Steve Scalise shot on Trump’s Birthday

Steve Scalise shot on Trump’s Birthday

June 14, 2017 – Flag Day – President Trump’s Birthday – And, the Shooting of Representative Steve Scalise.

A crazed lunatic named James T. Hodgkinson took his frustrations out over the election of President Trump and decided to shoot GOP Congressmen practicing for a charity softball game.  He simply went to the field where the GOP were practicing and opened fire after making sure he was not shooting Democrats.  He actually asked if these people were Democrats or Republicans.  His motive was clear from the beginning.  Steve Scalise, the Majority Whip got caught in the cross-fire.  Four others were also unlucky.  Thank God, none of them are dead.

I could go on and on about this shooting, but the shooting itself doesn’t matter.  It is a horror and a tragedy for sure.  But, that is not the main issue.  In fact, not even one of the first two or three top issues.  Sure, a Congressman was shot.  It looks like he will survive.  But, the reaction from the left is what is truly appalling.

All I have seen on social media in the past 24 hours is happiness that it occurred.  I have seen post after post stating: “the GOP got what they deserve.”  After all, they believe in the Second Amendment.  This is the ultimate sin.  So, they got what they deserve.  This sentiment is not only appalling.  It is tragic.  One friend of mine, Seth Swirsky posted on Facebook yesterday:

On the shooting today of representative scalise: 1) likely, the opening shots of the 2nd american civil war.

His post went on further to state facts for this belief.  I need not address them, but is this the trigger point we’ve spoken about so much in this column?  Is this the point where it gets so out of hand, that people start dying on the streets.  The Civil War started when the South fired on federal land, specifically Fort Sumter.  If they had not done this, Lincoln may have let them leave peacefully.  But, he was too smart for them.  He kept Federal forts on Southern Land.  These forts had to be re-supplied.  He knew this would trigger the violence.  He just waited for them to start it.

Did this happen yesterday?  Did the left start a Civil War?  Is seems this is what they’ve wanted since Trump became President.  In fact, Susan Sarandon actually said she hopes Trump would win.  She stated this would start the revolution quicker.

I hope not.

After the shooting, I put the following on my Facebook page:

Violence is never to be condoned in the name of political discourse. Violence and war are a necessary evil against a common enemy that wants us dead. The way to settle political differences is at the ballot box, not with guns or bombs. The whole country must come together by this act and not further separated. Both Paul Ryan and Nancy Pelosi gave speeches which further this sentiment. Anyone who makes this a point of further divide is wrong. End of Story.

This is truly how I feel.  We must settle our differences at the ballot box.  Violence is never the answer.  Steve Scalise and four others are fighting for their lives today because of political discourse.  Up until now, we have been a tolerant society.  Has that ceased?  Yesterday, would indicate it has.  However, I’m hopeful it hasn’t.


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  1. Sadly, we won’t know for years to come, which straw it took, or which incendiary action actually lead to the beginning of the “Revolution” or “Next Civil War”. But for sure, if it isn’t already upon us, it soon will be.


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