POTUS Should Thank North Dakota

November 15, 2014
North Dakota

North Dakota, along with Texas, have led this country through the entire recession and kept the economy going. And it’s all because of fossil fuels.

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Unleash Energy Entrepreneurs!

September 8, 2014
Energy Entrepreneurs

Energy Entrepreneurs are leading the US into a new energy independence in the same way the entrepreneurs of the Guilded Age did in the late 19th Century.

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Fool Some People all the Time

August 7, 2014
Global Disruption

Global Warming has changed names to Climate Change and now Global Disruption because the believers are trying to make people believe. Why? It doesn’t exist.

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Steyer – Saves World and Makes Money

June 28, 2014

Tom Steyer is another left wing hypocrite as he now condemns those things that he made billion on – i.e. coal and fossil fuels.

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There Is No 98% Climate Consensus

May 15, 2014
Climate Change

What is the climate consensus? There are two schools: the alarmists and the realists. The Media often repeat the alarmists’ claims as gospel truth. The Alarmist position is simple: man is the main agent if not only agent of climate change. This century is the worst for climate change and it is all bad for humanity. The Realist has more of a nuanced position viewing natural events as significant players or that natural events combined with human activities as causes of climate changes.

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More Proof: Nature Causes Climate Change!

May 3, 2014

There is more and more data Climate Change is not caused by man, but may be caused by nature. The alarmists choose to weep such evidence under the rug.

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The Energy Revolution Continues!

April 23, 2014
Energy REvolution

The recent uptick in American energy production is one of those economic miracles not thought possible a decade ago. Oil and gas production will reduce United States dependence on imports and we may become an energy exporter, something that will strengthen our international status, which is at a low point under the present Administration. You can make the case that much of our job growth has come from the energy sector and certainly with no help from Obama administration whose policy is to slow the oil/natural gas production onslaught.

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Freedom Tower Gives Terrorists Middle Finger

January 8, 2014
Freedom Tower

The Freedom Tower shows the resolve of America. Between it and our new found energy resources, America can collectively give our enemies the middle finger.

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Under The Gloom May Lie a Boom

February 26, 2013

An economic boom is on the horizon in America involving both Energy and Agriculture. As a result we may continue as the economy of the 21st Century.

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Green Energy Equals American Decline

December 11, 2012

“progressives” feel an ongoing, compulsive need to force America to accept their “green energy solution”.

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