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April 17, 2014

Well the year 2014 is now almost 4 months old and in those short four months there have been numerous significant news stories.  The Affordable Care Act, which is neither affordable or provides Care, rolled out to a dubious start in October, became officially active January 1st and has had nothing but problems ever since.  […]

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NORQUIST: A sadder and poorer Tax Day

April 15, 2014
The Obama attack on the wealthy

Today is April 15, Tax Day.

The federal government will consume 20.5 percent of America’s total income this year. It’s not as bad as in France or Greece, but somewhat worse than when we formed these United States. When we were Colonies under the British, the average tax burden on American colonists was 2 percent. That was considered unbearable, and the revolution was on.

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The Battle for Free Speech Continues

April 14, 2014
Free Speech

The message is clear that if you step outside the boundaries of prevailing conventional wisdom, you could lose your career and as one pundit observed, there will be pressure down the road to restrict free speech by outlawing certain speech as hate speech through government edict. This is nothing more than intimidation by the left and the message is chilling; involve yourself in politics on the wrong side and hell will reign over you. And the left is using this tactic to silence their political opponents and reduce contributions to conservative causes.

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No More Clinton —– Or Bush Either

April 12, 2014
Clinton Bush

Clinton and Bush: More or less, since the mid-1980s, this country has, in one way or the other, been under the control of one or both of these two families.

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Obamacare – The Rite of Spring 2

April 8, 2014

I analogized President Obama’s desire for fundamental change with thoughts on the initiation of video tape replay in Major League Baseball. My argument was simple. America was rejecting fundamental change in the same manner that most fans didn’t seem to want video tape replay. America likes their traditions. Fallible umpires are part of the game just like the First Amendment and the Second Amendment are part of the Constitution. Some things shouldn’t change.

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Domestic Policy-Collectivism

April 4, 2014

Are we seeing the demise of Individualism and the rise of collectivism? Collectivism is any political, religious, economic, or social outlook that emphasizes the interdependence of every human.

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Leftist Free Speech Inquisition Continues!

April 2, 2014

The left decries it is the right that hates science but it is the left who has politicized science and no longer believes in the search for truth. Professor Miller-Young’s attack on pro-life demonstrators are a symptom of the left’s unwiliness to concede that maybe they are not right on social issues. And Professor Torcello is playing the role of the inquisitor against the modern day Galileo.

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Gay Hating Democrat Fred Phelps is Dead

March 24, 2014
Fred Phelps

What many do not know about Phelps is that he was active in Civil Right law in the state of Kansas during the 1960’s and he was a registered Democrat; a man of the left only he was a leftist who hated gays.

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Cadillac and American Exceptionalism

March 17, 2014
American Exceptionalism - Cadilla

Well, Mr. Maher, I disagree with your position. In fact, it appears that a large portion of Americans feel the same way. Of course, these are mostly Conservatives that still believe in the American Dream. To me, this commercial represents all that is good with America. It shows that American strive for excellence

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Demonizing the American Dream

March 14, 2014
American Dream

They’re demonizing everything that used to make America great and everything that once led parents to say, “You can be anything you want to be when you grow up,” and mean it. When my parents told me that, they weren’t lying. They were telling me the truth of a dream that came to life for them. Unfortunately, they didn’t know the dream would be dead, killed by government interference which stamped out everything that gave them the opportunity for success by the time I came of age.

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