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NORQUIST: A sadder and poorer Tax Day

April 15, 2014
The Obama attack on the wealthy

Today is April 15, Tax Day.

The federal government will consume 20.5 percent of America’s total income this year. It’s not as bad as in France or Greece, but somewhat worse than when we formed these United States. When we were Colonies under the British, the average tax burden on American colonists was 2 percent. That was considered unbearable, and the revolution was on.

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Domestic Policy-Collectivism

April 4, 2014

Are we seeing the demise of Individualism and the rise of collectivism? Collectivism is any political, religious, economic, or social outlook that emphasizes the interdependence of every human.

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I’m Christian – I think ‘Noah’ deserves four stars

March 31, 2014

Noah is a major Hollywood blockbuster, made by an atheist director best known for his previous flick where a mentally disturbed lesbian ballerina goes insane and bleeds to death on stage. Already, a critical person might be slightly concerned about his handling of the Bible, considering what he just did to the ballet.

These concerns grew from suspicion to reality before it was even released, when the man himself came out publicly and professed Noah to be both an environmentalist propaganda piece, and the “least Biblical” Bible film ever made.

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Global Chess is Darwinism!

March 20, 2014

Global Chess is Darwinism! Darwinism is not a game. It is survival of the fittest, not pacification, isolationism or surrender. We are all antiwar but are we anti-freedom, anti-liberty and annihilation…as long as it is not in our back yard?

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Demonizing the American Dream

March 14, 2014
American Dream

They’re demonizing everything that used to make America great and everything that once led parents to say, “You can be anything you want to be when you grow up,” and mean it. When my parents told me that, they weren’t lying. They were telling me the truth of a dream that came to life for them. Unfortunately, they didn’t know the dream would be dead, killed by government interference which stamped out everything that gave them the opportunity for success by the time I came of age.

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The Fog of Politics

March 3, 2014

The Tea Party is anathema to a Republican establishment that lost its way. The Tea Party is a grass roots movement.

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Death and Funeral of Ariel Sharon

January 31, 2014
Ariel Sharon Young

Former Israeli Prime Minister died early in the month at the age of 85. This article is a tribute to him from a Conservative

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Return to Benghazi

January 17, 2014

It’s time to do a retake on Benghazi. As evidence mounts that a major cover-up of fabrication occurred, Hillary continues her march towards the White House.

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Decline of American Healthcare

January 5, 2014
American Healthcare

American Healthcare cannot be bought on the backs of our grandchildren. Nor, can American Healthcare be caught in the spiral of decline that is Obamacare.

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Machiavelli Back in Rome?

December 16, 2013
Church Pedophila

Pope Francis has been named Time’s Man of the Year yet he has failed to deal with the Church Pedophilia scandal yet. Will he have the courage to do so?

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