Abraham Lincoln – 150 Years

April 15, 2015
Abraham Lincoln

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the death of arguably, our most beloved president, Abraham Lincoln. Many people were saying that yesterday was the 150th anniversary. Well, it kinda was, but not of his death. You see, he was shot on Good Friday, April 14, 1865, but he actually died on April 15th at 7:22 in the morning.

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2000 Articles

February 5, 2015
This is not how we believe at this web site.

A Hollywood Republican was started in November, 2008 shortly after Barack Obama because the 45th President of the United States. It was begun as a result of the frustration I was experiencing with the election and with the pundits who were giving hundreds of reasons for the election. The very first article was my personal plan on how to bring the GOP back on the correct course. Well, this is now article number 2000 on this web site. That’s right, 2,000 articles in just more than six year. Not a bad accomplishment.

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Hooray for Citizens United

August 5, 2014
Citizens United

Citizens United had influence in 2014 by giving underfunded candidates like Santorum and Gingrich a chance. Will it do the same for challenger to Hillary?

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Tea Party Success?

June 13, 2014
Eric Cantor

Eric Cantor was defeated by Tea Party favorite Dave Brat in Tuesday’s primary. However, contrary to reports, the Tea Party did little to support Brat.

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Harry Reid Has Lost His Mind

March 26, 2014
Senate Majority Leader - Harry Reid

So, now after this six month chain of events, Harry Reid has the gall to say a delay in the Senate by the GOP is what allowed Putin to annex Crimea. Does Reid really think anyone on the left or the right will buy into this malarky. He does not only sound completely unhinged, his rhetoric has reached the level of ridiculous.

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Open Letter

April 15, 2013
Open Letter

My wife and I go on vacation every anniversary.  Apparently, we’re not the only people that do this.  Recently the Treasury Department provided Jay Z and Beyoncé a license to travel to Cuba for their Fifth Wedding Anniversary.  The only problem with this is that the U.S. restricts its citizens from traveling to or even […]

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Sean Penn is a Racist

April 1, 2013

I am a father to a son who is not yet four months old.  I am constantly wondering what he will be like in the future.  Will he be a “chip off the ol’ block” or will he be a rebel and blaze his own path?  I did rather well for myself — going from […]

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An Amazing Apology

March 25, 2013
Amazing Race

The Amazing Race has been a staple of many of my evenings for more than a decade.  In fact, it’s been the staple of about 10 million viewers every season since 2001.  As one of the most popular reality shows in history, it has amassed thirteen Primetime Emmy Awards, including every award from 2003 to […]

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Perception is Reality

March 22, 2013
Republican Perception

The Republican perception is bad. Even though polls reflect 55% of the electorate agrees with them, it changes when they are told it is the GOP position.

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Satan Resembles Obama

March 18, 2013
obama satan

As I typed this, it is the top story on Yahoo News… Front page news of Google News… Front page news of USA Today… Front Page news of Huffington Post… Front page news of…. Front page news of NBC News… Front page news of Daily Mail… Front page of the Hollywood Reporter… Front page […]

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