Trump’s Contract for America

Trump’s Contract for America

This web site started in 2008.  The main purpose of the it was to bring the GOP back from the doldrums of the McCain shellacking.  It started with one article:  The New Contract with America.  Since that time, we have published more than 2,000 articles.  Right now, I’d like to do a short analysis of how far the GOP has come since then.  And, whether my original contract has been achieved.  And, how much of it should be in Trump’s implied Contract for America.


John McCain lost in one of the biggest electoral landslides since Reagan won in 1984.  He lost Republican States and all Democratic States.  He simply did not hit strike a tone with the GOP base or the so called Reagan Democrats.

Did he lose because of his policies or because of him?  It doesn’t matter now.  It’s all water under the bridge.  The only thing that matters at this point is that he lost and the the GOP had to wake up.

Well, it did.  Since 2008, the Tea Party came into being.  Additionally, the Freedom Caucus which was an outgrowth of the Tea Party came into being.  Whether you like the Tea Party or the Freedom Caucus doesn’t matter.  What matters is this was the base and grass roots of the GOP waking up and realizing the war with Liberals was just that:  A war.  It had to be won.  Conservatives could not pansy around.

In 2010, the GOP made substantial gains in both State and Federal Government.  This has continued in every election since.  In fact, in 2012, the GOP took the House and in 2014, the GOP took the Senate.  As of this moment, the GOP controls, two branches of the Federal Government, with a slight advantage in the third, the Supreme Court.

In State Legislatures, it is the same.  The GOP maintains 33 Governors and 32 State Legislature majorities.

As a result, the supposed death spiral of the GOP which declared in 2008, has not come to pass.  And, in fact, President Trump won the presidency winning all of the Red states that McCain lost, except for Virginia and Nevada.  However, he also won a few blue states in the rust belt, Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania, as I predicted in an earlier article.

President TrumpWhat Should Trump’s Contract for America State?

Infrastructure v. Science and Technology

1.  President Trump’s main domestic spending plan is Infrastructure.  This counters what I believed in 2008 to a small extent.  At that time, I though we should invest in Science and Technology.  I still believe that.  However, infrastructure is an issue.  It must be dealt with.

As President Trump stated, America is falling apart.  Whether you agree doesn’t matter.  It’s true.  America is falling apart.  Our bridges, some of which are more than 100 years old are in danger of collapsing.  Our roads are in need of massive repairs.  I could go on ad infinitum but a I won’t bore you.

However, one is not exclusive of the other.  You can invest in both.  The biggest issue is how to pay for all of this spending?  Infrastructure, science and technology are expensive.  I don’t have a firm answer for this.  But, if spending creates jobs, it will pay for itself through achieving four percent growth.

Tax Reform

2.  President Trump ran and won on Tax Reform.  He must succeed in getting this through Congress before the 2018 mid-terms or it will never happen.  And, this is the key component of his Contract for America.  Back in 2008, I relied heavily on tax policy in my first article.  The same is true now.  We must, in no particular order:  lower tax rates; re-introduce the ITC, but for small business only; lower the capital gains tax rate; and, re-patriot corporate money held overseas as a result of our ridiculous 35% corporate tax rate.

Speaker Ryan must make this the number one priority of Congress.  He has the votes.  There are no excuses.  The last time the Tax Code was overhauled was 1986.  Before that, it was 1954.  And, before that, it was 1939.  It is now overdue.

Medical Care

3.  The Number one reason, in my opinion, the GOP has been successful over the past eight years is Obamacare.  This is one of the worst bills ever passed by Congress.  It created a new Federal Entitlement without any means of payment.  It is not self-sustaining.  And, it will self-destruct if Congress does not deal with it.

However, I disagree with President Trump on a few issues regarding the Affordable Care Act (“ACA”).  Contrary to President Trump’s assertions, if nothing is done by the GOP, the Democrats will not own it.  The GOP will be liable.  They have the votes and the power to either fix it or to replace it.  If they do nothing, the public will know it is their fault.  You can’t BS people all the time.  Deal with it now.  Don’t wait for the impending collapse.

Secondly, as I stated nine years ago, make Health Savings Accounts better.  Third, get the insurance borders broken.  Cross State lines.  Stop talking about it.

Last, you do not have to do this before tax reform.  Deal with Tax Reform and Medical Care simultaneously.  The ACA acted as a massive tax increase on many levels.  Make fixing it part of Tax Reform.  Just get it done.  No more excuses.


4.  In 2008, I believed in Free Trade.  Actually, I still believe in Free Trade.  But, I also believe President Trump is right.  You cannot have Free Trade in his Contract for America unless it is really free.  We have been taken advantage of by China, Mexico and other countries for too long.

Either trade is free or it isn’t.  If it is not free, then lose all trade agreements.  America First.  It must be, especially when it comes to trade.  Let’s do what we can to make exports increase and imports decrease.  American technology, industry and services must be exported for profit.  This will creatd more jobs and bring us closer to the magic number of four percent growth.  Of course, five percent would be better, but I just don’t see that happening in the near future.

National Security

5.  When it comes to National Security, as stated above, America First.  End of Story.  I don’t care about nation building.  I don’t believe we should interfere in local disputes.  Accordingly, let’s stay out of Syria, Chechnya, the Ukraine or anywhere else where our national interest is not at stake.  And, that includes oil rich countries.  Drill in the United States.  Develop green energy in the United States.  Become energy independent and make the Middle East and other unstable countries less important.

