Paul RyanSo after 7 years of trying to come up with a better health care plan than the ACA Republicans manage to piece together their version in a little over 10 days.  If you believe the hype Paul Ryan is spouting this is the best thing to happen since sliced bread.  My question is if it’s so wonderful why have so many Republicans come out against it?  My advice is to read the bill yourself and you can do it at

President Trump on his CellphoneThis bill can potentially be a very dangerous move on the part of the Republican hierarchy.  If it doesn’t do what the President and the GOP promised and continue to promise then come midterm elections it could be a “blood bath” for the GOP.  When the Affordable Care Act came out some 7 years ago I wrote several articles dealing with the fallacies and short comings of the bill.  Most of those short comings are exactly what is causing the problems with the ACA we see today.  What I gather from Speaker Ryan’s description of his bill, this installment is only one of three parts.  Which simply means they have no clue what the other two parts are.  They just threw this out there to be able to say to the people, “See we are doing what we promised.”

Basically this bill, as it is now, will take away a lot of the coverage most people now enjoy; increasing their cost for the insurance while giving the very rich a huge tax break.  Okay so let’s get specific on exactly what it really does….

  1. Trumpcare removes the ACA insurance subsidies with a tax credit
    1. They do this because certain Republicans feel they are entitlements and they don’t like entitlements. These tax credits start at $2,000 for a young person and $4,000 for people in their 50’s and 60’s.  Now anyone who has tried to obtain a decent insurance plan knows that most start at over $1,000 dollars a month.  Clearly these subsidies will do little to help.  For those in the upper 1% of income they will receive $75,000 for individuals and $150,000 for a family.  And what happens if premiums go up?  You subsidy will not.  It is a flat fee.


  1. Also they will begin a roll back of the expanded version of Medicaid
    1. It is estimated that some 14 million Americans now enjoy insurance thanks to the expanded version of Medicaid in the ACA. The will keep this active till 2020 then repeal it likely causing all those people to no longer have coverage.  The replacement is a “per capita allotment” that will be controlled by the states.  By doing this the pass the burdens on to the states who can reduce benefits and remove people as they see fit.
  1. We still don’t know how much this will cost because Paul Ryan and his buddies were in such a hurry to role this out they never did the math.

Those are only a few of the problems with Trumpcare or Ryancare or simply the AHCA.  All I can say is do your homework on this one.  Don’t fall into the trap that our representatives always have our best interest at heart.  They don’t.  Check all the info for yourself.  There is a slim chance this bill will pass as it is currently written considering the lack of support it has in their own party.  So I hope they take their time with the rework and actually present a bill that does everything they promised.  If not 2018 is gonna be a very interesting year.

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2 Responses to "TrumpCare"

  1. Many seniors worked hard and made little money . Some senior have $300.00-$500.00 a month to live on and depend on medicare along. Many do not eat as high cost of heart medications and blood pressure medication as it is so how can they pay for a premium at a higher rate. Trumpcare/Ryancare goes by age not income. So the very people who had so little sent Trump money to win. As he promised social security would not be touched or medicare. Trump looked at these people and said he could be trusted. all the other who had ran and was running were lying… just word’s… so they could be elected//// what has he done? Trump said not him… well guess what he turned out to be a full fledged politition after all. Lied to us right in our face… that was the same as slapping our face. Will leave many to die on the street homeless. I can promise any senior that is living in 2011 I will not vote republican and come 2020 will vote democrat also… at least we know they lie but to promise and give your word… I was taught (A man is only good as his word) What will happen to our seniors in long term care will they be put to sleep like dog that is old and can’t do what it did as a pup? Medicare notice they don’t bring that up or about the disabled or the little children… what about the illegals do they still get taken care but not American? Didn’t Trump say americsan’s first? Has he even saw Ryan’s plan … if he has .Not just the young but all of American… our oldest to our youngest should have insurance … without the government sticking their nose in … After all wasn’t that one reason we don’t and didn’t like Obamacare?! Then change where all can afford to have it not just the rich. Show the American people what the cost of premiums are in each level w/ the cost of the deductible for each. Is Trump truly a believer in populism ?!!!!!!!! Wish Trump thought about all no matter their age…. the same.

    1. Jan – this is just the beginning of the process. It is not the whole plan. Obamacare turned out to be a big complicated mess. If you repeal it as hard line Republicans want, it will be much worse. If you do nothing, it will be much worse. What do you propose? Let it die on the vine or give them a chance to fix it?


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