James Comey Unmasked

James Comey Unmasked

By Plebius Common

The unmasking of James Comey is another crack in the anti-populist establishment “Fifth Estate.”  Those outlier viewpoints in our contemporary society.  The roar of subversion.  Oh, how the media hates to lose their ability to “shape” the news, much less “unleashed” to unaccountably produce “Fake News.”

The hysteria over Trump’s tweets, an unadulterated dialogue with the base, may well be the sign of a vicious media propaganda “checkmate.”  Even the great talking heads of our time, Charles Krauthammer, Bret Baier, Bill Hemmer, Brit Hume, Chris Wallace, and the Martha MacCallum et al, find criticism in alt-media a success.  These are the bona fides of “Fair and Balanced.”

They arguably believe the Trump “tweets” are detrimental.  They have overlooked that the “people” like straight talk, sans “shaping” and “spin”, straight from the Boss, delivered in a timely manner!  Many are surprised that Google and Facebook have not censored.  And yet, purposeful “omission” is already censorship.

“Caddell:  Dishonest Anti-Trump Media Have Become ‘Danger to Democracy.’”  You see, there are those do believe that some press is, at times, the “enemy” of the people.


If this Comey Congressional Hearing had been a jury trial, then the obvious is alarming:

• Comey admitted he “could always be wrong” on various matters, including central points in the probe of alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

• A controversial 35 page document by former intelligence agent Christopher Steele, who was reportedly paid by Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans to investigate Trump has been loudly labeled as manufactured, fake opposition research.  The partially discredited dossier contains wild and unproven claims that the Russians had information on Trump’s sordid sexual acts, including the mocked claim that Trump therefore, hired prostitutes and had them urinate on a hotel room bed.  James Comey repeatedly refused to answer questions about his agency’s ties to the dossier, including whether it was used in the Russia probe.

• On Thursday, it was documented nine times that James Comey stated at the Senate hearing that he could be “wrong” on various matters, including central points in the probe of alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

• ‘Not true’:  James Comey denounces NYT report on Trump campaign collusion with Russia during testimony.

• Comey admitted leaking information to shape political events.

• Comey’s paranoia about Trump is suspiciously familiar to psychological projection.

Given the above established protocol inconsistencies, lies, false news, and uncorroborated sourcing, in a trial, a judge might well conclude, that if a jury found this testimony not credible , they may disregard any further or past accusations by Comey or the media, as “false, misleading and to be thoroughly discounted,” and rejected.  There may be none more profoundly deserving induction into the William Safire hall of “congenital liars” than Hillary, Bill and Barack.  James Comey’s induction may be next year.  And there is a “loyal honest opposition.”

“I write this short op-ed as Comey finishes his testimony.  I think it is important to put to rest the notion that there was anything criminal about the president exercising his constitutional power to fire Comey and to request – “hope” – that he let go the investigation of General Flynn.  Just as the president would have had the constitutional power to pardon Flynn and thus end the criminal investigation of him, he certainly had the authority to request the director of the FBI to end his investigation of Flynn.”  Alan M. Dershowitz


It is this kind of swamp that perpetuates a Griffin or Maher mental gutter of our world?  It is hard to drain the establishment swamp when one is up to their ass in dysfunctional, political alligators.

“James Comey:  I Documented Meetings with President Trump Because ‘He Might Lie.’”  It has now becomes reasonable, and necessary to ask, “Under what conditions might Comey lie, twist and torture reality?”  The mistaken notion here, for some, might be Comey felt driven by a “trigger warning” to a need for cover, a safe place, for his own moral short comings, mendacities or perfidious actions.

J. Edgar Hoover maintained a special Official and Confidential file in his office.  The “secret files,” as they became widely known, would guarantee Hoover would remain director as long as he wished.  Especially, when he felt at odds with his boss or the administration.

How many of those “secrets” ever got “leaked?”  And that file was “destroyed” on his death.  That is also highly reasonable.  Accordingly, it is pompous purity, generally corrupt, demands scrutiny.

Has not James Comey, therefore, strayed onto the J Edgar Hoover universe of a fourth estate where he answers to nobody, on the actions within his own personal universe, much less the electorate?  Simply put, as FBI Director, James Comey must first do his job as directed by his boss, or resign.  He did neither.  James Comey was carrying water for the Clintons.  He admitted, as the Lynch tarmac meeting and the request to replace “investigation” with “matter” is clear for those with clear eyes wide shut! Visit, “Collapse of James Comey Crown.”

