A Lesson in Diplomacy from President Trump

A Lesson in Diplomacy from President Trump

For the past five days, President Trump has been on his first foreign trip.  Thus far, the trip has been primarily pomp & circumstance.  The main portion of the trip begins today with a G7 summit and then a meeting of NATO and EU leaders.  However, compared to our prior President, this trip has been a lesson in diplomacy.  And, unfortunately, most of the Main Stream Media is not covering the trip.  They are still behaving almost hysterically.  All we hear about from them is Russia, Russia, Russia. I guess some thing never change.

Saudi Arabia

The first stop in the trip was Saudi Arabia.  There, President Trump set forth his agenda for the Middle East and in a brilliant speech, he attacked the issue of Islamic Radical Terrorism.  For a draft of the President Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia, please see here:  http://www.cnn.com/2017/05/21/politics/trump-saudi-speech-transcript/.

The true beauty of this speech was where it was given:  Right in the middle of a conference of the leaders of Muslim nations.  Trump did not pull any punches whatsoever.  He laid it all on the line.  He said these people must be eradicated from places of worship, and from the Earth.  No one in the room booed.  They all appeared to agree.  And, the mainstream media:  Nothing.  Of course, Fox News covered it.  But, the mainstream media:  Russia, Russia, Russia.

While there, he also established a relationship with the Saudi King in which everything from Terrorism to Relations with Israel were discussed.  Then, when he left Saudi Arabia, President Trump did the unthinkable.  Air Force One actually flew directly from Saudi Territory to Israel.  This is unprecedented as no flight has ever gone that route in history.  You see, currently, there is no diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel.  Who knows, maybe that will change.

Benjamin Netanyahu Donald TrumpIsrael Diplomacy

President Trump’s next stop on the trip was in Israel.  There, Trump secured his relationship with the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  And, in the process, Trump secured our relationship with the lone Democracy in the Middle East.

After eight years of Barack Obama destroying that relationship and looking towards Iran, we are now firmly ensconced with our long ally Israel.  In fact, you could actually see true smiles on the faces of the Israeli ministers as they engaged in diplomacy with Trump.

Maybe, Trump will be the one to finally bring a lasting peace to the situation between Israel and Palestine.  If he does, will the main stream media care?  No!  Regardless of President Trump’s diplomacy skills, it will still be Russia, Russia, Russia.

The VaticanTrump Francis

Lastly, Trump ended his visit of the major countries of the major religions in the Vatican.  There, President Trump met with Pope Francis and various members of the Vatican diplomatic core.  I still do not know what they discussed.  It was done in secret (and unlike our White House, secret there is secret).  However, the visuals were rather classy.  President Trump and First Lady Melania handled the meeting with the decorum necessary of a head of state.  Again, this was a lesson in diplomacy.  In fact, when the Pontiff gave Melania Trump a religious item, she gave it back and asked him to bless it.  It was a memorable moment.

As discussed on the news this morning, there are many things the Pope and Trump have in common.  It is not just their famous differences on immigration which rule the day.  The main and most important thing they have in common is their position on abortion.  Both the Pope and Trump are Pro-Life.  Of course, the Main Stream Media will do their best to say their differences are more important.  But, that’s not the way it looked on TV.  Both appeared genuinely happy to see each other.

And, now President Trump begins the final phase of his trip.  It is the first time the leader of the free world will meet en masse with other leaders.  President Trump will have to show his true skills of diplomacy.  Can he get their respect?  Can he succeed in selling his agenda?  Only, time will tell.  But, the first three days of the trip clearly show he can do his job.

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