACTS & making an educated decision for myself & my family. My Democrat husband & my Democrat son & I…..believe in the same principles. I believe in gay marriage, only because if two people commit to a life together, they deserve the same tax benefits. The rest is between them & God. None of my business. I believe in abortion….even though I’m Catholic. Again, an issue between a woman & God. Our government has no place in this. My point being, I do not have my eyes closed regarding our CONSTITUTION. I choose to be Republican because when I cast my votes, I look at the bigger picture & history. I was raised in a Marine Corp family……no one ever helped a Viet Nam vet…..w/ all the freebies that are out the now. Despite that fact, a 17 year old kid (my father) built a million dollar business. Now after 40 years…..he’s being OVER TAXED & trying to keep his business going, DESPITE OBAMA & his ‘dream’.
      Madam Sharon, my Democrat & Republican friends (&family) are pretty much in the one percent. (OMG: Trust me 175K doesn’t go very far when my kids not black/purple or green & we’re paying for his education & expenses) In addition. Obama is cutting my tax write offs & at 48 years old and an educated, tax paying, social security contributor since I was 16 (that work ethic thing!)……I’m beginning to wonder why should I continue to bust my ass every day. To be penalized for working * contributing…..when I could sit on my ass & let my fellow Americans PAY FOR ME????? WHY: Because I have integrity & self respect.

    1. Agreed, he sounds like a democrat, especially in his song American Ride, I guess that’s just jokes though, but still, he sounds like a democrat, really, I don’t know, I just think he’s a democrat, but, I guess this blog owner could have better resources than just a few songs and theories, no idea, but, I still bet he’s a democrat, even if he’s a Christian, which I barely doubt at all, I’m pretty sure he’s a democrat, I don’t know any Christian democrats though, but, there’s always a first I reckon

  25. Hey Tom how did sending Pres Obama home work for you? Oh sorry it didn’t work this was suppse to be a tight election well of course that didn’t work Obama won by a land slide even with all the money you Repubs raised you still couldn’t win election now Romney is facing FEDERAL CORRUPTION CHARGES and also PERJURY ON DEC 4 2012 I would never vote for any man/women with those type of charges hanging over their head…#1 CROOK Romney,,,2nd term PRESIDENT OBAMA!!!!!!!

  26. Ann, I was wrong this time about the election which means I only 90% correct in my analysis. Right, Romney going to jail sure, what universe do you live in? Oh yeah, Obama and Rice lied, four people died in Libya, economy still in toilet, We are about to go off the cliff because your Messiah is not serious about the debt and Obamacare will add to your tax burden while crashing the best healthcare in World. See in four years when we will be Hotel California and Greece. Remember, Obama lied, 4 people died.

  27. Leno is NOT a Republican. He has personally stated he is a Liberal and opposes the GOP.

    Brad Paisley is openly pro-Obama and NOT a Republican.

    Hilary Duff has publicly stated she is more of a liberal but I’m not sure if she is affiliated with any party.

    ZZ Top (not listed here) performed at a Bush rally but I think that has more to do with the fact that they supported a fellow Texan more than anything else.Alan Jackson and Brooks and Dunn also performed for Bush.

    Kerry Livgren (not listed on here) of the band Kansas may be a conservative. I heard him call in to Sean Hannity’s show saying they listen to him on the tour bus and enjoy the show.

    Toby Keith has stated in interviews that he is a registered Democrat but has some conservative viewpoints, such as those on national defense.

    Amber tamblyn=add her name to the Democrat column.Big time lib.

    1. Where’s it say Brad Paisley’s a republican? I didn’t see his name on here, nor did my iOS device, so, I don’t exactly now where you think it says he’s a republican, but I should get more info bout his political views before I try to agree or disagree…

  28. “So, basically anybody famous with a career is Democrat and if you are not sure who they are, they are Republican.”

    Yep… that’s the rule.

  29. I would dispute that Arnold is a republican. That’s what he claimed but as the gov he didn’t really prove it. I guess by California standards he is.

    1. https://valottery.com/vegas

      Your wrong Leno is a R word .Just Because he’s not a Hollywood left wing Big Mouth doesn’t make a Demo crap ! It makes Him a man who keeps His personal Life Personal!!!!; Conservative Rob! And Proud to Live in the Greatest Country in the World for whom that are on the Left are Hell bent on destroying !!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Cary Grant is not a republican or democrat he is dead a long with several others on the list.The actors on the list were probably democrats till thet started making money then it’s “oh I’m a republican” so they can bitch about paying their taxes and call it patriotism.

  31. I’m having trouble reconciling this big list (incompete!) of conservative republican actors

    (who have extramarital sex and do drugs)

    with the belief of many conservatives that

    1. there are NO conservative actors in hollywood
    2. conservative actors are not given acting jobs!

    I have no doubt that should hollywood ever be CONTROLLED by conservatives (remember mccarthy?)

    there would be NO LIBERAL ACTORS AT ALL allowed to work in hollywood

    Just more evidence that conservatives have defective brains

  32. I’m sure all you boycotters are making a huge difference! You guy little pompous jackass republicans who think they are so far above every one else in the world. I couldn’t support liberal media and entertainment more. If you look at history republicans have wound up on the wrong side nearly every time. Just saying

  33. LOL. It makes sense. There isn’t one Republican listed who provides decent entertainment for my taste. When you have Mel Gibson and Donald Trump on your team, you know something is very wrong.

