Easter in the World Today

Easter in the World Today

It is Easter Sunday and for many Christians, this represent the highlight of their faith.  It is the day when Jesus Christ rose from the dead to conquer death and sin.  By doing this, he opened the gates of heaven to us all

Easter Today

After this moment, the apostles with the help of the Holy Spirit gained the courage to preach the good news to the world.  They left their hiding place and moved into the open.  Most of the apostles and other Christians suffered and/or died a result.  Even today, Christians worldwide are suffering for their faith.

Every five minutes, a Christian is martyred.  Additionally, more Christians are murdered for their faith since 1900 than all of the previous centuries since Christ.  Christians are the most persecuted in the world.  According to one report, approximately 200 million Christians in 50 countries suffer oppression because of their faith.

The big threat to Christians is in the Middle East.  It is the biblical homeland where many Christians face extermination.  Over the past century, between one half and two thirds of Christians left the region or been killed.  With the rise of radical jihadists in the Middle East, much of the persecution is even government sanctioned or ignored by the government.  The recent attack on Coptic Christians on Palm Sunday is one just example.

ISIS Killing Christians

In 1990, over 1.2 million Christians resided in Iraq.  By the end of 2003 and the first Iraq war, there were fewer than 500,000.  Now, this number is lower than 200,000.  Iraqi Sunnis and Shiites are divided on many issues.  However, not on their hatred of Christians.  The United States Commission on International Religious Freedom warned that the ongoing violence inside Iraq and the rise of ISIS, “will mark the end of its Yazidi and Christian communities.”

In Syria, more than 50 percent of the country’s Christians may have fled as refugees.  In Iran, where Iranians are by definition Muslim, makes all Christian activity illegal.  Therefore, the government imprisons Christians for apostasy.

In Pakistan, mob violence remains constant.  Threats to Christians due to blasphemy laws, lead to the death penalty.  In the Sudan, President Omar Bashir demolishes churches and kills Christians with no regard.  The Nigerian Islamic terror group Boko Haram has been trying to eliminate Christians from the Muslim North.  As part of their efforts, they have massacred 2000 Christians and kidnapped 200 girls from the town of Chibok.

In China, crosses are removed from public view and churches are destroyed.  The North Korean government imprisons tens of thousands of Christians in labor camps because of their faith.  For Christians, North Korea is one of the most dangerous places on Earth.  Christians are the bottom of society.

For many Americans, martyrdom is something that happened in the distant past.  But today, Christians face the proverbial lions on a daily basis.  Some, just for celebrating Easter.  Religious persecution is an everyday reality.  Obviously, for Americans, religious freedom is a right.  But throughout much of the world, the basic freedoms we take for granted do not exist.  You are punished if you exercise your rights.  To Christians, Christ died for our sins and his resurrection on Easter conquered sin.  But for many Christians over the past 20 centuries, celebrating this day and their faith still leads to imprisonment and death.

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One Response to "Easter in the World Today"

  1. It is a good article and you meant well indeed. Any criticism, one will follow, comes from a sense and knowledge that we have embrace the political correct culture of excuses and victimization.

    Without Easter there is no Christianity. Without Good Friday, the crucifixion, there is no Easter. Think about that!

    Radical progressivism has nearly erased our fertile fields of spirituality. The Pope and the clerical sexual abuse scandal, “Spotlight”, his collectivists’ attitude toward humanity, have laid fallow the spiritual crops that would have sustained us.

    Political correctness has infected our youth with an indecent, inefficient and ineffective fielding of incompetent warriors on this a true “culture war”.

    Faith is in desperate need of a Detrick Bonhoeffer “religion-less spirituality”.

    Where else but on earth can one easily find a group bowing in prayer chanting ‘Death to America”!

    Ah, yes, and turn the other cheek. For those of us who cling to religion, did God do that, turn the other cheek, for Lucifer? But what does one do when the head is no longer attached? If this is too brutal then one has no concept of the value that heaven has put on freedom and liberty.

    If we descend into a satellite, an example of North Korea, there is no returning without a terrible Judeo-Christian Holocaust. The problem with a Holocaust is that it is always must be somebody else who saves us, them, the remaining. They are no longer able, having embrace cowardice, surrendered, unable to rise up and prevail.

    If one believes in Easter, you must have an honest corner of our soul that “knows” that Lucifer and hell will not prevail, be forgiven, or be Guantanamo-bayed, cease to exist, or be given amnesty….or disappear! And some of us will end up there!

    Happiness is sustained by winning a just conflict, re-earned and rearmed by every generation. Praying for peace is a good thing. Struggling and earning it, continuously, gives it its value, and is better, without an alternative.

    Die standing up or live on your knees….so our future can experience peace. The time to be grateful for freedom and liberty is after it is earned.

    Armistice without a struggle is meaningless. Sad, but true!


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