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Tom Donelson is President of Americas PAC, research associate at Americas Majority Foundation.


Mr. Donelson has written seven books, two books on public policies, Economics 101 and Other Thoughts, Empire of Liberty plus co-written or written four books on boxing: Boxing in Shadows, Tales from Ringside, More Tales from Ringside and Billy Soose, Champion that Time Forgotten plus co-author Coming of Age, Andy Roddick Bigthrough Year with Beth Donelson


Mr. Donelson presently write for various blog and websites. In additon, Mr. Donelson is presently writing two books, one on arts and culture, Viewing Arts from the Fruited Plains and a book on expanding the conservative majority in the 21st Century, The Nadler Thesis.

Recent Articles

By Tom:

  • GOP Purges!

    Many grass root Republicans don’t feel the national Party really cares about them or what they think. They sometimes feel under siege by the establishment. There are times the GOP goes out of their way to irritate the grass roots. Donald Trump has tapped into that feeling and so has Carly Fiorina and Ben Carson. Much of the establishment candidates are under 10 percent and many grass roots Republicans have opted for the outsider candidates and rejected those candidates that one would assume would benefit from this angst just as Ted Cruz and Scott Walker.

  • The Bizarre Strategy of Ted Cruz

    Cruz's dilemma is simple. He has to distinguish himself from Trump and make a valid case for his own Presidency. In his search for Trump’s supporters, he has to make the case he can challenge the political class and Republican establishment. He also has to show the differences between the two, starting with foreign policy differences on how to deal with Iran.

  • Yogi Berra RIP

    Berra spent much of his life in baseball. But, he represented something more: excellence. Despite his 5 foot 7 inches frame, he was one of the best catchers to ever play the game. He developed into a great catcher and he was a batter who could hit any pitch, even outside the strike zone. He was noted as one of baseball's great clutch hitters as his performance in multiple World Series attest. He won three MVP’s awards. In seven consecutive years, he finished in the top four voting from 1950 thru 1956. Only Celtics star Bill Russell and Hockey Star Henri Richard were part of more championship teams.

  • Trump: Leading on Immigration Reform

    Trump has stumbled into a compromise when he told a reporter that he will deport 11 million and allow the good ones to come back. He has already accepted in principle that many here illegally will be here legally after his immigration reform. The average Americans must truly believe that laws will be enforced and immigration reform will come only after the average American view borders are secured and then aspects of the Trump plan can become the basis of a GOP compromise.

  • Notes On GOP Debate 2

    The 800 pound gorilla in the room was Trump. And, one can’t judge Trump in traditional ways. He lied about using his donation to Bush's 1998 governor race to push for expansion of casinos. He got Walker’s record totally wrong. He showed at times that he was out of depth when specifics of foreign policies came up. On the other hand, Trump's strength is his ability to take advantage of his opponents’ weakness.

  • Trump: A New Conservative?

    If Sanders is waking up the nationalist socialists on the Democratic side it is hard to say what Trump's long term goal for conservatism is or if he even has one. Is Trump Conservative? Trump has challenged the status quo and the Republican establishment. While the political left knows what they are, the defenders of the bureaucratic state.

  • Bernie Sanders – Democratic National Socialism

    Sanders' campaign is simply proof that the modern day liberal is no longer a liberal but a leftist who believes in the Bureaucratic State ruling and democracy merely taking a back seat to experts running the country with Congress' input minimized. Sanders is running as a socialist but truly, he is a Democratic National Socialist. Hillary Clinton has moved so far to the left just to be in the mainstream of her own party.

  • ESPN & Curt Schilling = Stupidity

    ESPN owes Curt Schilling an apology but I wouldn’t hold my breath that they will apologize. Curt Schilling is historically accurate on the nature of ISIS and other Islamists and for that he got suspended. Now that is stupid.

  • Obama, Biden & Hillary Lost Iraq War

    n 2009, Iraq was stabilized and even Obama team acknowledge that; they even took credit for it. When the troops left, Biden was declaring this one of Obama’s administration greatest accomplishments. (I will give the Obama’s administration credit for Hubris since the policy that led to this was actually done by the Bush’s administration and the Bush’s surge was oppose by many leading Democrats including Obama, Biden, and Clinton.)

  • Iranian Lies

    According to Kerry, Iran will not be allowed to fund terrorism but Iran deputy foreign minister Abbas Arachgchi claimed that his country told Western negotiators hat “we will supply arms to anyone necessary and will import weapons from anywhere we want and we have clarified this during the negotiations.” As Powerline Blogger Paul Mirengoff added, “Unlike Team Obama, when Iran says “anyone and anywhere,” it’s telling the truth.” It pains me to say this but I am starting to believe we are getting more of the truth from Iran on this deal than from our own Administration. In addition, the deal lifts the U.N. arms embargo so Iran's ability to arm their proxy just has increased along with the infusion of billions of dollars of frozen assets.

