Gerry Studs

If Crane’s constituents send him packing, Massachusetts voters showed no similar declination with Gerry Studds.  Studds was caught with having sex with a minor male page and like Crane was censured. But Studds showed no remorse as he turned his back during the censure vote and he managed to keep getting elected despite getting caught having sex with a teenager.  If nothing else, it showed that Massachusetts voters had toleration for boorish behavior from their legislators.  Frank didn’t suffer from his boyfriend prostitution ring, Studds for having sex with a minor and of course, there is Ted Kennedy who had Chappaquiddick.  Studds would retire after winning a few terms in a row easily and be considered a civil leader for gay rights.  Only in America can a Congressman get caught with sex with a minor and get rewarded by being declared a Civil Right leader.

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