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She Said “It” But “It” wasn’t Heard by Anonymous

September 5, 2012
Michelle Obama at the DNC 2012

Michele Obama’s speech was deeply personal, electrifying and definitely a plus for President Barak Obama. She truly has the Democratic based eating out of “her hand”. She was masterful and technically worthy of great admiration. She captured the “feeling” decisively, item after item, and issue after issue. And as Charles Krauthammer said “I didn’t […]

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Eating Dogs and Mormonism

April 26, 2012
POTUS thought he was "tough"

The goal in this election of the Democratic Party will be to portray Mitt Romney as being out of touch with the common folks or just simply; weird.  The left’s attack of his Mormon faith on MSNBC is just part of the strategy.  Democratic governor Brian Schweitzer mentioned that it is “Kind of ironic given […]

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Is Silence Really a Virtue?

February 24, 2011
Is Silence Really a Virtue?

This morning, as I reviewed the blogs, there were two compelling stories.  One involved the tragic and violent situation unfolding in Libya.  The other story described the attack by a CWA union member on Tabitha Hale, an employee of the Tea Party Patriots organization known as Freedom Works.  I struggled to decide which story to […]

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Dismantling America (

October 27, 2009

Here is an interesting article about Obama’s policies and his ideas for “Change in America”. I hope you like. Dismantling America (

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