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Ari is an actor, writer and stand up comedian who ran for Congress in 2010. He also co-owns Victory New Media Solutions which is a company that provides social networking application consulting for individuals and corporate clients.

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  • The Death of a Republic

    In 1887 Alexander Tyler , a Scottish history professor at the University of Edinburgh had this to say about the fall of the Athenian Republic some 2,000 years prior: “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government.” Democracies always commit suicide. A democracy, in the throws […]

  • Multiculturalism’s Big Lie

    If you ever hear the promoters of liberal multiculturalism in the Los Angeles area talk, they promote two ideas that one would seem to contradict their very core. These two ideas are communism and getting Hispanics to retain their “native” Spanish language. In the multi-culturalist’s mind the rationale of their argument in support of these […]

  • If Contraceptives are Free, How Are You Going to Get Them?

    Democrats love to promise people things and the blame Republicans for that thing not being available.  The latest thing being promised is contraception. A question contraception-promising liberal Democrats should ask themselves before  legislating free contraceptives for all is:  If the contraceptive is free and those who produce it, have to produce it for no cost […]

  • The Romney-fication of the Tea Party

    Movements and elections are based and happen because of ideas, not because of compromises. In 2009, the greatest, most effective, most civil and the kindest protest movement in the history of the world was born. It is called the Tea Party. It sprung up in response to two political realities. The first was in opposition […]

  • A Capitalist Confronts Occupy LA

    Something amazing happened at the Occupy LA rally last Thursday night. Who knew a capitalist would confront the people at the Occupy LA Rally? Funny but who knew that so many of the Occupy LA crowd would support Herman Cain for president.  They even chanted “9-9-9!”  Looks like Cain has crossover appeal that the GOP […]

  • Obama Insults Reagan Legacy Again

    Of all the political figures in history, Ronald Reagan is the target of the most contempt by people on the left. Reagan, through his personality, vision and actions is the one person who has done more to undermine the flimsy ideas that liberals hold than any other. Reagan was born in 1911 so 2011 has […]

  • VIDEO: AFL-CIO Leader Admits To “Intercepting” Email

    In Dispute With Costa Mesa City Council  “Berardino”GATE” A recurring theme at the California Democrat Convention in Sacramento two weeks ago was the idea that the full weight of the state’s organized labor apparatus must come together to battle “Union Busting Wisconsin” tactics in the small Orange County City of Costa Mesa.   You see, the […]

  • Anti Breitbart Propaganda on Los Angeles Streets

    There is a belief among us who are actors and stand-up comedians that the ultimate goal is to become so good at our craft that the entertainment industry can no longer ignore us. When this point is reached, the result is that we become widely accepted as employable by the industry and it becomes easier […]

  • Osama and Obama

    Sunday May 1st 2011 will go down in history as a great day for America. It was the day the media reported that the Obama Administration had killed Osama Bin Laden. Bin Laden is the spiritual leader and terrorist mastermind behind Al Qaeda and the September 11th 2001 destruction of the World trade Center. […]

  • Local Malibu Media laud Christian Killer

    Raila Amolo Odinga, the prime minister of Kenya came to my home town of Malibu, California this week. Odinga was in town to attend a private event to celebrate the launch of a new vaccine developed at UCLA to treat sickle-cell anemia that was held at the home of a wealthy Malibuite. At the event, […]

  • The Fallacy of Co-Existence

    Conservatives are logical people that  ask logical questions about themselves, of themselves and about the world around them. A great failing of conservative thought on a mass scale is an inability to understand non-conservatives, or more specifically, anti-conservatives. These are groups of people like Jihadist Moslems who work to force Shariah compliance on others, […]

  • Local Tsunami -non- coverage

    Los Angeles news stations rarely fail to go “live” during a breaking story at any hour. From Rodney King to OJ to any car chase du-jour, local LA TV stations usually fall all over each other for a hot scoop or a breaking story no matter how insignificant. They even break in with live coverage […]

  • La Opinion prints the truth about the Indicted Democrats in Bell

    I want to congratulate La Opinion for finally doing what the LA Times won’t. THE major Spanish Language paper in the Los Angeles area published an article that revealed that all the indicted officials involved in ripping off the Bell taxpayers are all Democrats. Hat tip goes to La Opinion for their journalistic courage for […]

  • ASS-tral Projection

    (As in donkey for those who don’t get the title) America is divided into two kinds of people: those who know the truth about the Democrat party and those who vote for them. Some people would make the argument that there is a third kind of person which is one who knows what the Democrat […]

  • “Is Egypt, the New Iran?” by Ari David

    “When Great forces are on the move we realize we are spirits, not animals” – Ronald Reagan The circle is now complete.  This week Barack Obama truly became what many people believe he was all along, the long lost second term of Jimmy Carter’s presidency.  The parallel between the snakebit presidency of Carter and the […]

  • Assigning Blame by Ari David

    This is an article by my friend Ari David, who is a stand-up comedian and who recently ran for the Republican nomination in the district held by Rep. Waxman.  It is about the events that took place in Arizona yesterday.  I feel it is timely and should be given thought on this day of what should […]

2 Responses to Ari David

  1. kurt luoni on December 14, 2012 at 1:10 pm

    After reading your miserable attempt to use the tragedy in CT to bolster your political views, I am writing to tell you that I think you are a disgrace to any republican organization. As a republican, father and human being, I am appalled to the point of rage at your callous remark on Mark Fernandez’s Facebook post. I will make sure to let my entire personal and professional relationships know how truly depraved your attitude is and hopefully, they will put it to all of their contacts…to the point that it will go viral. You’re not a part of my party and it’s people like you that are crushing the conservative agenda.

  2. […] a failed campaign against Democratic Congressman Henry Waxman. David is a self-professed “Hollywood Republican,” and his political platform centered on personal gripes with the film industry — […]

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