Chris Dodd

Chris Dodd is the second half of the Dodd-Frank team.  Like Frank, Dodd profited from being in a Democratic state and never really had to worry about being elected as long as he was breathing.  Dodd, like Frank, refuse to allow any reform of Fannie and Freddie Mac that help lead to the 2008 financial crisis but worse, he managed to obtain low interest loan for real estate from many of those bankers who nearly sank our system.

Dodd chose to retire in 2010 than have his low interest loans become campaign issues but before he left, he gave us Dodd-Frank, which will have its own repercussion but since neither Frank nor Dodd will be around, they will escape blame. Right now, he is the head of the Motion Picture Association of America and never truly paid the price at the ballot box or managed to suffer the humiliation of having to defend his special treatment.  Dodd is a rogue who shows that in politics, sometimes committing bad deeds can work out.

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