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Ira, a native New Yorker, has a BFA in Communications from the New York Institute of Technology.  While in New York he worked as a sports caster, on air personality and writer for a local radio station, covering all the professional sports teams in the city.

In the early 1980’s he began his career as a Hollywood screenwriter in Los Angeles.  He has worked on projects for Centropolis Entertainment, Cinetel Films and Swinging Productions to name a few.  His film credits include; “In the Shadow of the Cobra” (2001) starring Sean Young, James Acheson and Rutger Hauer and “Devil Winds” (2003) starring Joe Lando and Nicole Eggert.

Ira has been married for 25 years and has a daughter presently in college.

Recent Articles

By Ira:

  • Boehner Has Left the Building

    So after 25 years of service to his constituents and the country John Boehner will be walking out of the House for the last time. It is a sad day for not just Republicans but Democrats and all Americans as well; for he was one of the few politicians left that actually gave a damn about ALL Americans. Soon we will be left with only the inmates running the asylum.

  • So Long and “Thanks” for all the Fish

    So the 2nd debate has been over for almost a week and most of the spin dust has settled to the ground. Despite what our “News” Networks had to say I don’t think there was a clear winner in the lot. Some got close but never quite made it across the finish line.

  • America

    Usually I don’t quote Democratic Senators on this page but when I read this quote it kind of hit home about certain issues taking up the news for the last few weeks. This great country of ours, and yes it is still great in my opinion, has been blessed with a diversity of citizens not seen in modern times. No other country in the world can even come close to the United States in this respect. We are truly a representation of the world and it is that diversity that makes all of us here who we are…Americans. In times of trouble and pain we all come together as one forgetting our petty sibling rivalries and unite as one big family. This is our strength and our real power as a nation.

  • A Slow News Day

        As I checked my AP, CNN and BBC feeds to see what I might write about there was really nothing new across the board.  The Pope wants all the Parishes in Europe to take in one refugee family each from the hundreds of thousands fleeing the war torn areas.  But because he wants…

  • Trumped Again

    "It's one thing to have the summer of Trump. But it doesn't mean anything unless we win, If you lose, what does it all matter?" Donald Trump.

  • Making America Great Again

    So the first debate is over and while it was good from only a “Reality” TV Show stand point it was severely lacking as a political forum. It is clear that after more than 16 years of weak presidents we need to elect the candidate who actually has the back bone to move America back to where it belongs in the world.

  • Let the Sideshow Begin

    So the first debate, if you could call any of these political sideshows debates, is over. I have to say it was an entertaining two hours in a “Reality Show” kind of way. No surprises, no “Oh Wow!” moments, no out of character blunders.

  • Mr. President

    “Mr. President: I confess that I do not entirely approve of this Constitution at present, but Sir, I am not sure I shall never approve it: For having lived long, I have experienced many Instances of being oblig’d, by better Information or fuller Consideration, to change Opinions even on important Subjects, which I once thought…

  • Lets Make a Deal

    As I see it the President is wrong when he says this deal is not about trust. It is all about trust. By signing this deal we and our allies have said that we trust one of the most untrustworthy countries in the world. This deal is just another misstep by the Obama administration in world politics. Only this time we are taking most of our allies with us.

  • A Good Day

      Today is July 4th Independence Day here in the United States.  It is the day in 1776 chosen to mark the birth of our Constitution and the birth of our country.  It is a day American’s should feel proud of what those that came before us have done.  Our form of government has been…

  • No Plan for ISIL is a Plan

    All of us know what needs to be done. Most of the world knows what needs to be done. Our military knows what needs to be done. It seems only our President either doesn’t know what needs to be done or doesn’t have the guts to finally make the right call. The only way to totally defeat ISIL is to put American and coalition boots back on the ground. If we do that we can retake control of Iraq in six months then begin to hit ISIL where ever they try to hide.

  • May The Games Begin

    As the Election 2016 Presidential race quickly approaches, the ranks of those Republicans who wish to sit in the Oval Office have swollen to Tsunami proportions.  At the time of writing this article there were ten Republicans who official declared their intentions.  They are: Ben Carson a retired Pediatric Neurosurgeon Ted Cruz- Senator from Texas Carly Fiorina-ex…

  • Obligations

    The Presidents obvious unwillingness to make this commitment has caused Isis to grow into a global threat. The longer we wait to do what everyone else in the world knows must be done, the worse it will get. If The United States wants to show the world we are still capable of leading then we must accept the responsibility and lead. Not to sit back and use a water pistol to put out a house fire.

  • Memorial Day

    Memorial Day is about remembering all the men and women who bravely served and serve our country. Please take some time out of your busy holiday celebrations to remember those that gave and give so much so that we can all enjoy our freedoms today.

  • Paper Tigers

    As the Marshall Island flagged cargo ship Maersk Tigris made its way down the Straits of Hormuz she was challenged by Iran warships and ordered to stop. When the Captain failed to comply the Iranians fire several rounds across her bow.

  • A Lack of Responsibility

    Like most of you I was riveted to my seat on the evening of April 27th watching the scenes of Baltimore burning on CNN. I watched criminals racing through the streets burning businesses, trashing cars and pelting police with rocks. I watched as looters drove up to the mall there in vans, got out and ran inside caring large trash bags only to run out a few minutes later with the bags full of merchandise they had stolen. But one of the most difficult things to watch was as the fire department tried to put some of the blazes out ignorant rioters would run up to the hoses and puncture them then look right into the camera and laugh. And throughout all this there were no police to be found.

  • Holocaust – Short Memories

    Several years ago I wrote an article titled "A Time to Remember" it was about Yom Hashoa, Holocaust Remembrance Day. This internationally recognized date comes from the Hebrew calendar and corresponds to the 27th day of Nisan on that calendar. It marks the anniversary of the uprising in the Warsaw ghetto.

  • One Voice

    When the Republicans won the Senate it was a happy time in GOP land.  Now they had a chance to show the people of the United States and the world they knew how to govern.  Three months into the New Year we still have yet to see that happening.  After a few weeks of infighting…

  • A Huge Step Backwards

    But I’m not writing this article to give you a brief amateur lesson in Constitutional Law but to give you a basis for understanding this….The Constitution protects our right to be idiots plain and simple and past history has born that statement as a “truism” more times than I can count. So why was I surprised when Indiana Governor Mike Pence signed into law a bill that would allow business to discriminate using religion as an excuse. The “Religious Freedom Act” would allow business to deny service to anyone if the owner feels providing that service would conflict with his religious beliefs. I guess Pence forgot about a much high law, the Constitution. You see you can’t protect one person’s Constitutional rights at the cost of another.

  • Lessons

    “The only sure bulwark of continuing liberty is a government strong enough to protect the interests of the people, and a people strong enough and well enough informed to maintain its sovereign control over the government.” Franklin D. Roosevelt Barack Hussein Obama was elected by the winds of change which swept across the United States…



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