Michael Fell

Michael Fell

Michael Fell

Michael’s a leading voice in the L.A. Tea Party movement, having been active since their February 2009 inception. He’s a strong proponent for bread-and-butter Conservative positions on smaller government, reduced taxes and spending, strong national defense, and a return to the traditional American values of E Pluribus Unum, Liberty and in God we trust. He’s Chairman of the Westwood Tea Party, a founding member of the L.A. Metro Tea Party Coalition, a member in good standing with the Tea Party Patriots, Vice Chairman of the Westside Republicans Club in L.A. CA, and an elected Republican delegate to the L.A. 47th AD Central Committee. He’s been Campaign Manager for a primary winning Congressional candidate, as well as Santa Monica and L.A. City Council candidates.  As a blogger Michael’s a contributing writer for http://rightwingnews.com/, http://conservativedailynews.com/,  http://beforeitsnews.com, http://www.redcounty.com/, http://www.uspatriotpac.com, http://westsiderepublicans.com/, as well as having a large footprint on both Facebook and Monica Crowley’s blog: http://monicamemo.com. His opinions on today’s news events and political climate can be found on his blog: http://mjfellright.wordpress.com/

Recent Articles

By Michael:

  • The “progressive” Agenda for America

    Despite voluminous amounts of saccharine coated “progressive” rhetoric to the contrary, today’s “progressives” do not care about “the little guy”, women, children, or minorities of any shape, color, creed, form or substance. Their method is to surreptitiously use cultural Marxism, critical theory and political correctness in combination with gradual inevitability to create divided, hyphenated special…

  • “progressives” in American Politics

    “progressives” existed in American Politics for a century, but, recently have consumed Democratic hierarchy while also getting into Republican leadership.

  • “progressives” in The Media

    Progressives control the Media and use their control of the media, to get their liberal message across to the masses and to influence American thinking.

  • “progressive” Origins

    The Progressive era started around 1900. Since then, many President's have been progressives and have attempted to put their agenda upon the US Citizenry.

  • The “progressive”

    What “progressives” care about is ruling over the people who populate a country called the United States of America. Note: ruling over, not governing.

  • Welcome to the Hotel Mexifornia

    On Wednesday, April 3, 2013, a group of women enjoying a “girl’s day out” noticed something amiss in Beverly Hills California.  They noticed that the Beverly Hills Hotel was flying the Mexican flag next to the American flag. They proceeded to enter the hotel and ask why a hotel located in Beverly Hills, CA was flying the…

  • Lady Liberty

    Lady Liberty also stands as a reminder to America that the the American way of life is why people have come to this country for centuries.

  • The Phony White House Charm Offensive

    The President is currently displaying White House Charm. Has he changed his stripes or should the GOP have its guard up as this is another of Obama's ploys?

  • Time for Old Soldier John McCain to Fade Away

    Senator John McCain (R, AZ) continues his criticism of fellow Republicans for filibustering the confirmation of CIA Director John O. Brennan over the White House’s drone policy. While interviewing with the Huffington Post, McCain used the term “wackos” to describe Senator Rand Paul (R, KY), Senator Ted Cruz (R, TX) and Representative Justin Amash (R,…

  • Stand with Rand

    Some GOP Senators did not stand up for Rand Paul in his filibuster on Wednesday. Do these GOP Senators know that Rand Paul was defending the Constitution?

  • The Reality of Long Term Unemployment

    Long term unemployment includes mostly members of the work force who are no longer being counted and maybe one or two months away from being homeless.

  • Illogical Extremism of the left

    Members of the institutionalized left are going to use their agenda to promote gun control and to attempt to take our our second amendment rights.

  • Orwellian Inauguration 2013

    Except for the date, 1984, George Orwell had it right. Replete with doublespeak, innuendos, and outright falsehoods, the Inauguration speech given by Barack Hussein Obama to launch his second term was a verbal déjà vu of the 2009 $787 billion stimulus package…a wish list for “progressives.” The full blown Orwellian hypocrisy was on clear display…

  • “progressive” Gun Control

    The Second Amendment is not about hunting.  It is about the Right of the American people to prevent the likes of Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Diane Feinstein, Andrew Cuomo et al from obtaining unrestrained power. It is about the power of the people to prevent their being rounded up and put in gulags and/or concentration…

  • It’s Still Government Spending, Stupid

    The problem with the federal government is not tax revenue, it is government spending. Unless government spending is controlled, any tax increase is a waste

  • Gun Control: Freedom or Tyranny?

    What did our founders mean when they included the Second Amendment? Was it about Gun Control or giving the people the right to defend against tyranny?

  • Iran Gets Missile Shield

    Barack Obama’s administration, despite all the blood and treasure America spent in Iraq, somehow managed to fail in reaching a Status of Forces Agreement with the Iraqi government.  That means that the United States, after overthrowing Saddam Hussein, and freeing a country uniquely located on the most strategically important piece of real estate in the…

  • Never Let a Political Crisis Go to Waste…Ever

    America had better wise up. Fast. Because of groupthink and a poverty of imagination, the story of American Freedom and of American exceptionalism may end far too soon in a tragic, final chapter.

  • Let “Progressives” Own the Fiscal Cliff

    Give “progressive” Democrats what they want on the Fiscal Cliff and let them own it. When average everyday Americans who happen to be Democrats or Independents start feeling the economic pain, let “progressives” explain a failure that is covered with their fingerprints and nobody else’s.

  • Free Michigan

    Michigan is now a right-to-work-state. Public workers are now free to work without being forced to pay legalized extortion to unions as a pre-condition.

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  1. Obama’s moderate (let states and religious institutions decide) remarks on gay marriage are the ONLY remarks I’ve ever agreed with him on. How can the party that advocated rights for women and blacks not also champion the rights of gays? As conservatives, we don’t want the government telling us what to eat, what kind of light bulbs to buy, what kind of cars to drive, what kind of health care to buy, etc etc etc – yet we feel that we can interfere with who a person can love and how they live their life? I know so many people who otherwise share conservative values but cannot support the GOP in the election because they are disenfranchised by the party. Why not neutralize this issue so everyone can focus on the serious matters the country is facing – the economy, security/defense, health care?


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