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The Hillary Clinton Quandary

March 30, 2015
Clinton Scandals

Maybe it is better to start at the beginning. Hillary was always “front and center” or in the “wings,” the “command and control center.” “Polarizing, calculating, disingenuous, insincere,” these are coded sexist words?

Are these “words” below also to be “censored as sexism” when referring to Hillary’s “resume?”

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America’s Baghdad Bob Syndrome

March 9, 2015
Baghdad Bob

There is no such thing as truth, just different versions of it. Was Baghdad Bob a devotee of Goebbels who was inspired by America’s pioneer of public relations? Yes, Bagdad Bob was an acolyte of Edward Bernays, thus the America’s Baghdad Bob was also not so foreign.

The truth is that we all know how low we have fallen from the believable journalistic excellence of a Tim Russert, Tony Snow, Ben Bradlee, Fred Friendly or Edward R. Murrow. The electorate despises the propaganda of today’s media but never demands the truth much less will banish unethical journalism to the writer’s leper colony. Will the demise of MSNBC prove us wrong? Our allies do not trust us; our enemies do not fear us.

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Christians v. Muslims

February 23, 2015
Christians v. Muslims

This is not “lone wolfs hijacking a religion.” It is radical suppression by oppression of the “moderates” who will not fight back. Too many self-proclaimed “moderates” surrender to and embrace radical extreme Islamism out of fear for their lives. This is the explanation; research the PEW Polls on this issue. It can never be a justification.”

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Obama and Cook

February 7, 2015
Obama and Cook

Does the alleged relationship between Barack Obama and Genevieve Cook reflect the way Obama feels about the country? Is he going to drop the country the same way he dropped her?

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The Folly of “Fundamentalism”

January 12, 2015

Juan Cole, in a particularly dopey moment, compared Sarah Palin, of all people, to the sort of people who just carried out a mass murder in Paris. “The values of [John McCain’s] handpicked running mate, Sarah Palin, more resemble those of Muslim fundamentalists than they do those of the Founding Fathers,” he wrote. “What’s the difference between Palin and a Muslim fundamentalist? Lipstick.”

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Nothing New Under Hollywood Sun

January 3, 2015
The Interview

It is with a sense of “deja vu” that we watch the spectacle of threats, cowardice and censorship on display at SONY PICTURES regarding the release of the motion picture “The Interview.” Yes, there’s nothing new under the sun.

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The Soul of Our Nation

December 22, 2014
Senator Moynihan

“America is a force for good in the world. America stands for and defends and protects freedom for all. America is a shining light, a beacon, a guidepost for free people. America inspires. America promotes.” This is American Exceptionalism.

This is the soul of our nation.

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The Interview by Sony Pictures

December 18, 2014
The Interview

After making “The Great Dictator” in 1939 with his own money, Charlie Chaplin faced a major problem. No Hollywood studio was willing to release his film because it greatly lampooned not only Hitler, but Mussolini as well. They had two fears. One was business. Throughout the 30s, studios were very careful not to make films that were critical of Hitler or the Nazi party so as not to disrupt the lucrative German film market.

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What Now America?

November 17, 2014

Why did we choose a Republic over a real Democracy. Maybe it was thoughts of John Adams. Is Obamacare is an example of this gone awry. What do you think?

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October 29, 2014
Ebola 2

The White House is gambling with Ebola. It is the “crisis’ too good to waste. Spin it either way the WH wins and the people are at risk.

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