  • Hillary Jail or the Presidency?

    A major test for Obama’s Department of Justice is upon us. Especially, since the target of the investigation is a Presidential candidate who is favored to win her nomination. There is enough evidence which has enough fire to score at least one indictment.

  • The Atom Bomb Saved Millions

    70 years ago tomorrow, World War II ended. One reason was the use of the Atom Bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As time fades and those who were more directly affected by this decision are dying out; the debate continues on the use of the bomb only without the viewpoint of those involved.

  • Thoughts on the First GOP 2016 Debate

    The full Donald was on parade, with all of the bluster and to paraphrase George Will, the continuation of the fact free campaign. While many have complained of Megyn Kelly, Chris Wallace and Brett Baier's questions, many of those questions made sense and Trump was not the only one who got his share of tough ones. The opening question was a legitimate question and Trump made it clear he won’t rule out an independent run if he is not nominated or “Republicans don’t treat him kindly.”

  • How Not To Win Election 2016

    In primary season in Election 2016, sometimes a political party or candidate takes its eyes off the prize and forgets their ultimate goal:  to win the general election.  In the case of dealing with Donald Trump, this is becoming rapidly obvious.  Some candidates in their haste to attack The Donald, forget that what they do…

  • Vote Down the Iranian Deal!

    Congress has but one option, vote against the deal and send a message to the Democratic Party candidates running to replace Obama, in particular Obama's former Secretary of State. Do you stand with Obama and Kerry or the American people? We are less safe today than when Obama took office. Now, let's see Hillary Clinton defend her record and that of her former boss. And for those, who are forever yelling bipartisanship, well this is a good time to practice it. Bipartisanship calls for Congress to recover some of its institutional powers and vote down this agreement.

  • Time for Goodbye to The Donald?

    For me, I was never sold on Trump as a true conservative but an actor playing a role. His comments about Mexicans was painting a brush too wide about an important voting bloc and his most recent comment about John McCain showed a candidate who simply can’t keep a filter on his mouth.

  • Sanders and Trump

    The key to a Republican victory is to sell the concept that the GOP has the right ideas and solutions to relieve the economic anxiety facing many voters while pointing out the failure of Democratic leftist economic policies. Outsider candidates like Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Rand Paul, Marco Rubio and Scott Walker are doing exactly that, tapping into that anxiety. The GOP has a shot to win this race but it means they have to understand the anxiety of voters and show how their policies will work for the average Middle Class voters.

  • Who is the Real Donald Trump?

    A political operative friend of mine told me that Donald Trump has the ability to connect with the guy at the end of the bar who knows the system is not working and is stuck in an economic rut not of his making. That is a strength that can’t be overlooked. Trump is a street fighter and God Knows, Republicans could use a few street fighters. He is taking on the establishment of both Parties but is he the right messenger?

  • Is the Greek Crisis Our Future?

    Is the Greek Crisis our future?  No matter how you spin it, the failure of Greece is a failure of leftist economics where Greeks ran out of someone else’s money.  The flight from reality was present in their last vote but it is also is a failure of the European Union since the EU has…

  • Contradictions of the Left Doom It

    The week of June 22nd 2015, may be the week that represents the high point of leftist victories. They got gay rights. They got the Supreme Court to bail out Congress on Obamacare in one of the worst judicial decision ever handed down. The Court rewrote Obamacare to keep it legal and demonstrated that for the modern left; words have no meaning. I could go on but if nothing else, we found out that the leftist view point “law is politics” is now the law of the land. Or simply we have no law but the law of men and that whatever Congress passes means nothing.


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  2. I submitted this to you through the Texas GOP Vote site, but I kept getting error messages back. Dick Durbin is one of my Senators, so when I saw Tom Donelson was out to give him a shot in the chops I decided to write you. I want to share what I think is one of the most depraved scandals in American politics. It can be summed up as this: In order to protect the ATM business model from being shut down, the banking industry has used a LOT of political muscle to keep the public from finding out how many times per year someone is taken hostage, forced to make an ATM withdrawal and then executed so that the killer could keep making withdrawals. If you do a Google News search for “ATM” and “Murder” you’ll find plenty of examples. I put my story on a blog, You may have seen an email circulating about a “reverse emergency PIN system for ATM users” It’s an urban myth claiming that you can secretly call the police if you’re the victim of a forced withdrawal. The paper trail all seems to lead back to Democrats in major cities. Contact me if you’re interested.


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