Mark Foley

Republican Mark Foley sent emails to congressional pages, asking for them to send pictures back.   Foley had a habit of sending out sexually provocative emails and became a national joke that was hanged around the Republicans during the 2006 elections.  For a decade, he had a history of inappropriate contacts and was even warned by another Republican. The fact that GOP leadership may have known about some of his behavior hurt the GOP in 2006 elections.

Foley admitted to sending implicit emails but he stated he never had contact with a minor. Foley then stated he was molested as a youth by a Priest and had a drinking problem, put himself in rehab and he was nearly prosecuted for his emails based on laws he helped to sponsor.   At least he didn’t have sex with pages but we will leave that story to other rogues on our list.

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  1. Mr.Foley is a good man who made a bad decision. He should not still be exiled by society for what he did, he made a mistake as everyone else does. He’s a kind hearted man that has fantastic views and we could realy use some of his political advice. He’s a very intellectual man and has suffered far more of his share. He ,Ade his big mistake and all he has worked for in his life long career went down the toilet. Then he got banished and shunned by his supposedly ”friends”! Going from one of the most like and admired guys in political U.S to being hated by almost everyone. Then goes to rehab and have his father die. Then his life long love Dr.Nisenbaum died. Then had a surgery to remove cancer, and beat it. He’s a strong man and I admire him for moving forward no matter how hopeless and down he felt he always dusted him self off and conquered any obstacle in his path. Mr.Foley no matter what anyone says you are a truely a golden boy. An heart 3× bigger than the average man and smarts to go along with it. Hope you are doing well and happy enjoying life, to me your legacy has not be tainted in the slightest way. God bless you and yours Mr.Foley.


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