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The Battle for Free Speech Continues

April 14, 2014
Free Speech

The message is clear that if you step outside the boundaries of prevailing conventional wisdom, you could lose your career and as one pundit observed, there will be pressure down the road to restrict free speech by outlawing certain speech as hate speech through government edict. This is nothing more than intimidation by the left and the message is chilling; involve yourself in politics on the wrong side and hell will reign over you. And the left is using this tactic to silence their political opponents and reduce contributions to conservative causes.

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The Amazing Koch Brothers

April 10, 2014
Koch Brothers

Charles Koch responded to his critics in a Wall Street Journal editorial and showed his consistent defense of free markets when he wrote, “I have spent decades opposing cronyism and all political favors, including mandates, subsidies and protective tariffs — even when we benefit from them. I believe that cronyism is nothing more than welfare for the rich and powerful, and should be abolished.”

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Leftist Free Speech Inquisition Continues!

April 2, 2014

The left decries it is the right that hates science but it is the left who has politicized science and no longer believes in the search for truth. Professor Miller-Young’s attack on pro-life demonstrators are a symptom of the left’s unwiliness to concede that maybe they are not right on social issues. And Professor Torcello is playing the role of the inquisitor against the modern day Galileo.

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Gay Hating Democrat Fred Phelps is Dead

March 24, 2014
Fred Phelps

What many do not know about Phelps is that he was active in Civil Right law in the state of Kansas during the 1960’s and he was a registered Democrat; a man of the left only he was a leftist who hated gays.

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What If?

March 11, 2014
What If

What if a Republican President was found to have lied about the reason behind the death of an American diplomat and three of his underlings? What if his female Secretary of State chose to ignore warnings that these diplomats were in danger and refuse to beef up security?

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This IRS Scandal Has Happened Before

March 9, 2014
IRS Scandal

First, these leftist tactics of using the IRS to punish political opponents are not just a creation of the Obama administration but existed in the Clinton administration. (Something to consider when Hillary Clinton runs for President.) The second is that Lois Lerner has a history of doing this and when given the green light by a Democratic Administration, she attacks like a shark sensing blood.

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Striving for Excellence!

March 5, 2014

In the last election, entrepreneurs were mocked and those who built businesses were told they truly didn’t build their business. It was the almighty government that was their partner. They should be glad they are allowed to keep some of the fruits of their labor. Over the past six years, those businessmen who are essentially rent-seeker and seek their wealth by exploiting government loopholes are the ones being celebrated.

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Work Is No Longer Valued

March 1, 2014

Work is no longer valued in this society under the current administration. In fact, being unemployed is actually looked upon as a benefit.

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New York Lessons for Us All

February 22, 2014
New York Lessons for Us All

The Democrats have won New York and hopefully, won’t create the same disasters that they have already in Detroit and Chicago.

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The Mythology of Climate Change!

February 18, 2014
Climate Change

There are plenty of myths permeating the climate change debate and if one believes these myths, you would get the idea the world is close to extinction.

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