  34. You could make a guessing game with this list, the names paired with radio buttons for party affiliation and an extra for non-selection, the starting default, so the player doesn’t have to choose on unfamiliar persons, and doesn’t have to decide for every person in the long list.
    Player can tally the score at any time, but all previous selections are greyed and locked in for the current game. Could even store games as work-progress for registered users, or any player who is accepting cookies. The player who wants to do some further study on a particular person, such as phrenology and other anthropometrics, can pick up the game later.

  35. dang, and just one more thing, might add another group of buttons such as like/neutral-ambivalent/dislike and compute another score reflecting the player’s own political phrenology.

  36. There is alot of people that im glad to see they are republicans. a couple mains one really like Shawn Micheals, Jeff Gordon, Brett Favre, Adam Sandler, and a lot more! xD

    1. In your dreams…Seems the actors/actresses I’ve always admired and respected the most, happen to be Republicans. I didn’t know some of them were until I saw this list. There is a God. Thank you.

    2. So which one are you ? Personally I’m an Asshole guess that makes you an Idiot ??? Hmmmmmm Asshole who loves his Country vs Idiot Guess I Win go Drink your cool aid !!American Rob********

  37. DemocratsGetAmmunition · Edit

    I guess this gives Democrats ammunition to use against republicans. No longer can republicans keep calling Hollywood “full of liberals”. Nor can they denigrate Hollywood. All Democrats have to do now, is proudly point to this semi-accurate website, to show how many glorious Hollywood republicans there are.

    BTW, Michael J. Fox is a devout republican. Not a Democrat. You have an error there.

    1. Hi,
      We would love to change it. The list we have has him as a Democrat. If you have a link that reference him as a Republican please let us know.

  38. The list will come in very handy for the producers of Dancing with the (republican) ‘Stars’. All their “talent” in one searchable database.

  39. After first seeing this list, I’ve found myself wondering how many of the older/deceased people known to have described themselves as Republicans would still consider themselves so.

    The post-2000 hard-right change (after Rove’s successful targeting of moderate Republicans in Congress in the early 00’s [wonder what he thinks of that strategy now?]) that culminated in the Koch’s “tea party” campaign and subsequent “movement” bares only a superficial resemblance to the Republican party of…say… Jimmy Stewart.

    President Obama’s policies (and most of Clinton’s) would have put him in line with the Republican party of 40 years ago, so I think it’s entirely reasonable to assume that the beliefs of many pre-1988/92 Republicans would fall in line with the current incarnation of national Democrats.

    Thanks to a giant pile of money, the center has been moved far to the right. It’s a shame available data doesn’t allow for these past entertainment business politicos (of all stripes) to be classified by today’s radically different standards.

    1. “President Obama’s policies (and most of Clinton’s) would have put him in line with the Republican party of 40 years ago…”

      You must be joking! And, you’re in la-la land. On the other hand, the Democrats of today, particularly the 0bama gang would be find comrades in the old Soviet Union and back through the Stalin, Lenin and Trotsky years.

  40. Michael, are you serious; GOP of 30 years ago wold be similar with Democrats today? Are you that stupid? The answer is obvious to that questions. To somehow assume that Reagan would approve of Obama’s policy is ludicrous. Hell,Obama has abandon many of the policy of Clinton 1995-98. So the question remains, are you that stupid? Are you that ignorant of our past history including recent history?

  41. Not that anyone knows who the hell he is, but Jansen Ackles, the guy on the badly-rated CW show Supernatural, is a raving Republican–as in No Women’s Rights, No Universal Healthcare, No Gay Marriage, No Immigration…THAT kind of “Bible in every classroom” Republican. Jared Padalecki, his costar, is a Democrat.

    1. I don’t know who you’re listening to, but you need better sources of information. What is a “raving” Republican? I’ve only heard of “raving” Democrats. And exactly what women’s rights are Republicans trying to take away? None!!! Obama’s Universal Health care is a disaster. Everyone knows that. Legal immigration is fine with Republicans. Obama is the one wanting open borders..(i.e. Votes) Most Republicans are not trying to stop gay marriages. They just don’t want to have to pay for it, and don’t want it for themselves. What’s wrong with a Bible in every classroom? It’s a good book. It teaches civility, goodness and kindness. When it was taken away, many many problems began surfacing in our schools. What a shame. Vulgarity is allowed in our schools, something that teaches good things is not. Our country is in a lot of trouble right now. And it’s NOT Republicans who are letting it happen. I beg you, find some other sources of information. Obama is self important and has a different agenda, and it’s not in OUR best interest.

  42. Just one small correction. I think I would call Kevin Sorbo more of a moderate. By his own admission in a Canadian News talk show Sorbo quoted himself as such. A moderate. He said that he voted for Reagan, but voted against George H. W. Bush, voted for Bill Clinton, but then voted for George W. Bush, and voted against Obama.
    Regardless though if you follow him on twitter or read Facebook posts of his, he’s got a very good head on his shoulders. :-)

  43. This list is lame. They have every country star so the list has more Republicans. How about adding every Hip-Hip, Pop and Rock stars that are Democrat??????????

      1. You got that right you have to give them this they know how to do the illegal things right ! They talk a good game like everyone should be able to speak their minds but when someone disagrees with their way of thinking the Venom spews! Wow what Hate mongers. Everyone should have a right to speak their Minds without being viewed as a racist. Like A Black Man once told me if he Fucks things up its not because he’s Black it’s because He’s Stupid but he’s neither on. He knows Exactly what he’s doing!! Proud to be and American Rob.

