Stop the Hysteria

Stop the Hysteria

The left has become un-hinged.  I’m sure you’ve heard this from every Conservative Pundit.  Well, here it is from another.  In my opinion, it’s time to Stop The Hysteria.  It’s time for this country to get back on track and get to the business of politics in Washington.

The Election

On November 8, 2016, Donald J. Trump won the presidency in what could be called the biggest upset since the election of Harry S. Truman in 1948.  Not only did he win, but he also won one of the biggest electoral landslides in a long time.  And, he broke down the blue wall of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan.  Since that day, the DNC and its followers have gone nuts.  And, it just keeps getting worse.

The tears, the riots, the suppression of free speech never stop.  I could go on an and on.  The message is not, let’s support the new president.  The message is resist and revolt.  Do not accept him.  In fact, some have gone so far as to say impeach him ASAP.  The reasoning: he’s unhinged and mentally unstable.  The last time I read the Constitution, the standard for impeachment is “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

pussy hatTo all this, I say:  “Give me a break.”

The Pussy Hats

The first major protest after the election occurred on January 21 all over the country.  This is the National Women’s March.  For the first time in American History, we had an item called a “pussy hat.”  Woman actually went to this march dressed in Vagina costumes and the new Pussy Hats.  This was the beginning of the resistance.  In my opinion, it should have been the beginning of stop the hysteria.  The highlight of the day was the wonderfully crude speech by Madonna in which she said she wanted to blow up the white house.  If you haven’t seen it, you can watch it here:

As you can see, she’s the one definitely un-hinged.  In my opinion, there should have been an FBI investigation into this.  Maybe she should be in jail.

And, then there is Ashley Judd.  Her speech that day began as crude and rude and then went even further.  It became disgusting.  Frankly, I don’t need to prove how nasty a women she is.  I can tell she is nasty just by the way she acts.  It’s her craziness.

The Russian Hysteria

However, the worst craziness of all by the “resistance” is the Russian Hysteria.  How this has gotten to where it is currently at, is beyond me.  There is nothing that comes close.  The main stream media and left blogs see this as their savior.  It seems everyone in the Trump Administration has ties to Russia.  If they visited Russia on vacation, they have therefore, become part of the conspiracy.

However, none of the conspiracy theories seem to hold water.  Everyone, including the lunatic Maxine Waters, admits there is no evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russians.  But, this doesn’t stop Ms. Waters from calling for his impeachment every time she opens her mouth.  Maybe someone should do a psychological test on her.  She is the the one who appears to be unhinged and unstable.

Regardless of the lack of evidence, the Russian investigation continues ad nauseaum.  The hysteria gets worse with every unsubstantiated article in the Washington Post or New York Times.  No wonder President Trump calls them all fake news.  No one wants to go on the record.  It is always, someone spoke to someone else who read a memo over the phone.  But, of course, no one actually saw the memo.

Additionally, this brings me to General Flynn.  Maybe, the esteemed General did screw up.  He paid the price by getting fired.  Maybe, he did something illegal.  If he did, then he will go to jail.  However, until found guilty, there is still a presumption of innocence in this country.  At least, the country I know.

But, the Flynn incident takes this once step further.  It leads to the firing of James Comey.  Keep in mind, everyone wanted Comey fired.  Especially the Democrats.  However, when Trump fired him, it led to more hysteria.  And, again, it led all back to Russia.  And, of course, now Trump has committed obstruction of justice by firing the man everyone wanted fired.

Stop the Hysteria

This leads me to the point of this article.  Stop the Hysteria.  Stop it now.  Until some evidence becomes real; enough.  President Trump is president and will be for, at least, four years.

The loss in the election and hate for the President’s policies are therefore, unparalleled in American history.  The snowflakes are actually calling for the end of Free Speech.  I ask; has anyone one of these lunatics ever heard of the First Amendment?  Does anyone care about it anymore?

Let’s get back to the business of politics in Washington.  Let’s do whatever is necessary to help the people in the middle class.  That is why President Trump was elected.  He was not elected to deal with the craziness of one non-existent scandal after another.



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3 Responses to "Stop the Hysteria"

  1. Leftist media….main stream media…..fake news…..these are all euphemisms for the real news outlets that are accurately reporting on the ineptness that is the Trump presidency. I could take 20 paragraphs to dispute everything you’ve writen Frank, but what good would it do?

