Despicable Politicians

 Rogues, the Mediocre and the Despicable

Here is our list of the what we call the Rogues, the Mediocre and the Despicable. These are politicians that in  layman’s terms ”Just should not and do not represent the American people”. These are men and women who are or where political leaders that have done wrong. This is on of the few areas on the site where we will not judge by political views but by their actions. So on to the list.

* To all our faithful readers. Like always please chime in. Let us know who you think we should put on the list. just comment and we will get them on.

PoliticianNamePartyin OfficeCrime
Barney FrankDemocratin officeWhat did Barney Frank do?
Chris DoddDemocratnot in officeWhat did Chris Dodd do?
Nancy PelosiDemocratin officeWhat did Nancy Pelosi do?
Larry CraigRepublicannot in officeWhat did Larry Craig do?
Mark FoleyRepublicannot in officeWhat did Mark Foley do?
Dan CraneRepublicannot in officeWhat did Dan Crane do?
Gerry StudsDemocratnot in officeWhat did Gerry Studs do?
Charles RangelDemocratin officeWhat did Charles Rangel do?
Harry ReidDemocratin officeWhat did Harry Reid do?




One Response to Despicable Politicians

  1. Charles on January 21, 2014 at 5:01 pm

    How can you leave out 0bama?????

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