  44. The saddest thing of all about this list is there are only two parties represented. There are at least three other political parties, the Libertarian, Green and Constitution Party, that are filled with capable, qualified people who are held back only because of the stranglehold the two main parties exert on the US political process. American voters would be well-served to learn about the men and women who are candidates of third parties, and maybe even cast a vote for them.

  45. David Lynch is not a republican. He vocally endorsed Obama in 2008 and 2012. However, he does claim (probably facetiously) that Ronald Reagan was his favorite president.

  46. I am laughing so hard and some more of the none factual political info on here about Ronald Ray-Gun and Obama. Republicans truly live in a fantasy land where the think St. Ray-Gun was their savior. First off Rayburn lowered taxes in 81 which sent this country into a 10.8% unemployment rate nationally. With the help of Pete Stark and Tip O’Neal they raised taxes and by the time Raygun and his Alzheimer’s left office unemployment was down to 6.3%. Of course with the payment inequality that skyrocketed and then inflation under Raygun that really didn’t matter. Also Obama never held house and senate for two yrs, not even close but I don’t expect any republic to know that Faux News is their only source of politics and we all know their nothing but a propaganda machine for refund. Sept 09 to Feb 2010 is how long Obama held both house and senate. Let me explain it on simple English.

    President Obama was sworn in on January 20, 2009 with just 58 Senators to support his genda.

    He should have had 59, but Republicans contested Al Franken’s election in Minnesota and he didn’t get seated for seven months.

    The President’s cause was helped in April when Pennsylvania’s Republican Senator Arlen Specter switched parties.That gave the President 59 votes – still a vote shy of the super majority.

    But one month later, Democratic Senator Byrd of West Virginia was hospitalized and was out of commission.

    So while the President’s number on paper was 59 Senators – he was really working with just 58 Senators.

    Then in July, Minnesota Senator Al Franken was finally sworn in, giving President Obama the magic 60 – BUT ONLY ON PAPER BECAUSE, SENATOR BYRD WAS STILL OUT.

    In August, Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts died and the number went back down to 59 again until Paul Kirk temporarily filled Kennedy’s seat in September.

    Any pretense of a super-majority ended on February 4, 2010 when Republican Scott Brown was sworn into the seat Senator Kennedy once held.

    Do you see a two-year super-majority? I didn’t think so.

    Those are the facts and we all know refund don’t like them.

    1. Ah, it’s so nice to see more lunacy from the loons on the left!

      “President Obama was sworn in on January 20, 2009 with just 58 Senators to support his genda.”

      I guess you don’t realize that’s well over a majority. Because there weren’t 60, you feel he was at a disadvantage????? Crazy!

  47. You lack of knowledge of the Reagan years is so steep it is hard to know where to start or lack of knowledge of what the last five years just as deep.

    Reagan tax rates went from 70 to 28%, with a recovery superior to Obama. Those are the facts. I could go on but hey, other readers should have their fun.

  48. I think everyone that name calls is ignorant. I am fully republican and a Christian! I am sick of Hollywood making Christians out to be crazy! I have Jesus as my savior and you can not take that from me, but I am very offended when they do this, yet we can’t say anything against gays or Muslims because we will offend someone! I really don’t care if I offend them! They choose to be that, that is their perrogitive, but don’t shove it in my face on tv or the movies! I don’t want to see 2 women or men kissing!!!! Do it behind closed doors. It IS NOT OK!!!!! It’s not the “NORM”!

    1. I’m 100% with you, Traci. No one’s going to stop me from being a VOCAL Christian. Whenever I’m on a board and see anti-God or anti-religious hate, I speak up, and speak up very clearly. Those Satan lovers are just very loud and try to scare us from making our comments… don’t let them scare you.

      And, it’s the same with homosexuality, that deviant choice that so many make. Yeah, they CLAIM it’s not a choice, but until they can produce the “gay gene”, they’re not going to convince me. And, I wonder if they really think all the homosexual sex that goes on in prisons is because all the inmates are that way at birth. All they try to do is rationalize and yell LOUDLY that they were born that way… NOT true.

  49. All you need to know about this list is the following: Naomi Judd is on it, yet her famous movie star daughter, Ashley, (an outspoken liberal) somehow was forgotten and is not on this list. On a site called “HOLLYWOOD” Republicans. Um, yeah, Naomi Judd = not much to do with Hollywood, especially compared to her daughter.

    The same goes for many other famous/celebrity democrats, whom you conveniently left off, while you reached for the absolute bottom of the barrel to scrape up numerous examples of Republican “celebrities,” most of whom aren’t even close to being household names. Nice try, though. This list is incredibly disingenuous, and therefore ridiculous.

    1. All I know, is that many people voted for the “Most transparent administration in history”. We had four Americans murdered in Lybia over a year and a half ago. What’s been done? Zero. Nothing. Just one more lie after the other. Maybe were to busy becoming anything but a sovereign nation by keeping our borders open as we give the Mexican drug cartel our weapons so they can kill our Border agents and then cover that up too.

      I remember the day when George Bush left office. Gas was 1.86 a Gallon. Well, five years later more excuses about why we’re paying so much.
      I remember the Liberal media attacking George Bush because gas prices went up to 2.50. I hear crickets now.

      The hypocrisy from the left goes on, and on. President Obama has done nothing but play golf, and spend the tax payers money on lavish vacations.

      He told every American that all of us need to share in the burden of the poor economy. All he did was blame George Bush. At what point will he ever take ownership of his administrations nonsense?

