New York Lessons for Us All

February 22, 2014
New York Lessons for Us All

The Democrats have won New York and hopefully, won’t create the same disasters that they have already in Detroit and Chicago.

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Is Obama a Dunce?

August 12, 2013
Obama Dunce

The latest in the political escapades at the White House show that Obama is more of a dunce than Sarah Palin ever was. And, yet, she was called stupid?

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Thank You IRS

June 8, 2013

The IRS targets conservative groups because of their opposition to the policies of this administration. You are outraged. But what about other generations.

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Storm Chasers – In Harms Way

June 4, 2013
Storm Chasers

Storm Chasing is dangerous. Three Storm Chasers from the show were killed in Oklahoma, Friday. They were: Tim Samaras, his son Paul and partner Carl Young.

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Caleb Bonham: Trust But Verify #WCS13

May 19, 2013
Caleb Bonham: Trust But Verify #WCS13

Last week President Obama gave the commencement speech at Ohio State University. Did the President use the opportunity to inspire the thousands in attendance to go out and think critically? Nah, that’s too old fashioned. Instead, President Obama suggested the recent college graduates reject the voices that warn of government tyranny. “Still, you’ll hear voices […]

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Back Alley Abortions and Polygamy, too!

April 25, 2013
abortions and polygamy

The Traditional Family Structure is at war. Between abortions and polygamy as well as the gay marriage debate, we have an attack on our traditional values.

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Open Letter

April 15, 2013
Open Letter

My wife and I go on vacation every anniversary.  Apparently, we’re not the only people that do this.  Recently the Treasury Department provided Jay Z and Beyoncé a license to travel to Cuba for their Fifth Wedding Anniversary.  The only problem with this is that the U.S. restricts its citizens from traveling to or even […]

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Top 5 Reasons Shaq is Better Than Barack Obama

April 6, 2013
Barack Obama

Here is an awesome video from Caleb Bonham which shows why Shaq is better than Obama at almost everything.

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Sean Penn is a Racist

April 1, 2013

I am a father to a son who is not yet four months old.  I am constantly wondering what he will be like in the future.  Will he be a “chip off the ol’ block” or will he be a rebel and blaze his own path?  I did rather well for myself — going from […]

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Jim Carrey: The Man with the Untamed Tongue

March 28, 2013
Gun Control, Jim Carrey

As an elementary aged rabble rouser, Jim Carrey was my idol. I ran around popping my neck veins out, doing my best Fire Marshall Bill impression. Reciting “Aallll righty then” kept my jaw in perpetual motion, even when I was serving detention for greeting my 4th grade music teacher with “holy testicle Tuesday”, another classic […]

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