Dear NY Mets: Please Fire Collins

Dear NY Mets: Please Fire Collins

NY Mets Stink

There I said it.  Right now, the NY Mets stink.  I said it again.  For those of you expecting politics, it isn’t happening today.  I’m angry and I’m venting.  The problem is that the NY Mets should not stink this year.  They should be well over 500 and on their way to another playoff appearance.  However, unless something drastic is done immediately, that is not going to happen.  Come August, Mets’ fans will lose interest.  Heck, I’m losing interest already.

NY Mets

OK.  You can blame injuries.  You can blame a lot of things.  But, mostly you have to blame Terry Collins.   The skipper.  It may not be all his fault, but this current disaster reeks of his inability to manage.

We are barely 40 games into the season and he has completely destroyed our pitching staff.  He doesn’t even let the starters go six innings anymore.  As my old friend George Wolke said the other day, “the can’t even pitch a full little league game.”  Of course, it could be questioned whether they even can if Collins let them.  But, right now he has no choice.  Why?  Because the relievers are giving up massive amount of runs.  If we don’t have a five run lead with two innings left, we will lose.


Hansel Robles
NY Mets Reliever Hansel Robles

Case in point:  Hansel Robles.  Before his last two outings, he was un-hittable.  Now, he can’t get an out.  In the last 48 hours, he has given up nine runs in less than two innings.  Normally, you would say this guy stinks.  But, he didn’t.  He’s just worn out.  And, that is all Collins’ fault.  Forty games into the season and our relief staff is worn out.

Yes, our relief staff, not just Robles.  All of them.  Reed is throwing meatballs.  He gave up a three run homer on Sunday.  The pitch was so bad, I could have hit it 400 feet.  Montero cannot pitch one inning.  Smoker has been cut.  I could go on and on.

However, it’s not just the relief staff.  What’s left of the starting pitching pretty much stinks as well.  Other than Jacob Degrom, there is nothing left.

Matt Harvey is not longer the “Dark Knight.”  Right now, he’s ERA is 5.63.  That is not an ace.  In fact, that is barely a major leaguer.  If he doesn’t improve dramatically, there will be no big contract for him or his agent Scott Boras next year.  In fact, the Mets may have to either keep him or release him.  He will have no where else to go.

The rest of the starting pitching is even more abysmal.  None of them should be in the Major Leagues except for maybe Wheeler.

Position Players

There is not much to say here at all.  Other than Conforto, TJ Rivera and a few other bright lights, they all stink.  And, Collins does nothing about it.  Granderson is barely hitting 150.  Reyes who started out hitting almost 050 before he got hot, is now at about 180.  But, Collins doesn’t play him regularly even though he has been hot for almost three weeks.  Now, he’s just a utility player.  But, Granderson still plays.

Lucas Duda should be cut.  He is useless.  Put Jay Bruce on first and let Reyes play the outfield if you’ve got no where else to play him.  Do something!

And, that brings me to my final point and main reason why Collins has got to go.  The NY Mets have no fire.  They don’t care.  And, that is 100% to blame on the manager.  Hire someone who wants to win.  Hire someone who drives the players to give 110%.  Do something!

That’s all I’ve got to say now.

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One Response to "Dear NY Mets: Please Fire Collins"

  1. Frank, come on dude. Blaming this on Collins is bullshit. Recall last year, Mets were all but out of it in September. He motivated them with his speech.

    Your point that the relievers are overworked legitimate but Collins not the fault. You act like he’s taking pitchers out too early but you also state DEgromm is only starter. So you want him to keep Mr. 6.0 Harvey in the game? You can’t have it both ways!

    So you complain about Reyes at third yet you want him in outfield? So whose playing 3rd?

    You don’t think putting Bruce at first is not going to piss you off when his average goes down to 220? You have a contingency plan? And if you are not happy with Reyes at 3rd, why the outfield? You now put two players out of position.

    Sometimes injuries are not to blame but half his starting lineup is out! Why can’t it be injuries? Our best hitter, pitcher and relievers are out? What manager can overcome that?

    You have to be patient with slumps sometimes but I agree that grandersons time is about up and the im sure Cespedes’s return will make that an obvious solution?


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