      He is printing 1 Trillion dollars a year. Any Hollywood types want to take that question? I could give a crap about the Hollywood Republicans, or Democrats. This country is being ruined from within. Sadly most folks are clueless and unwilling to educate themselves about what is really going on in Washington DC. Our President lie’s with impunity, and the left throws him soft balls. They are cowards, and should be ashamed of themselves, as should the people voting for these politicians, ie…Anthony Weiner.

      1. You are so, so right, Mark!
        Michele Bachman is no G.W. and she knows it, but she still guaranteed to get gasoline back to $2/Gal if she were elected – in hindsight it was a safe pledge for her to make.
        But I still can’t believe I was crazy enough not to have voted for her and help assure us all the future we would have deserved.
        Hey, all is not lost. Maybe Christie O’Donnell will step up to the plate for us in 2016!

  50. Look at that slew of Repugs! Wow!!!
    Even the possible schizoids and the routine bunch of dead people on the ballot doesn’t redress the balance ….
    Makes you wonder how those Marxist, Leninist, tree-hugging, do-gooder non-Islamophobes ever raise a dime, doesn’t it ?!?!?

  51. As a bit of a hollywood political scholar. 50 cent is not republican, he liked bush but is a very proud democrat, Will Smith is also democrat, David Spade is democrat, I cannot find any information that Kevin James is republican, Vince Vaughn is Libertarian,

  52. This list was obviously compiled by a democrat and designed to debunk the presumption that Hollywood is predominantly liberal.
    A. It includes Fox News newscasters.
    B. It leaves out a ton of liberal actors.
    C. It includes Republican actors from the golden era.

  53. As a die hard Republican, I will flat out admit that I do get bummed when I see certain celebrities that I love are democrats. However, there’s a few listed Republicans that flat out admited they ARE Democrats.

    1.) 50 Cent admitted on BET that he’s a Democrat who VOTES Democrat

    2.) Denzel Washington admitted many times that he’s a Democrat on TV & even said he looks forward to playing Obama on the big screen

    3.) Lindsey Lohan admitted numerous times that she’s a Democrat. People just got confused this past election because she said she wasn’t sure if she was going to vote Obama again, but she’s bashed the Republican party a ridiculous amount of times.

    4.) The ROCK never endorced the Republican Party, people again assumed he was because he appeared at a Republican fundraiser with other wrestlers to get the word out to vote BUT he appeared with the same wrestlers at other Democrat fundraisers as well.

    5.) Michael J Fox HATES the Republican party & has spoken out against the GOP so many times so I’m not sure how he even got rumored from peoples comments as a Republican. He is extremely liberal

    6.) LL Cool J- He referes to HIMSELF as a Conservative Democrat, he’s made this comment on BET as well when asked about it.

    7.) Will Smith- I’m not sure how he got on the list either, he’s made numerous comments against the Republican Party, endored basically every democratic candidate, & labels himself a Democrat.

    8.) Hillary Duff- Well she got angry when someone called her a Republican on a blog & personally fired back with, “I’m not a Republican nor have I ever supported them”

    9.) Gene Simmons- He’s admited NUMEROUS times that he’s a Democrat who supported Romney because he thought Obama was a dumb dumb

    10.) Marilyn Manson- I’m not sure how on earth he got on this list. He’s bashed the Republican Party dozens of times & SAID HE VOTES DEMOCRAT

    11.) Steven Tyler- I adore him but he’s always been a Democrat & said that dozens of times throughout the years.

    12.) Jay Leno- He’s admitted again numerous times that he’s a Democrat.


    1. Manson got on the list because, back in 2000, Joe Lieberman blamed Manson’s music for the Columbine shooting, and Manson joked that he was endorsing Bush. He later said he regretted saying that, because he thought people might have taken him seriously, but he doesn’t endorse ANY political party.

  54. David Lynch is a Democrat. Always has been. He said he liked Ronald Regan because of his cowboy attitude, but he has always seen himself as Democrat.
    You have a ton of dead people on your list. And just scanning this list, it’s pretty obvious that many of the people you have listed as Republican are not Republican (or dead Republicans). Weird.

  55. No surprise that Steven Baldwin, the Christo-fascist idiot brother of Alec [ Democrat]is a Republican. More like a Repugnant, the John Boehner and Ted Cruz type. Interesting thing is this. Both live in the same town on Long Island, New York, East Hampton, and yes, Alec thinks his brother’s a Christian Nut job.

    1. Hey, you sound just like an atheist-commie…I know you can’t be one, can you? Maybe a Satanist? Maybe a raving lunatic muslim?

      Your comments are, using your word, repugnant, and they’re bigoted as well.

      To use Alec Baldwin as a source of credibility is, well, hilarious. The guy is a total loon. I suggest to you that Alec is the idiot brother in that family.

  56. Ha ha! I love the fact that most of the republicans on this list are either geriatric or dead! You need to go back to the 50s or earlier for any worthwhile republicans. This ain’t your daddy’s party anymore, wing nuts!

    1. Well, your party isn’t YOUR daddy’s party anymore. Your daddy, if he was a Dem, would be a Republican now that the Dems have been taken over by the Communists.

  57. OMG they are nearly all Republicans! So much for the BS theory about liberal controlled media. It Stands to reason that Los Angeles was the center of the 60 mile circle around Los Angeles, for a long time, the biggest military installation in the country, in the world. I often wondered if Hollywood were so liberal why it was so hard to do art films in Hollywood. The movie Brazil is famous for its breakthrough in a predominately CONSERVATIVE Hollywood establishment. It’s all about the money hunny, what sells, what makes box office, what puts money in the hands of the investors.

  58. They are just people that can act. At least some of them. They should not be ashamed of being republican. We are all “We the People”. Divided forever since King Obama took office. They get paid to do what most of us deal with everyday. Drama!

