Their only chance – A Democratic Centrist

Their only chance – A Democratic Centrist

The Democrats’ only chance of winning in 2020 is to find a Centrist who is somewhere between 50-65.  That’s right – a Democratic Centrist.  And, specifically, no leftovers from the cultural revolution of the 60s.  Another 75 year old, or even someone over 70 is not going to win.  And, most importantly, if it is one of the Socialists such as Bernie Sanders, Liz Warren or Kamala Harris, the Democrats will lose much worse than in 2016 and their brand may be forever tarnished.

Since the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States, the Democratic Party has become un-hinged.  The mantra is no longer, we are the opposition.  The mantra is resist.  It’s almost as if the Resistance from Star Wars is their rallying cry.  The traditional Democratic Centrist in the vein of Harry Truman, FDR and even Lyndon Johnson and Bill Clinton just does not exist anymore.  Yesterday, CNN ran an article naming no less than 22 Democrats who are thinking of running.

And, the front tier according to CNN are Elizabeth Warren, Joe Biden and Bernies Sanders.  Let’s talk about them a little bit.

Elizabeth Warren

The darling of the left.  There is no other way to describe her.  For a long time she was the main member of the lefts rallying cries against Wall Street.  She is outspoken.  She is crass.  And, she’s also a liar.  Now, don’t get on me about her lying.  It is fairly well documented.  She used her alleged Native American ancestry to get a high paying job at Harvard University under an affirmative action program.  Everyone knows it.  The only issue is whether she is a Native American.  Most people do not believe she is.

However, she is also old, although the youngest of the CNN top tier.  On election day, 2020, she will be 71.  That would make her the second oldest President ever elected.  The oldest was William Henry Harrison.  We know how well that worked out.  And, he was only 72.  Right now, Donald Trump is the second oldest.  Which, by the way, is why I do not believe Trump will run for a second term.

Politically, she is to the left of almost everyone, except for maybe Bernie Sanders.  Note, I said maybe.  She is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a Democratic Centrist.  Most of mainstream of America will not vote for her.  And, it has nothing to do with her being a woman.  It is because she is way too far out of the mainstream.  In fact, if elected, she will make Barack Obama look like a centrist and, as of this moment, he was the most liberal person ever to sit in the oval office.

Joe Biden

On election day 2020, Joe Biden will be a few weeks away from 78 years old.  I don’t think there is too much more than can be said of him.  A president in his early 80s by the end of his first term is just too old.

However, he is probably the only Democratic centrist of all the potential candidates.  If it weren’t for his age, he might stand a chance.  However, 78 is just too old.  I’m sorry.  Maybe that’s ageism, but it’s true.  If, by some chance, he did happen to get the nomination, his choice of Vice President would be a major issue.  After all, an idiot as the Vice President of a 78 year old man?  Need I say more?

Bernie SandersBernie Sanders

He’s even older than Joe Biden.  On election day 2020 – he will be 79 years old.  According to my wife, he already looks like he is going to collapse every time he makes a speech.

Plus, he’s already turning into a hypocrite.  He has capitalized on his new found fame.  There are reports he has bought houses, expensive cars, etc.  Doesn’t sound to much like the darling of the socialists anymore.  It really sounds like he’s become a capitalist and is enjoying his new found fame.  I have no problem with that.  But, his base may start to get pissed when they find out he is just like everyone else.

Oh, did I fail to mention, he may be even further to the left than Elizabeth Warren?

Is There a Democratic CentristJohn Hickenlooper - Democratic Centrist

In reviewing the list of potential candidates put forth by CNN, there are no more than a few who are centrists.  One of them is Joe Biden as stated above.  Another is John Hickenlooper, the current governor of Colorado.  However, even the CNN article states he may be too moderate for the party.  And, he’s right at the border line of the age issue.  He will be 69.

The only other one that bears some mention is Terry McAuliffe, the governor of Virginia.  Virginia is a swing state.  It is not going to elect a far lefty.  And, just like Hickenlooper, he is the right age, only better.  He will only be 64 on election day 2020.  And, he can be called a Democratic Centrist.  CNN makes the point that he will be termed out shortly.  After that, he will need another job.

Based upon the CNN analysis and my quick review, there is not much out there.  Almost all of the people who fit the proper age group are far lefties and either from California, NY or one of the other coastal states.  This does not bode well for the Rust Belt and the traditional Red States.  The will not vote for a lefty.  Plain and simple.  The country is divided, and it’s divided along the coasts.  Surely, the DNC should be able to find someone from the Red States.  There must be a few people out there.  Or, not?


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