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Clinton Owns the IRS Scandal!

July 27, 2014
IRS Scandal

The IRS Scandal and the acts of Lois Lerner go back to the Clinton Administration. Another Clinton in the White House will just be more of the same.

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Obama’s Latest Debacle Iraq!

July 16, 2014

President Obama cannot no longer blame foreign policy errors on George W. Bush. Iraq is one example of his problem and no one else’s.

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Scott Walker Is Innocent

July 6, 2014
Scott Walker

The main stream media has jumped on another untrue story in hopes of harming presidential hopeful Scott Walker. Unfortunately for them, none of it was true.

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Steyer – Saves World and Makes Money

June 28, 2014

Tom Steyer is another left wing hypocrite as he now condemns those things that he made billion on – i.e. coal and fossil fuels.

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Women Are Safer Being Married!

June 22, 2014

Women and Children are safer in two parent households than in any other type of arrangement. So, being married should be left alone and not redefined.

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Scientific Misconduct!

June 11, 2014

Scientific Misconduct is proven in the book “The Hockey Stick Illusion,” by Andrew Montford as it relates to Climate Change data and conclusions therefrom.

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Crony Capitalism and Income Inequality

May 29, 2014
Income Ineguality

Income Inequality has been argued by the left to be a result of Free Markets. Studies prove this it is only true when it is the result of crony capitalism.

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Freedom From Wisconsin Gestapo

May 24, 2014
Wisconsin Gestapo

Democratic Wisconsin Gestapo are doing their best to undermine the majority in supporting Conservatives. Fortunately they have not been successful yet.

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There Is No 98% Climate Consensus

May 15, 2014
Climate Change

What is the climate consensus? There are two schools: the alarmists and the realists. The Media often repeat the alarmists’ claims as gospel truth. The Alarmist position is simple: man is the main agent if not only agent of climate change. This century is the worst for climate change and it is all bad for humanity. The Realist has more of a nuanced position viewing natural events as significant players or that natural events combined with human activities as causes of climate changes.

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Civil Liberties Dying In Obama’s America

May 6, 2014
Civil Liberties Dying In Obama’s America

The following events shows the fragility of civil liberties in Obama America’s.  A story grabbed my attention dealing with Teagan Presley, a former porn star, who found that her bank account along with her husband canceled by Chase bank.  Chase Bank appeared to be closing personal bank accounts of porn stars but in the case […]

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Gary Oldman Comes Out Libertarian

In a Playboy interview out this month, Gary Oldman puts political correctness to the test and comes out as a Libertarian.

V.A. Punished Critics on Staff Doctors Assert

The V.A. Scandal is widening. Whistleblower's are now coming out of the woodwork and have suffered as a result. As reported by the NY...