  59. Terrell William Proctor, J.D. · Edit

    Could you possibly make it possible on your site here to be able to print our your entire list with one print command?

    I would really like to be able to print the list out, to have handy for reference in communication with friends and family on a particular person, without guessing (of course many, there is no guessing LOL).

    Thank you.

  60. Many of the repube listed are in the sports filed football,baseball etc. Those contribute to con causes. Remember the repube RED states are some of the POOREST states in the U.S. Texas is almost least number of people insured. the Clown of a gov there Rick ” i can’t remember what i would close” Perry refused to accept govt help for the aca.

    1. City, State, % of People Below the Poverty Level (pop. 250,000+)
      (U.S. Census Bureau, 2006 American Community Survey, August 2007)
      Detroit , MI 32.5%
      Buffalo , NY 29.9%
      Cincinnati , OH 27.8%
      Cleveland , OH 27.0%
      Miami , FL 26.9%
      St. Louis , MO 26.8%
      El Paso , TX 26.4%
      Milwaukee , WI 26.2%
      Philadelphia , PA 25.1%
      Newark , NJ 24.2%
      Democrat Party Rule in these Cities
      Detroit, MI hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1961
      Buffalo, NY hasn’t elected one since 1954
      Cincinnati, OH …since 1984
      Cleveland, OH …since 1989
      Miami, FL has never had a Republican mayor
      St. Louis, MO ….since 1949
      El Paso, TX has never had a Republican mayor
      Milwaukee, WI …since 1908
      Philadelphia, PA …since 1952
      Newark, NJ …since 1907

      City, State, % of People Below the Poverty Level (pop. 250,000+)
      (U.S. Census Bureau, 2006 American Community Survey, August 2007)
      Detroit , MI 32.5%
      Buffalo , NY 29.9%
      Cincinnati , OH 27.8%
      Cleveland , OH 27.0%
      Miami , FL 26.9%
      St. Louis , MO 26.8%
      El Paso , TX 26.4%
      Milwaukee , WI 26.2%
      Philadelphia , PA 25.1%
      Newark , NJ 24.2%
      Democrat Party Rule in these Cities
      Detroit, MI hasn’t elected a Republican mayor since 1961
      Buffalo, NY hasn’t elected one since 1954
      Cincinnati, OH …since 1984
      Cleveland, OH …since 1989
      Miami, FL has never had a Republican mayor
      St. Louis, MO ….since 1949
      El Paso, TX has never had a Republican mayor
      Milwaukee, WI …since 1908
      Philadelphia, PA …since 1952
      Newark, NJ …since 1907

      1. Well done, skewing numbers to your convenience. Compare the list to the party affiliation of respective cities’ state governors and legislative bodies, who have greater ability to create gainful employment opportunities as a way to rectify urban poverty. Why not check the party affiliation of the private sector employers who care more about profits than their employees’ ability to put food on the table?

        1. Many of those 1% are registered Democrats and Craig data looks pretty solid as his point is that many of our cities undergoing decline have done so under Democratic leadership and many of those Mayors are responsible for those in these cities who can’t find jobs, good schools and safe neighborhood. Craig wins that one easily

      2. WELL DONE. Of course the people who support the 0bama gang of thugs will try to refute what you said, but they just don’t want to know the truth.

      3. So how do you explain the rising poverty rate in Indianapolis (it was 25.1% in 2009 – same as Philadelphia’s), which has had exactly one Democratic mayor since 1968? Or Fresno, California, the poorest county in the state at 26.8%, which has only had Republican mayors since 1993?

        By the way, Miami has TOTALLY had Republican mayors. Like… the current one. Or his predecessor, Joe Carollo, who served from ’96-97 and again from ’98-’01. In fact, since ’98, the ONLY mayor who wasn’t Republican was a former Democrat turned independent.

    2. Over the past decade, Texas has seen more jobs created than any other states including many high paying jobs, meanwhile in Obama’s America; the Middle Class has seen their income declined in a recovery and more part time jobs being created than full time jobs. So Perry has done a better job of creating jobs than the present occupant of the White House and many of those jobs Obama brags about are being created in those Red States.

    1. As far as Tom Selleck, i have read many times as well as HEARD from Mr. Selleck himself, that he is Republican. Many of these celebs that are listed as Republican actually ARE…thing is, i think some of them now are claiming Libertarianism because it’s more “desirable” than labeling themselves Republican, when that’s really what they are. I am in a position where i get to meet and speak with many celebs, and the subject of politics always comes up somehow.

  61. Hi, just curious…i can’s seem to find an answer to this anywhere. Does anyone out there know if Elvis Presley was a Republican or a Dem? Based on what i know of him, which is an awful lot, he had very republican tendencies. I also know that when it came to politics, he preferred to keep his views to himself. I seem to remember reading somewhere a while back, that his ex wife Priscilla is Republican. Dunno if that’s true or not…and even if she is, does not mean that he was. Elvis met and admired Richard Nixon, before Watergate, that is. Anyone can answer that, I would much appreciate that. Thanks –

    Joe from Cleveland

  62. The best Republican to ever come out of Hollywoodland, was a Democrat named Ronald Reagan…Yes I said Hollywoodland…as it was before the land fell off the sign…and yes…I said Democrat…He changed for many of the same reasons intelligent people will change today…after Obama…all bets are off…Even Bono finally got it…

    1. You are such a bigot!! Bush #1 and #2 tore the hell out of this country in every way possible and you want to blame President Obama????? Go back and review your history you idiot and see which party has really destroyed this country!! If President Obama was not a black man you would have nothing to say! You, just like other republicans, choose to see what you want to see!! Get a reality check and fast!!!!