Syrian President Assad
President Assad

However, that doesn’t mean we should become isolationist.  Intervention is sometimes necessary.  When Assad used chemical weapons, a response was necessary.  Trump did the right thing.  And, Trump also ordered the correct level of response.  It was limited and targeted.  Now, stay out of Syria in the future unless Assad didn’t get the message the first time.

The same goes for North Korea.  Right now, North Korea is China’s problem.  But, if Kim Jung-Un continues his defiance of the whole world and continues his nuclear weapons development, he must be stopped.  That includes a military response with the intent to stop his ability to deliver a nuclear weapon on United States soil.  If he ever gets close to this capability, then North Korea is no longer China’s problem.  It is our problem and the doctrine of America First will apply to military intervention.


In conclusion President has made a Contract For America.  It is what he ran on and what he has been following thus far.  It has not made the left happy.  In fact, it’s gotten them downright crazy.  As long as he stays the course on the issues stated above and his other promises, he will get re-elected in 2020.  And, this time, it will not be a close election.

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One Response to "Trump’s Contract for America"

  1. Nice piece.

    Prior to 2008 the congress, senate and White House were mired in a do nothing adversarial role with the fatally progressive infected JFK liberalism.

    The two main points on healthcare that the Republicans ignored were a healthcare insurance safety net and insurance with preexisting conditions. Had they focused, their greatest failing, they could have re-entered Reaganesque territory, individualism and exceptionalism, regardless of ideology.

    Today, the underlying “swamp” is “conservative lite” (progressive infection) for Republicans, who now own the congress, the senate and the White House. They are on the verge of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. It has happened before!

    Paul Ryan has yet to be truly counted. It was the Tip O’Neill and Reagan, foreign and domestic statesmanship, which ushered in the Reagan years. Pelosi, or Ryan, are no “Tip” O’Neill.

    During the Carter Administration,

    “With substantial majorities in both houses of Congress and control of the White House, O’Neill hoped that Democrats would be able to implement Democratic-favored legislation, including universal health care and jobs programs. The Democrats, however, lacked party discipline, and while the Carter administration and O’Neill started out strong with the passage of ethics and energy packages in 1977, there were major stumbles.”

    Sound familiar? Substitute “Republican” for “Democrat.”

    During the Reagan Administration,

    “O’Neill was a leading opponent of the Reagan administration’s domestic and defense policies. Following the 1980 election, with the U.S. Senate controlled by Republicans, O’Neill became the leader of the congressional opposition. O’Neill even went as far as calling Ronald Reagan “the most ignorant man who had ever occupied the White House.” O’Neill also said that Reagan was “Herbert Hoover with a smile” and “a cheerleader for selfishness.” He also said that Reagan’s policies meant that his presidency was “one big Christmas party for the rich.”

    “Privately, O’Neill and Reagan were always on cordial terms, or as Reagan himself put it in his memoirs, they were friends “after 6PM.” O’Neill in that same memoir when questioned by Reagan regarding a personal attack against the President that made the paper, explained that “before 6PM it’s all politics.” Reagan once compared O’Neill to the classic arcade game Pac-Man in a speech, saying that he was “a round thing that gobbles up money.” He also once joked he had received a valentine card from O’Neill: “I knew it was from Tip, because the heart was bleeding.””

    Is this a moral ground, one may want to revisit? This is classic obstructionist Harry Reed, Nancy Pelosi, unvarnished selfishness, bloviating without the after 6:00 pm patriotic statesmanship.

    Sound familiar? Substitute “Republican” for “Democrat.” Can we see where the “Hate Trump” passion comes from? Start with Soros.

    Today’s democrats are radical progressive, not JFK conservative. Today’s Republicans are “progressive lite.” America was spared from a complete Roosevelt collectivist progressivism by WWII.

    WWII started with the globalism of Hitler, the secret alliance with Winston Churchill, evidenced by the Roosevelt Legacy and the Kent Case, and then Pearl Harbor with the alliance of the Allies against the Axis. Why did Roosevelt need “Pearl Harbor”?
    Absolution comes to mind.

    WW III with be violent and surgical. Troops will be needed for the aftermath. It will be initiated with an incident that will get out of control and then pray that preemption is a virtue. Kim Jong Un is the alter ego of Hitler. He is smart, crazy and as suicidal as Hitler.

    Todays’ Axis may well be Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Iraq and possibly Turkey. Watch for evidence of that alliance. Boko Haram is a southern African hemispherical force for evil.

    Putin, Xi Jinging, Kim Jong un with Assad, are strategic wild cards.

    We seem to fear Russia, probably justified according to Mitt Romney. Stephen Frand Cohen, an American scholar and professor emeritus of Russian studies at Princeton University and New York University “argues that Vladamir Putin, next to Mikhail Gorbachev and possibly Boris Yeltsin, Putin was the least authoritarian Russian ruler in 400 years and is not the “neo-imperialist thug” portrayed.” Does it matter how the war is ignited?

    This strategy all palls in the wisdom of “The obligation of power is to lead.” Eventually the fork in the road leads either to peace or war! “Take it!”

    The last eight years have been an abdication of “power.’ This may have been a good thing, limited damage by unintended incompetence, as there was no stratagem for peace except “strategic patience”…..appeasement! And we are reminded of how well that worked for Hitler.

    And if I am wrong, for which I pray, peace will prevail.


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