Collapse of James Comey Crown

Let the fishing continue, albeit with no fish in that water.  There “might have been collusion” with the Russians.  Make sure the Russian are on board.  The Democrats “might” join the Republicans for the “good” of the country.  Wishful thinking.  They are in bed with the George Soros and Bernie Sanders agenda.

The hatred is not dissolving.  In the past administration, the Republicans were excluded from even participating in forming ObamaCare legislation.  This is the prima facia example of political tyranny.  In this administration, it appears the Democrats are excluding themselves.

Now that we know, definitively, from James Comey himself, that the FBI leaked prima fascia confidential information, regardless of the mealy mouth self-exculpatory or incriminating legal argument or justification nonsense, why can we not conclude that the department , per say, is a leaking sieve, politically and congenitally.  It is the re-corruption of J Edgar Hoover.  Comey’s detrimental effect of career FBI employees is not a “lie”.

How could James Comey square his “dishonest loyalty,” an oxymoron, to Loretta Lynch’s improper, if not illegal, surely unethical influencing, in which she was effective?  Was Hillary’s email scandal, a recusal non-recusal, a tarmac conspiracy, a political “push” to redefine it as a “matter” and not a “criminal investigation.”

And where, for God’s sake, is their Boss, President Obama himself, in this event?  Is he out to lunch?  Is this another Benghazi plausible deniability?  It is appalling that our politicians can embrace and be comfortable with “congenital lying.”  Washington is all too comfortable with the astonishing lack of integrity, honor, and honesty attached to the ever expanding swamp of prevaricators of mendacities.  And even the Republicans are beginning to earn participation medals.

Does one not understand what it means to “Serve at the Pleasure of our Leaders,”  Or to follow our generals into battle and lay down our lives for unalienable rights?  And, accordingly, if things go bad, we defend and die.  We do not obfuscate, confuse, torture or conceal the truth.  “Oh, what a tangled web…..”

A “conscientious objector,” standard should be universally applied.  It is an “individual who has claimed the right to refuse to perform any public service” required, on the grounds of freedom of thought, conscience, disability, and/or religion.  This is therefore, patriotic.  It is required and earns the country’s eternal gratitude.  The costs are extremely high.  Thus, the ranks of the fallen as many.  When it becomes personal sans patriotic, we too often lose.

There are jurisdictional and prerogative arenas where preemptive demurral is almost never acceptable.  However responsibility and accountability are grounds for reparations and justice, not a substitute for disloyalty.

As pernicious hatred swirls, isn’t it odd that that our public servants have difficulty in understanding.  They should not equivocate at taking an oath to “honest loyalty to the Constitution”, to duty, honor and country?  And when in doubt, take the high road or resign, resign, resign, or die!  Otherwise they are dangerously infringing on the disparate inner circle of morally corrupt tyrants and beginning to wander into the offenses defined by the Nuremberg trials.

They question their superior s motives, search for self-absolution, and do not have a clear moral plan of action for their own.  In the final analysis, they all surrender their soul when they do not walk away, in honor, from any implied request that reflects a serious and patriotic disservice to our constitution and country.  That is right, and it is a call to duty.  What has happened to that “oath of public office?”  Now, get back to work.

Prior to 2017 we didn’t have the triumvirate of the Congress, the Senate, and the White House.  What is so depressing is we know what the electorate wants.  They have given Congress the plurality to accomplish it.  And yet, the House and Senate leadership are incapable of affecting this mandate.  It is the mandate of getting the legislative balls across the finish line.  Will they take subconscious glee in their own defeatist befuddlement?

The “mask” is now slipping.  It is revealing the soul of the Republican establishment.  Are they up to the challenge?  All is fair in politics, until it is surrendering victory.

Cancel your August vacation.  Get some work done.  Or, resign!  This is the integrity demanded of James Comey.  It is therefore, no less of you.  Is it not the bruised egos of the Republican establishment, emblematic of Jeb Bush’s recent Las Vegas comments.  “Jeb Bush on Trump:  I predicted a chaos president” at the annual SALT hedge fund conference, speaking as a globalist apparatchik?  We love the Bush family but this is petulant, cowardly and wrong!

The 16 primary candidates continually erred, except Ben Carson.  Jeb Bush and John Kasich are loath to embrace the need for creative destruction as Abraham Lincoln was most aware.  They consistently violate Reagans’ eleventh commandment after the election is over.  It is the chaos of the minority, a subliminal trophy for the runner ups, on both sides, and salve for the wounds of the losers.  In victory, we are conflicted and eat our own?

