Voter ID

March 26, 2015
Voter ID

In the past few years, many states have tried to pass laws which require a voter to present a Voter ID. To date, approximately seven states have passed Voter ID laws and have them on the books. Out of those seven, few are being enforced because liberals are up in arms about this issue. They have taken the position that Voter ID laws are meant for one thing and one thing only and that is to limit access to the voting booth. In other words, to keep undesirable (liberal) voters, from voting. Of course, I do not agree with the liberal position. In fact, I’m appalled at the liberal position, because I believe that Voter ID laws stop unqualified people from voting!

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The Israeli Election

March 22, 2015
President Obama and PM Netanyahu

Last Tuesday, the sovereign state of Israel had a national election. Much was on the line. In fact, the whole future of Israel could have been depending on whether you listen to Mr. Netanyahu or Mr. Obama. You may ask, what does Barack Obama, have to do in an article about Israeli Election? I would have asked myself the same question a few years ago. Now, it appears that Bibi and Barry are completely and forever intertwined. And, unfortunately, this is not only a bad thing, but it is the American President who is to blame.

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A Woman President

March 16, 2015
Woman President

A few weeks ago while giving a speech, Hillary Clinton asked a question, “Don’t you want a woman president?” The answer to this question is really very simple. The answer is a resounding: Yes. However, Mrs. Clinton, you are not the person I would ever want to see in the White House. In fact, I would hope that I really never have to see you again.

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Winning the White House – 3: Hispanics

February 21, 2015

Understanding the nuances of the Hispanic world will allow Republicans and conservatives to more accurately target their approach to Hispanic voters in Election 2016.

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Winning the White House 2016 Part 2

February 13, 2015
black voters

While Black voters do support the Keynesian economic assumption in relatively large numbers, at least 40% don’t buy into the idea that ever increasing government spending will solve their problems. If Republicans made a concerted effort to appeal to that group and even got half of their vote it would be political Armageddon for the Democratic Party. We are talking a Republican strangle hold in the Midwest and the South that would make it permanently red.

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Winning the White House – Introduction

February 9, 2015
Winning The White House

This is the first in a series on Winning the White House (Below are excerpts of a report produced by Americas Majority Foundation by Tom Donelson and JD Johannes.  The report is being turned into a book.) When Hillary Clinton recently declared that businesses don’t create jobs, it was considered a gaffe, but what if […]

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Obama and Cook

February 7, 2015
Obama and Cook

Does the alleged relationship between Barack Obama and Genevieve Cook reflect the way Obama feels about the country? Is he going to drop the country the same way he dropped her?

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Presidential Monarchy

January 23, 2015
Presidential Monarch

In fact, Roosevelt, believed Woodrow Wilson was trying to turn the United States into a monarchy in the same way that modern conservative pundits believe Barack Obama is trying to become an absolute monarch. For a while, I tended to disagree with this allegation about Obama, but since the defeat of his party in the 2014 elections, he is doing his best to prove the pundits correct, i.e., immigration reform, Cuba, etc. It’s just one executive order after another. He is one his way giving us our first Presidential Monarchy.

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Mario Cuomo – Confusion for Catholics

January 7, 2015
Mario Cuomo

There remains a question as to whether Kennedy-Cuomo or Pelosi-Biden resonate with the new generation of Catholics who came of age under the robust papacy of John Paul II, and who envision an active faith. If they are or become involved in Party politics, they may come to realize Catholics are no longer steering the train; they are the steers on the train. Yes, to the stockyards.

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Election 2016 is Around the Corner

January 5, 2015
Mike Huckabee

t is now January 5, 2015, yup that’s right 2015. Another year has passed. We have just gone through the mid-term elections. The Republicans had a great sweep in that election, but that is now old news. Now, the political news, as hard as it is to believe is all about the Presidential Election in 2016.

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