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Hillary’s Foreign Policy Failures!

March 28, 2015
Hillary's Foreign Policy

The main issue in the campaign will be what will Hillary’s foreign policy look like? The conventional wisdom is that Clinton will be closer to her husband’s foreign policy which didn’t dramatically differ from the Reagan/Bush years. But, what if conventional wisdom is wrong?

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Obama’s Fault!

March 24, 2015
Bush's Fault

America is less safe today than when Obama took his first oath of office. And, the fault lies with Obama. There is no blaming Bush. No matter how hard Obama and his supporters within the punditry class and media will tell you otherwise, it is not Bush’s fault. It is now clearly Obama’s Fault.

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Net Neutrality Equals Censorship

March 18, 2015
Net Neutrality

The battle for control of the Internet isn’t over. Over two-thirds of the House and Senate are on record as opposing FCC regulation of the Internet, and a new president could change the policy overnight in 2017 even if the courts don’t block it.

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FCC Power Grab

March 14, 2015

When the FCC decided, by a partisan 3 to 2 vote pushed by the White House, two things happened; (1) The independence of the FCC was destroyed as Democrat Tom Wheeler carried the White House water; and (2) the door was opened to intensive intervention by the Government of it.

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Walmart Raises the Minimum Wage

March 5, 2015

The minimum wage debate is one of those debates that shows economic ignorance and how good intentions don’t match results. Politicians love the idea that they can raise salaries and produce economic growth by simply telling businesses, “Give everyone a raise.” Of course what is missing from these debates is that biggest losers in artificially raising minimum wage are the very poor who the laws are supposed to benefit.

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Obama Wrong About the Crusades!

March 1, 2015

Brutality of the Crusades can’t be denied but then in Medieval times, life was both brutal and short. Brutality was a sin that all sides were guilty of. Esteemed Middle East Scholar Bernard Lewis noted, “The Crusades could more accurately be described as a limited, belated and in the last analysis, ineffectual response to the jihad- a failed attempt to recover through a Christian holy war what had been lost to a Muslim holy war.”

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Winning the White House – 3: Hispanics

February 21, 2015

Understanding the nuances of the Hispanic world will allow Republicans and conservatives to more accurately target their approach to Hispanic voters in Election 2016.

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Winning the White House 2016 Part 2

February 13, 2015
black voters

While Black voters do support the Keynesian economic assumption in relatively large numbers, at least 40% don’t buy into the idea that ever increasing government spending will solve their problems. If Republicans made a concerted effort to appeal to that group and even got half of their vote it would be political Armageddon for the Democratic Party. We are talking a Republican strangle hold in the Midwest and the South that would make it permanently red.

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Winning the White House – Introduction

February 9, 2015
Winning The White House

This is the first in a series on Winning the White House (Below are excerpts of a report produced by Americas Majority Foundation by Tom Donelson and JD Johannes.  The report is being turned into a book.) When Hillary Clinton recently declared that businesses don’t create jobs, it was considered a gaffe, but what if […]

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2000 Articles

February 5, 2015
This is not how we believe at this web site.

A Hollywood Republican was started in November, 2008 shortly after Barack Obama because the 45th President of the United States. It was begun as a result of the frustration I was experiencing with the election and with the pundits who were giving hundreds of reasons for the election. The very first article was my personal plan on how to bring the GOP back on the correct course. Well, this is now article number 2000 on this web site. That’s right, 2,000 articles in just more than six year. Not a bad accomplishment.

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