Donald Trump’s Presidential Tweets

Donald Trump’s Presidential Tweets

The world seems to care more about Donald Trump’s Presidential Tweets than they care about his policy.  I don’t get it.  Most of his tweets are harmless.  In fact, much more than most.  And, those that the left and even some right wing pundits believe aren’t harmless, really don’t matter.  In fact, there are other President’s that have done just as worse and probably would have issued just as non-politically correct Presidential Tweets if that mode of communication was available to them.

Presidential Tweets and CNN and MSNBC

The latest brouhaha over presidential tweets occurred over the past week and involved both CNN and MSNBC.  Actually, it initially had nothing to do with CNN.  It regarded Morning Joe, his fiance and the National Enquirer.  And, it had little to do with policy at all,  But, it did insult a woman:  Mika Brzezinski, who just happens to be Morning Joe’s co-host and fiance.  In fact, it said she was probably bleeding from a bad face lift.

Joe scarborough Mike BrzezinskiOk, maybe this was rude and even sexist.  OK, it was sexist.  But, did it warrant three days of constant coverage from MSNBC, CNN and even FOX NEWS?  No.  It just simply didn’t matter.  It is a personal matter between the President of the United States and two anchors who suddenly stopped supporting Trump when they realized it meant better ratings for their show.  In fact, the ratings for Morning Joe soared last week after the controversy:  See e.g.:

Maybe, they should both thank President Trump for saving them!

The second incident involved CNN.  As anyone who follows the news knows, President Trump has been at war with CNN since last year.  CNN has said almost nothing positive about the President, and, in fact, has been outright hostile to him.  Well, that all came to a head on Saturday.  President Trump issued a Presidential tweet with a video of him body slamming the CNN logo.  You can find the video here.

I can’t say anything more about this except it was a joke.  When I watched the video I laughed.  And, everyone I know who still has a sense of humor laughed as well.  However, that is not true of the left.  They lost it over this video and went so far as to say this video was undermining our democracy.

What the Presidential Tweets Really Mean

This was no undermining of democracy at all.  In fact, if the CNN Tweet meant anything it is the equivalent of burning CNN in effigy.  I don’t even think it goes that far however.  I really think it was a joke and that is all.

President Trump has been an entertainer for years.  He knows how to get his message out.  He knows how to play to an audience.  Tweeting is merely his way of doing that.  He is playing to his audience (base as the case may be).  There is nothing wrong with it.

This is who the general populace elected.  They were not electing a politician.  The were electing one of their own:  A businessman; a family man.  They were not electing someone who is going to play by the rules.  In fact, the quickest way Mr. Trump would alienate his base would be to act and behave like a politician.  He tells it like it is and would never do it any differently.

And, most importantly, he is not, in any way, shape or form, the image of a President in the last 30 years.  He is not Republican statesman.  Nor, a Democratic statesman.  In fact, if you want to look at his behavior and compare it to other politicians, you have to go back 50 years to find someone even remotely similar to him:  Lyndon Johnson.

Harry Truman
Harry Truman

Lyndon Johnson

For those of you who know anything about history, Johnson didn’t care who he offended or what he said.  He told people off.  He treated the opposition like crap and often was actually sitting on the bowl when talking to them.  And, he just didn’t care.  If he wanted to piss someone off, he did.  There was no beating around the bush.

Harry Truman

Truman was basically the same.  He was crass.  He was rude.  And, he didn’t care who he pissed off.  In fact, one of the famous phrases about him is, “Give Em Hell Harry.”  He almost didn’t even get to high office because many people believed him to be a racist and member of the KKK.  (I do not believe this is true however).

Further, he had no qualms about the Press at all.  He didn’t care who he upset on that end.  In fact, one famous story about Truman involves a letter he sent to a reporter who gave his daughter a bad review after one of her concerts.  Here is the full letter:

Mr. Hume:

I’ve just read your lousy review of Margaret’s concert. I’ve come to the conclusion that you are an “eight ulcer man on four ulcer pay.”

It seems to me that you are a frustrated old man who wishes he could have been successful. When you write such poppy-cock as was in the back section of the paper you work for it shows conclusively that you’re off the beam and at least four of your ulcers are at work.

Some day I hope to meet you. When that happens you’ll need a new nose, a lot of beefsteak for black eyes, and perhaps a supporter below!

Pegler, a gutter snipe, is a gentleman alongside you. I hope you’ll accept that statement as a worse insult than a reflection on your ancestry.


You can compare this to anything Trump has written.  For one, it has nothing to do with politics (i.e. the Trump/Scarbarough dispute).  Two, it is threatening and not in a joking manner.  And, three, it is rude/vulgar and un-PC.  Was Truman vilified by the press for this?  Was it news for weeks on end?  Did it mean the end of Democracy?  The answer to all three is no.

Other Examples

Two other Presidents that were not PC and would have been vilified by today’s standards are Teddy Roosevelt and Andrew Jackson.  Both of whom were quite frankly, not nice men.  There are others, but then this article will go on longer than necessary.

However, there is one thing these four men all have in common.  Three of them are considered in the upper tier of Presidents.  And, the fourth is not that far behind.  They are four of the best.

As I’ve been arguing on Facebook, I don’t really care about the President’s character.  I care about what he does.  And, thus far, President Trump is succeeding at his job.  As long as he does that and continues to keep his promises, I will support him.  The presidential tweets don’t bother me and for that matter, they shouldn’t bother you either.

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