      1. So far, we have seen a recovery in which Middle Class has lost ground, something not seen before. I could go on with the failure of this President but I have covered this so many times in my own pieces for HR but calling people racist for pointing out the truth says more about you that you can’t handle the truth. The opposition to Obama is based on an McDonald economy in which part jobs are being created in place of full time jobs, a health care plan that is imploding and job creation at all time lows. You just can’t handle the truth.

      2. S Bradford, if you want to find a bigot, look in the mirror. The only reason you support 0bama is because he’s black, and that’s racism right there. It’s not 0bama’s color or his muslim religion (his won words), it’s how he’s destroying our country. Black or white, anyone who’s doing what he’s doing is terrible.

  63. Is this what they are registered under? Because I know of someone on this list that is very supportive of the Democratic party and has more their liberal view and he is listed as a Republican.

  64. Lotta dead people on that list as R’s. Maybe we should be checking for voter fraud. Oh wait, we already know they TRY to buy elections. Sure have wasted a shit ton of money on the last two. Making a list of people who’s movies I won’t watch and books I won’t buy.

    1. SKHH, so you want to check for voter fraud. Be careful what you wish for, because you’ll find that it’s huge on the Demo side, very huge…. people voting many times, dead people voting, 500 Democratic votes in a precinct with 300 registered voters, etc, etc, etc.

  65. Tale of the tape: Rep 663, Dem 73, Libertarian 1.
    You would think, by this list, Hollywood is teaming with Republicans. But many Republicans listed are either former stars (John Wayne, Bob Hope) or are Fox news commentators (Sean Hannity, Ainsley Earhardt) or atheletes.
    I think Jimmy Stewart was a Democrat (but I could be wrong). A couple to add to the list are Peter and Jane Fonda, both Democrats.
    I found this list by looking to see what Mark Harmon’s political views are. I would say he’s a Republican, but one never knows.

  66. No one who deals with their own finances, has a family, morals, or a life worth serving would ever vote for a Democrat or Liberal. It’s not impressive that most popular actors are Democrats. If nothing mattered and you had no idea what life was actually like, why the hell not? Being a democrat gives you the extremely false sense that you are a good person. Most democrats are the scum of the earth.

  67. Bottom line is that the bulk of the great actors and directors responsible for the GREATEST FILMS of ALL TIME are DEMOCRATS with very little exception. Maybe a scattering of some moderate Right Wingers but at this point even the true blue Republican’s that are Actors/Directors have had to flip to the Democratic party simply because the Republican party is now such a massive joke with no real vision. Oh sure you have your Ted Nugent’s & Phil Robertson’s and you can have them forevermore because they are absolute numb nut idiots just like the rest of the Republican party. Please go ahead and put the Dem’s on your little ban lists cause guess what? Nobody cares at all about weather you watch their movies. Probably prefer it if you didn’t. who wants your corrupt corporate Koch bro cash?! And while you’re going pooder in your pants crying about everything you can just continue to suck it cons! Cause you’re uncreative numb nut dense back woods gator wrestling retards.

  68. I would suspect most of the Republicans listed, especially the sports players are GOP because they don’t want to pay all their taxes and that’s pretty much all they care about. I know some of them are really true GOP. I would like to know if all these GOP have expressed their views as to why they are GOP. At least if they are Dem they care more about others and not just themselves.

    1. This is pure liberal propaganda. It is not about paying taxes. It is about the individual v. the government. Liberals want the government to take care of the poor. Republicans believe that they only way out of poverty is through the individual. It is about being able to take care of yourself instead of by the government, i.e. private charity v. the government.

  69. Go Republicans! Those dumbass democrats need to stop trying to take our guns away! Just another bright idea courtesy of Mr. Obama… if Obama Care wasn’t bad enough! You go Adam Sandler!

  70. Yes please remove all deceased persons for an accurate count, for both Democrats and Republicans. And…how did you vet this information?

  71. I always knew the best and brightest, dead or alive were Republicans. The only thing Democrats are good for is keeping Welfare and other Gov’t programs alive and well. Keep people down so you have a reason to keep your party alive and well…As far as the Democrats in Hollywood goes their constantly tooting their own horns which they do well because they are so full of hot air.

  72. Oh boy, all the people on here saying they’re going to boycott anything to do with liberals. Good luck with that.

    As far as I can tell most celebrity Republicans are either bitter has-beens or crazy. Or both.

    You’ll never kill liberal performers’ careers by boycotts because, and I know this is hard for some of you hicks to believe, there’s this place called ‘the rest of the world’ where we don’t care about such things.

    Feel free to join us in the 21st century any time you like. It’ll be nice to see you.

  73. I think you could talk off all of the dead stars, as it really does not matter what party they belonged to. A Republican 50 years ago is very different then a Republican today. I’m like totally bummed that Cheryl Ladd and Jackie Smith are Repubs, I worshipped them when I was young, the magic has died for me.

  74. Will Smith is a Republican? So what, do you idiots just classify anyone who doesn’t have professed views, or is dead, as a repuiblican? Seems about your best chance to get votes, I suppose.

  75. Why not post a list of the ones that AREN’T dead? So many on the list can’t reach from the grave and VOTE. Being a Republican prior to the Reagan era was something totally different than it means today.

