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Tom Donelson is President of Americas PAC, research associate at Americas Majority Foundation.


Mr. Donelson has written seven books, two books on public policies, Economics 101 and Other Thoughts, Empire of Liberty plus co-written or written four books on boxing: Boxing in Shadows, Tales from Ringside, More Tales from Ringside and Billy Soose, Champion that Time Forgotten plus co-author Coming of Age, Andy Roddick Bigthrough Year with Beth Donelson


Mr. Donelson presently write for various blog and websites. In additon, Mr. Donelson is presently writing two books, one on arts and culture, Viewing Arts from the Fruited Plains and a book on expanding the conservative majority in the 21st Century, The Nadler Thesis.

Recent Articles

By Tom:

  • How Do Voters View Gun Control?

    This is the third article in our series of post election polls. Gun Control showed some surprising results. Again, minorities tend to side with the GOP.

  • What Voters Think Of Immigration

    Immigration is a polarizing issue. However, people in various demographic groups do not vary in their thinking as much as you would be led to believe.

  • What Voters Think of Keynes

    Keynesian Economics is being rejected by minority voters such as Blacks and Hispanics. A series of polls we conducted bear this out.

  • The Meaning of Jon Gruber

    The Jon Gruber videos show the reality of the left's ability to lie. They prove Obamacare would have never been passed without the deception stated in them.

  • Landrieu’s Last gasp!

    The Democrats are hanging Mary Landrieu out to dry. How typical. Allow the Greens to win and stick Keystone while sticking Landrieu at the same time.

  • POTUS Should Thank North Dakota

    North Dakota, along with Texas, have led this country through the entire recession and kept the economy going. And it's all because of fossil fuels.

  • Is Hillary this Ignorant?

    Welcome to Hillary 2016. Will America elect her when she obviously knows absolutely nothing about American Economics and how the American system works.

  • Democratic Idiocy

    On November 4 if you vote for these candidates, you will be showing your acceptance of democratic idiocy; Wendy Davis, Amanda Davis, and Bruce Braley.

  • The Ebola Mess

    Ebola is just the latest example of our political class caught napping in dealing with a national emergency. Since last Spring, African nations were dealing with this outbreak. We had ample time to prepare a response to ensure first to do what was needed to keep this from our shore as long as possible while preparing for a worst case scenario. We failed both.

  • Wendy Davis, Reaches New Low

    Wendy Davis is one of those politicians who fascinates me since she is certainly one of the most incompetent campaigners. From the beginning she exaggerated her life story.  She further, made a snide comment about her opponent  who is confined to a wheelchair as running from her campaign.  In recent debates, she simply talked over […]

  • President Inequality

    President Obama got into office on the theory that he was going to redistribute wealth. What he has really done, is created more poverty as the middle class is disappearing under his policies.

  • Guess Who Debunks Climate Change?

    Guess what; the argument for man being the primary mover behind climate change is being debunked by studies provided by the believers in man being the primary mover behind climate change. That is right, climate alarmists are realizing their computer models fail to predict the present pause. The have begun to look for excuses. Their new conclusion is that nature may play a role.

  • Justice Ginsburg: Kill the Poor

    Justice Ginsburg slips and let's it be known she is just another follower of abortion as eugenics. A typical liberal and yet not one women gets it.

  • Lessons From Scotland Part 2

    The implications of the Scottish Referendum will reverberate beyond Great Britain and even have an impact in the United States.

  • Lessons From Scotland – 1

    What lessons can we learn from the vote in Scotland regarding its independence? We have some thoughts in this article and a follow up in the next few days.

  • Hillary and Biden Share the Blame

    The Obama Incompetency issue will become a campaign issue in 2016. Hillary and Joe will have to assume some of the responsibility themselves.

  • Increasing the Minimum Wage

    The one thing politicians tend to forget is that if you raise the minimum wage beyond what the market determines it to be, you will see more unemployment at the lower end since you are raising the cost of hiring the least experienced. There is a reason that these the lower end employees get paid lower wages. It is because they lack experience. The younger workers tend to be not only inexperienced but also less dependable compared to older and more experienced workers.

  • Unleash Energy Entrepreneurs!

    Energy Entrepreneurs are leading the US into a new energy independence in the same way the entrepreneurs of the Guilded Age did in the late 19th Century.

  • Obama Has Transformed America

    Has Obama checked out? This is the conventional wisdom but conventional wisdom is wrong for even many liberals don’t truly understand the guy they elected. Obama hasn’t checked out. He has decided to rule America in a totally different fashion - from the executive branch. Obama’s goal is the fundamental transformation of America. One way he has transformed America is that he has ignored Congress. The bad news is that Congress has surrendered their role to Obama's executive orders.

  • Rick Perry’s Veto Power Illegal

    Rick Perry has been indicted for vetoing a bill. Isn't that what the veto power is supposed to be about? Rick Perry is innocent.


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  1. A Hollywood Republican » Hypocrisy Exposed on August 1, 2011 at 4:16 am

    [...] intimidate, threaten or defraud another person.”).  You see, he posed as the wife of one of our authors and submitted a comment to what was supposed to be her husband’s article that read, “Tom, where [...]

  2. [...] candidacy and his viewpoints, see our prior article.  For a full analysis of Iowa, please read Tom Donelson‘s article this Tuesday of the results.  I personally would like to thank Tom for his [...]

  3. Joe Zingher on July 18, 2014 at 12:52 pm

    I submitted this to you through the Texas GOP Vote site, but I kept getting error messages back. Dick Durbin is one of my Senators, so when I saw Tom Donelson was out to give him a shot in the chops I decided to write you. I want to share what I think is one of the most depraved scandals in American politics. It can be summed up as this: In order to protect the ATM business model from being shut down, the banking industry has used a LOT of political muscle to keep the public from finding out how many times per year someone is taken hostage, forced to make an ATM withdrawal and then executed so that the killer could keep making withdrawals. If you do a Google News search for “ATM” and “Murder” you’ll find plenty of examples. I put my story on a blog, You may have seen an email circulating about a “reverse emergency PIN system for ATM users” It’s an urban myth claiming that you can secretly call the police if you’re the victim of a forced withdrawal. The paper trail all seems to lead back to Democrats in major cities. Contact me if you’re interested.

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