“The Clintons are stuck in time.  Worse, their network, which is vast and powerful and heavily dependent on them, is stuck in time.  Please, just go away!  Precisely when those on the left ought to be negotiating today’s fault lines and creating new coalitions,

Democrats are getting dragged back into last year’s fights.  They are letting personal Machiavellian loyalties drown out thoughts about core Gandhi worthy principles.  The indefatigability of the Clintons isn’t just a nuisance but a hindrance.  Is it Obama’s revenge?  Remember when Bill said to Edward Kennedy of Chappaquiddick fame, “Bill Clinton told Ted Kennedy there was a time when Obama ‘would be getting us coffee.’  A few years ago:  ‘Game Change’”, and possibly cementing the Republican playbook for 2020, should they be so smart.

Has it occurred to anyone, that Michelle and Barack, in their collectivists’ persona, Valarie Jarret, Huma Abedin, in their subliminal souls of souls, did not want Hillary to win?????  Pay back!!!  Hush, hush, sweet Charlotte!  So why Trump?  They underestimated his ability as a change agent for good!

In the world of political statistics, city, state, and national political offices, in that arena Obama has been golden to the Republicans.  They may have thought he is the instrument of progress, like Jeb Bush, a tool for their legacy.  Pray it isn’t so.

James Comey is capable, fallible and failed.  Are we going to fail also?

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One Response to "James Comey Unmasked"

  1. Are you Republican or Democrat? It was a baseball field in Alexandria, Virginia, a practice for the Republican/Democrat baseball game. It is a Machiavellian dark shadow of identity politics.

    “House Majority Whip Steve Scalise was shot and multiple congressional aides were also hit by a gunman with a rifle who opened fire at a GOP baseball practice in Virginia Wednesday morning, Fox News confirmed.”

    Are you Muslim or Christian? Yes, this is what “hatred” looks like folks. And it is a sacred argument for the 2nd Amendment, for without it, this may well have been another Orlando Nightclub Massacre.

    “”A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

    Without that constitutional protection there may well have been a massacre. To be sure, it was the gunman who bears the “full” responsibility for this tragedy. But to be irrefutable, the cheering section of politics includes the political strain of venom and hatred emanating from Maxine Waters-ism over the years. It is the National Endowment for the Arts subsidized, eight times a week in Central Park, the production that features a Caesar who is directly modeled in every way on Trump. The upshot is that, eight times a week in Central Park, actors perform the assassination of the sitting president of the United States. And the reports are a standing ovation. If this were about Obama, oh, how ashamed we would be!! “Do unto others….”

    Assassinating President Trump As ‘Julius Caesar’ Is Bad Politics, Not Good Art.

    Why? If not the president, what are a few congressmen, senators or public servants? The argument does pivot, when it becomes you and me, however, does it not?

    It is the ISIS emulation of a severed Trump head by Kathy Griffin. And in a deeper sense, this is the results of a James Comey cultivation of suspicion, distrust, and hatred through the ubiquitous innuendo of his “false narrative”, a corrupted Intel community, a lack of political character, a sustained Fourth and Fifth Estate”, a damaged national moral compass, and a lack of respect for the office of the president.

    Have we not reached that point where this is “yelling fire in a crowed theater”?

    First one weakens our Republic with Comey-ism, identity politics, socially divisive odium, and a deconstruction of our Constitution. First there is a “A day without whites,

    “In an ironic occurrence, a white leftist biology professor at Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington, who objected to leftist student social justice warriors demanding white students and professors leave the campus, was surrounded by the SJWs, who shouted at him that he should be fired or resign.”

    What next, a day without a President”? There are idiots, conspirators, collaborators, and the cowards who cannot realize nor fathom that heresy of the George Soros Fourth Estate:

    “First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out
    Because I was not a Socialist.
    Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out-
    Because I was not a Trade unionists.
    The they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out-
    Because I was not a Jew.”

    Then they came for the Apostates, and I did not speak out_
    Because I was a progressive.
    Then they came for the Republicans and I did not speak out-
    Because I was a Democrat

    “And then they came for me – and there was no one left to speak for me.”

    And will the idiot say this was a “long wolf”….from what pack, openly encouraged, and silently worshipped???

    But give this a few days and the NYT and Washington Post will bury it on page 99. Life, liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is so passé.


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