  76. Wow – I have read through a huge amount of these comments about D’s vs R’s and history and blah blah blah. This is America, people have the right to have their own opinions. So here is mine. The electorial college is incorrect, it should not be based on the census anymore. We do not have a single person voting for a state and we do have illegal immigrants in states that do not have the right to vote so why should these states have more votes in the college? It should be based on the amount of people who actually vote. This might actually get people to the polls. check Ohio vs California, about the same amount of people vote, but California has a huge amount of people (those of most who cannot vote) so the get more in the electorial college. Second Gripe, if we keep giving stuff to people we are moving toward Marxism. Germamy the govt came a took part of peoples crops to give to people who did not have any food. Sure this seems like a great thing and it is when people are truly in need, but eventually the govt took more and people that grew the crops figured why am I doing this? I can just stop and get free food for no work. Sound Familiar? I know kids that are getting pregnant having babies and “Working the System” getting free college degrees for being a single parent. After college they marry and no bills. This is what America is coming to? Heck you want homes, cars, materialistic items, insurance, get a freaking job then. Do not tell me there are no jobs in the US, we have 20,000 illegal Mexicans that found jobs. Also look at the Fair Share that is part of Obama care if you do not have a job or insurance then tell me we are not following Germany.

    1. Or, even easier: one vote = one vote…get rid of the electoral college completely. We have the technology today that wasn’t available in history to tabulate individual votes. But to say states should have fewer electoral votes because they have more illegal immigrants is asinine. All that does is manipulate the vote in a different direction. Just like voter ID laws and gerrymandering.

  77. Here is my question. Why the hell do we care what celebrities are what Political Affiliation? Celebrities shouldnt release their Political Opinions Publically. I loose Respect for a Celebrity when they talk politics regardless of whether they agree with me or not. Granted, I do talk politics alot. But I guess what I am trying to say is, not everything is as Political as we think.

  78. If it was 1958 All these Socalist would be standing trial do you see how far came as a nation by letting these Fools speak ! J.F.K. would be considered a Republican by today’s standards!!!!! A who Cut Taxes ! Times where much different when I was growing up the Democrats of yesterday
    Are your Blue Dogs of today !!!!! Who are starting to show their Colors because they know who true threat is (Obama)!!!! American Rob and unlike many still Proud of it !!!/Dummies.

  79. Why does it matter? Republican or Democrat? Muslim, Jew or Chrisitain? Black, White, Hispanic, Asian, Indigenous? There are enough social barriers to last a lifetime already. Do we really need more?

  80. I’m just so glad I went to school at a time I did !Not one person ever complained about saying the Plege did they ever try to brain wash us with one sighted Veiws. How Great America was !! Now sometimes Im afraid to say God bless you in fear of offending others but I’ll do it anyways. Last thing will we ever Recover from this Nightmare and will America ever be the same! God bless you all Rob.

  81. Some of these are obvious and well-known to anyone who follows politics, but I have to call BS on this list. Again, I’m sure that some of them are accurate, but how did you get this information? Some of it would be readily available, but not all it. And some of it is simply made up. Ricardo Montalban, for instance, never even applied for US citizenship so he couldn’t have been a Republican even if he may have had publican leanings. And some of the people listed here have been dead so long that saying they “are” a Republican or Democrat is pointless because the parties didn’t stand for certain issues back when the given celebrity was alive that the party now stands for.

  82. You know that really makes me sick? How most of the posts started out calling the celebrities who are democrat “trash” and how they were going to ban them, and yada yada. The maybe a couple of democrats come along, and say one thing, and then some republican comes along and says how DEMOCRATS result to name calling. The ones doing most of the name calling here are the REPUBLICANS! And you know what? The celebrities listed here who are democrats are some that seem most friendly, and who are GOOD people! Tom Hanks for example is wonderful man, and a great actor! The republicans would love to eradicate everyone on this planet who is poor! They only care about the rich, and turn their noses up at poor people. You people are like the people in first class on the Titanic, and would let the poor go down with the ship! Just because you people were born into money, does NOT make you better than anyone else! Oh, and just because you give money that you don’t miss to charity, just to impress someone, doesn’t mean anything at all. Try actually caring and helping someone. Can’t stand rich people who think they are better than anyone else! All the celebrities on this list who are democrat, are good people, who actually do things for people because they have good hearts. The others are just complete show offs!

  83. If the U.S. voters were to permanently put democrats in the minority and have a conservative as President we would once again be the best country in the world bar none. Democrats are truly pathetic things that we unfortunately are forced to live with. Far left democrats are especially vile.

  84. I don’t care if they are Republicans or Democrats because I agree/disagree on certain issues with both parties. When I go to watch a sitcom or movie…I want good acting, a good plot, and something that is engaging. Republican, Democrat, Socialist, whatever…do not really care.Too each their own, that is why America is great. Freedom to believe what you want to believe. Hopefully both of them do their research before they vote, that is all I ask.

  85. Some other ones on this list that are definitely wrong:

    1.) William Friedkin is not a Republican. In 2008, when he got a letter from a conservative group in South Carolina threatening to expose his involvement in far left groups, he wrote an open letter in response and posted it to the Huffington Post, in which he claimed to belong to no political groups of any kind, to only ever having made campaign contributions to Barack Obama and to his local sheriff, whose party affiliation he didn’t know. (Assuming it was Lee Baca, he’s a Republican.) He also claimed to belong to “two prominent social clubs” that lean conservative.

    2.) I can’t find any evidence that James Earl Jones is a registered Republican, other than sites claiming he is one. The only time he’s ever spoken of politics to my knowledge was in a radio show with Tavis Smiley and Cornel West. When they asked him if he was “a political person,” he claimed to love watching MSNBC, and referenced his racist grandmother to say he “understand[s] the Tea Party.”