    Electoral Landslide????? If I didn’t know you better I’d ask, “What have you been smoking?” Wow….

    Anyway, the FACTS are that only one major news source supports your positions. And, the only person who needs to stop the insanity is the current occupant of the White House. Frankly, someone needs to take his phone away and leave him at one of his many golf courses (god knows he spends more time there then he does ‘governing’.

    Once you come to your senses, we can talk. Until then, I’ll just continue to point out how misguided your support of this idiot really is…..

    Take care!

    1. There you had it, almost 150 words and not an argument, discussion, premise or fact, just unfathomable rhetoric, and a serious effort to shoot the messenger and ignore the message.

      Please educate and enlighten us with your 20 paragraphs so we can have a sense of what you feel, maybe what you know and maybe you can enlighten us with serious, intellectual based, dialogue. Then maybe, an opposing point of view, a civil disagreement can begin in serious?

      What are these facts, which you refer to, please avoid generalities, we all read and hear the news, what “specifically” do you agree or disagree with:

      “the FACTS are that only one major news source supports your positions. And, the only person who needs to stop the insanity is the current occupant of the White House.”

      Most of us listen to the mega data field of cable, iPhones, internet and radio. In the end we then form our own conclusions, and claim responsibility for our “own opinions.” Thus embracing your comfort zone does not frame the cerebral process. To wit, “What do “you” think, specifically?”

      Your comment “….someone needs to take his phone away…” conveniently ignores the miracle he used to decimate, (to have beaten Hillary by only one point against the Clinton Machine was, for most, a repudiation, a decimation, a devastation, and a rejection of Hillary….she should have won…she lost….did she, herself, not only admit to that?), and he is well on his way to “unmasking” the media, “Fake News”, with no need for WikiLeaks. We know what Trump thinks. He speaks directly to the “people.” No investigation needed, only an honest and fair interpretation.

      The “tweets” you find so uncomfortable are the Trump version of the Roosevelt Fireside Chats” where, the Presidents talks over the noise, the mass media, straight to the American people. No spin, no hysteria, no lies and yes, no “Fake News.” That news that come from Macedonia, Hillary tells us. Do you not realize that history may well show that this was Trumps genius against the establishment media, press and the George Soros corruption of the Edward Bernays, a Woodrow Wilson acolyte, propaganda value of the “scientific engineering of consent.”

      The problem with your observation it is an ad hominem attack, an attack on an argument made by attacking the character, motive, or other attribute of the person making the argument, rather than attacking the argument directly.

      So you don’t like Republicans, Libertarians or JFK Conservatives. We sense that.

      So, you don’t like Trump. That comes through loud and clear. We didn’t like Obama. We didn’t cry. We gave him a chance, and he is becoming, legacy rapidly reversed and irrelevant. To the average thoughtful person, that suggests an argument for the validation of our fears. And as of today we have suffer 30,000 terrorist attacks since 9/11/2001, and escalating. Do you know how many happened during the Obama administration? Where is history’s arc of justice there?

      When some people lose the argument on the merits, then tend to embrace excuses and victimization, which is the front story and the back story, overwhelmingly and accurately framed by Frank’s essay.

      So deal with the merits, and give us your best shots at the world’s most persuasive 20 arguments.

      Hatred, the Kathy Griffin Freudian crack, is emblematic of this hysteria. Is that ok, acceptable and even defensible, or will the progressives honor her as a “victim” self-created? Is self-defense of one’s family the actions of a bully? The progressives are championing that agenda, or have you not read the news of which you embrace?

      Take special care with a response. We would like to know what, why and how you really feel, not what you like and don’t like, and who you might or might not agree with. The request is take detailed ownership. The arguments, kind sir, the arguments, not hysteria, please. We like your spirit, now offer some substance.

    2. That idiot as you call the President is occupying the White House. Hillary is not. That is enough to give me peace of mind. I’m sorry we disagree. But, that is a fact of life right now. However, you and Mr. Swirksy are the only two people that ended a friendship with me over the disagreement. If you had not blocked me on FB, you would see that I have many friends who are way more liberal than you. We argue all day long, but then we go and have a beer. I miss our friendship, but I’m not the intolerant one. Let go of some of the hate. You will wake up in the morning a happier man. In the meantime, I’m here if you ever want to talk again.


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