Presidential Monarchy

January 23, 2015
Presidential Monarch

In fact, Roosevelt, believed Woodrow Wilson was trying to turn the United States into a monarchy in the same way that modern conservative pundits believe Barack Obama is trying to become an absolute monarch. For a while, I tended to disagree with this allegation about Obama, but since the defeat of his party in the 2014 elections, he is doing his best to prove the pundits correct, i.e., immigration reform, Cuba, etc. It’s just one executive order after another. He is one his way giving us our first Presidential Monarchy.

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Mario Cuomo – Confusion for Catholics

January 7, 2015
Mario Cuomo

There remains a question as to whether Kennedy-Cuomo or Pelosi-Biden resonate with the new generation of Catholics who came of age under the robust papacy of John Paul II, and who envision an active faith. If they are or become involved in Party politics, they may come to realize Catholics are no longer steering the train; they are the steers on the train. Yes, to the stockyards.

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Election 2016 is Around the Corner

January 5, 2015
Mike Huckabee

t is now January 5, 2015, yup that’s right 2015. Another year has passed. We have just gone through the mid-term elections. The Republicans had a great sweep in that election, but that is now old news. Now, the political news, as hard as it is to believe is all about the Presidential Election in 2016.

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What Voters Think of Keynes

December 2, 2014

Keynesian Economics is being rejected by minority voters such as Blacks and Hispanics. A series of polls we conducted bear this out.

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Goodbye Mary Landrieu

November 30, 2014
Mary Landreiu

Mary Landrieu is about to be the next in a long line of Politicians that have been shown the door because of their blind allegiance to the Democrats.

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Landrieu’s Last gasp!

November 24, 2014

The Democrats are hanging Mary Landrieu out to dry. How typical. Allow the Greens to win and stick Keystone while sticking Landrieu at the same time.

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Is Hillary this Ignorant?

November 9, 2014
Clinton 2016

Welcome to Hillary 2016. Will America elect her when she obviously knows absolutely nothing about American Economics and how the American system works.

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Election 2014 – The GOP Party!

November 7, 2014
Mary Landreiu

In early August, I wrote an article about Election 2014. In that article, I stated some things that had to happen for the GOP to take the Senate. I assumed West Virginia, Montana and South Dakota would flip. I also assumed the GOP would retain Kentucky and Georgia. And, I went further and said that Iowa and Colorado were truly up for grabs. As it turns out, I was correct on all these points.

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Democratic Idiocy

November 3, 2014
Democratic Idiocy

On November 4 if you vote for these candidates, you will be showing your acceptance of democratic idiocy; Wendy Davis, Amanda Davis, and Bruce Braley.

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Bruce Braley, A Democratic Bully!

August 11, 2014
Congressman Bruce Braley

Bruce Braley is quickly showing himself to be a Democratic bully. He makes fun of farmers as an Iowan. He insults his neighbors regarding their livestock.

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