    3.) I found nothing about Catherine Bell’s political affiliation. There’s a Catherine D. Bell who’s the treasurer for the Kentucky Republican Party, but that’s not the same person. She is a Scientologist, though, so if a Republican candidate were an advocate for Scientology, she would probably vote for them, as even Tom Cruise did a campaign ad for a pro-Scientology Republican.

    4.) Jim Nabors has also never stated a political affiliation, but I find it highly unlikely the man who’s married to his husband would support a party that has spent much of the last 25 years trying to stop that from happening.

    5.) Don McLean USED to be a Republican, but the last time he was asked about it in 2008, he said he was no longer going to do fundraisers for any Republicans, and he specifically singled out Sarah Palin as someone who had turned him off to the party.

  86. A lot of these actors/actresses labeled as Republicans are in fact Libertarians. LL Cool J and The Rock are not Republicans, but Libertarians…and the list goes on.

    We need more Republicans, and there are many Libertarians who vote Republican, but have Democrat under-tones.

  87. Many if not most of the “is a Republican” guys are dead. Bob Hope, Charlton Heston, Cary Grant, etc. So “is a Republican” is false for them.

  88. Clark Gable is not a Republican. First, he’s dead. Second, one of the last things he did before his death in November 1960 was vote for JFK.

  89. If the democratic actors/actress really believe in what they are. Then send me some money and share the wealth. This is what your ruler I mean president wants. So I ask, do you live by the book???

  90. This list is so comically inaccurate. David Lynch a Republican? 50 Cent is a Republican? Give me a break. How about providing citations before posting this nonsense.

  91. This list is interesting, but these comments are pants-on-head retarded.

    If I find a director/actor/writer entertaining, I’ll pay to see them in theaters or I will take the time to watch them on TV. If I don’t, I won’t. I won’t boycott a Clint Eastwood movie because I disagree with his politics. Only a whiny, butthurt moron who thinks they’re clever because they said something asinine that they heard from their favorite radio host would do that.

    By the way, now that you see that there are so many successful Republicans in Hollywood, would you knock it off with the victimhood? Just kidding, we both know that’s not going to happen.

  92. By the way, I love how you pad the stats by including people who are clearly NOT Hollywood celebrities, like Fox News anchors and radio hosts. Steve Doocy? Really?

    1. Anyone that has name and/or face recognition because of their job performance is a celebrity. Look it up. If you think Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity are not celebrities, then I fear you have some real issues.

  93. This list is BOGUS and slanted in its own direction. Anyone who has listened to the Tom Joyner Morning Show for the last 20yrs and know his political work and social activism or has heard him speak KNOWS he’s far from a Republican. He’s not even middle of the road Democrat. This entire list is wishful thinking.

  94. This list is hilarious. A bunch of long-dead celebrities identified as Republican when the party was entirely different. Talk about grasping at straws!

    Why is contemporary Hollywood so poorly represented here? Oh, that’s right — it doesn’t fit your pipe dream.

    Also, Frank Sinatra was a Democrat. At the end of his life he supported some Republican candidates, but that was just to screw over the Kennedy family.

  95. This list is hilarious,all republicans dead and unkown,add all the liberals,it will be a million pages long with the best humans ever.pathetic party r.i.p.

  96. Many mistakes on a list that is clearly biased. All celebrities who have voted both republican and democrat are classified as republicans. Denzel Washington and Dennis Hopper have voted Obama for instance. One other example of a huge mistake: David Lynch is absolutely not a Republican. He is a member of the Natural Law party, and supported publicly Obama twice. he even wrote an article on the Huffington Post supporting Obama and critisizing Romney.

  97. Direct interview from David Lynch, to make things clear (I admit he is a weird kind of democrat):

    You were a defender of Ronald Reagan in the ’80s —
    No, no, no. You know, we live in a time where everything that anyone has ever said, or that someone else has said that they said, goes on some site. It’s kind of cool in some ways, but then you need to explain certain things.

    Well, let’s get this one correct for all time.
    Reagan cleared brush. That’s what I liked about him. My father grew up on a ranch in Montana, and I grew up in Western American thinking, sort of like cowboys in the past on my father’s side. So I liked him for that, and I liked this one speech he read early on, at some convention. But at that time, I thought of myself as a libertarian. I believed in next to zero government. And I still would lean toward no government and not so many rules, except for traffic lights and things like this. I really believe in traffic regulations . Some stop signs are really absurd. Like at night, at two a.m., I come to a stop sign, obviously, no cars are coming. And when I stop at that stop sign, I feel like a fool. It’s so ridiculous. And other times, when it’s heavy traffic, and the light turns yellow, I really have a strong desire to stop, and to keep the car stopped until the light turns, and then to look both ways before going forward. A lot of situations are a matter of life and death. So I believe in traffic rules.

    But now, I don’t know if there even is a Libertarian party. They wouldn’t have a prayer of getting anywhere. So I’m a Democrat now. And I’ve always been a Democrat, really. But I don’t like the Democrats a lot, either, because I’m a smoker, and I think a lot of the Democrats have come up with these rules for non-smoking. And I don’t think that that’s necessarily so bad, but they have to give the smokers a place. You’re just like an animal now. Not a clean animal, but a mangy, soiled, urine-soaked animal with remnants, and you’re sent outdoors. Animals on my dad’s ranch were always kept outdoors, because they weren’t like house pets. Now, house pets are treated way better than smokers.



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