Michael D. Sellers

John Carter and the Gods of Hollywood

February 13, 2013
John Carter

This novel by Michael D. Sellers shows how the Disney marketing machine completely destroyed any chance that John Carter had to be a successful film.

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Remembering An Army Dad – For All Veterans and Their Families

November 12, 2012
michael sellers dad

A year ago on Veterans Day I remembered my Dad with a video, which I share today with all who remember a military father. And today I will try to honor him with words as well.

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John Carter – Flop; Hunger Games – Smash; Why?

April 11, 2012
Lottery Scene from "Hunger Games"

Two weekends ago, A Tale of Two Trajectories examined the factors behind “Hunger Games” epic US domestic opening weekend of $152M Box Office Gross, and contrasted it with the paltry $30.1M domestic opening that Disney’s intended blockbuster “John Carter” had earned  two weeks previously.   Judged by their domestic  performance only (which is the metric used […]

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Hunger Games and John Carter – A Tale of Two Trajectories

March 26, 2012
hunger games john carter

The news is in – Lion’s Gate’s Hunger Games brought in a whopping $155m at the domestic box office in this, its debut weekend, making it the third highest opening weekend ever, just behind Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 ($168M), and The Dark Knight (158M).  Hunger Games is clearly every bit the […]

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Penn State Scandal: What if McQueary DID go to the Police?

November 16, 2011
Jerry Sandusky

A day after Jerry Sandusky gave an interview that has the wires buzzing, accuser Mike McQueary has written an email to friends which has surfaced, and in which he claims that he is being unfairly vicitmized byt hose claiming he didn’t do enough,and particularly by those who say he did not stop the assault and/or […]

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The Paterno-McQueary Riddle: What’s behind the decision to oust Paterno and let McQueary continue?

November 10, 2011
Mike McQueary

Joe Paterno is out, but Mike McQueary who actually saw the sexual assault that resulted in the ouster of Penn State’s legendary coach will not be disciplined. Huh? How can that be, you say? There’s a twisted logic to it if you contemplate overall arc of what’s going on behind the scenes between Penn State, […]

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Joe Paterno: Is he the victim of lynch mob mentality or is it really time for him to go

November 8, 2011
Joe Paterno

It’s a sad day indeed when one of the very, very true icons of American sport, 84 year old Joe Paterno, renowned not only as the winningest coach of all time but also honored for running one the cleanest programs of the country, looks likely to be forced into retirement if not worse by the […]

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Should Republican Candidates be Taking a Different Look at the Polls?

November 1, 2011
Are they only for the Rich?

On the surface, most 2011 polls seem to suggest good news for the Republicans in 2012. Approval of President Obama’s “handling of the economy” has been mired in the 35-40 percent range; his overall approval rating is equally anemic, having only just recently edged up slightly to a 46%; and history suggests that an incumbent […]

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The Truth About Occupy Wall Street

October 9, 2011
wall street

As the mainstream media starts to pay attention to the Occupy Wall Street (and LA, and Austin, etc) movement, the effort to figure out what this movement is really all about is intensifying. But rather than seriously attempt to understand it — the mainstream media is instead projecting its own orientation on it and “painting” […]

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June 15, 2011
Michele Bachmann For President In 2012

Here is an article by our somewhat regular contributor, Michael Sellers. A few weeks back I wrote that although I’ve voted Democrat since 1992 — but prior to that I voted three times for Republicans and I don’t rule out the possibility of doing it again.  It’s just that I’ve had a hard time finding […]

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Will Obama Leave the Democratic Party Better Than He Found It?

Has President Obama served or hurt the Democratic Party in his six years in office. Any basic review of the facts gives a...

Bill Maher, Ben Affleck and Islam

On Last Week's Bill Maher show, an interesting this happened. Liberal Maher took on Ben Affleck and his liberal views on Islam. ...