The Real Science behind Climate change!

The Real Science behind Climate change!

Over the past twelve months, there have been at least 60 peer review studies showing that our present warming isn’t unprecedented or remarkable.  Nor do most people realize that we are actually living in a cooling period.  We have come out of a little Ice Age.  Global temperatures have been warmer, at least 90% of the time, since the end of the last Ice Age.  So, what is the real science behind Climate Change?

This shows the consensus that man-made climate change is false according to actual scientific studies.  We have experienced mild warming since the planet crawled out of the little Ice Age.  This is something often missing in most news report about Climate Science.  They treat the present warming as something out of ordinary.  It is not.  These studies make the case that the alarmist view of climate change is false.  Further, it is not catastrophic if it exists at all.  (For those who want to know what actually is catastrophic, look at the Ice Age where much of North American was under mile of ice).

Climate Change Graph

Here are charts dealing with Northern Hemisphere Temperatures.  Note, the Little Ice Age and how the Medieval warming period was warmer than now.

Northern Hemisphere Temperatures Graph

Another chart showing that the present era is not any warmer than the warmest period

East China Climate Graph

This chart shows East China was warmer 8000 years ago than now!

The website NoTricksZone summarizes these 58 studies and includes 80 charts showing that our present warming period is hardly different than the past 10,000 years.  The bottom line:  Science is not settled on Climate Change.  This proves Trump did the right thing by leaving the Paris Accord.

And for a little laugh here is Dilbert who is correct on the nature of climate science.

Dilbert Comic

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