iChristians and iJews

August 25, 2014
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Even the most powerful leader in the Western world, one who describes himself as a Christian, decided that the Christians hunted by ISIS and starving on Mount Sinjar were not of sufficient numbers to warrant America’s military assistance. Yes, Obama did mention his shock and disgust at the You Tube video showing the beheading of an American journalist under the literal sword of an ISIS terrorist who some suspect to be traveling on a British passport. The President was shocked, shocked. But then he headed off to the first tee and continued his golf game.

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Freedom of Religion not Freedom from Religion

May 13, 2014
Freedom of Religion

The Supreme Court in Greece v. Galloway last week issued a strong ruling in favor of Freedom of Religion after a long string of rulings contrary to it.

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Easter Weekend at the Movies

April 21, 2014
Faith Based Film

There appears to be a growing trend in theatrical releases in the United States of faith based film. In fact, since the beginning of the year, there have been no less than four major releases which fit this category. However, one of them was actually attacked vigorously by the faith based market, “Noah,” for violating themes set forth in the biblical story of Noah and the Ark. This attack proved successful as the film collapsed after a strong opening weekend. The other three have over performed and may be opening the door for more faith based films in the future.

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I’m Christian – I think ‘Noah’ deserves four stars

March 31, 2014

Noah is a major Hollywood blockbuster, made by an atheist director best known for his previous flick where a mentally disturbed lesbian ballerina goes insane and bleeds to death on stage. Already, a critical person might be slightly concerned about his handling of the Bible, considering what he just did to the ballet.

These concerns grew from suspicion to reality before it was even released, when the man himself came out publicly and professed Noah to be both an environmentalist propaganda piece, and the “least Biblical” Bible film ever made.

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A Lesson From Charles Dickens

December 19, 2013
Christmas Giving

It is in the lack of Christmas Giving by Ebenezer Scrooge that shows us part of the true meaning of “A Christmas Carol.”

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Machiavelli Back in Rome?

December 16, 2013
Church Pedophila

Pope Francis has been named Time’s Man of the Year yet he has failed to deal with the Church Pedophilia scandal yet. Will he have the courage to do so?

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Clergy Under Attack

December 12, 2013
Clergy Under Attack

There are clergy under attack all over the country for many reasons, little the fault of the Clergyman. A group is being formed to address these issues.

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Pope Francis

June 16, 2013
Pope Francis

He is a reformer and a man of the people. Remove the red carpet … He is not interested in fame and applause … Every day we like Pope Francis more!!!

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The Student was Einstein

June 2, 2013

A student has a discussion with a teacher about the existence of God and how faith relates to duality.

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Bible College – It’s All a Matter of Time

May 10, 2013
Bible College – It’s All a Matter of Time

bible college has been such a wonderful experience. I feel almost as if I have gone back in time to re-live my 20′s

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Gary Oldman Comes Out Libertarian

In a Playboy interview out this month, Gary Oldman puts political correctness to the test and comes out as a Libertarian.

V.A. Punished Critics on Staff Doctors Assert

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