The Child President

The Child President

While most of us, if not all, are used to politicians lying through their teeth most of the time I find it difficult to justify a President who does the same.  With China aggressively expanding their sphere of influence into the South Child President TrumpChina sea; Russia doing the same into the Ukraine; North Korea threatening the world that they will use their nuclear weapons; continued fighting in the Middle East and the ongoing threat of terrorism the United States as well as the democratic countries of the world certainly have a full plate.

Our allies look to us for stability in a world certainly gone mad and instead of leadership we get unreliable tweets and rants from the man who is suppose to be leading the free world.  True Donald Trump said he is the President of the United States first and that is as it should be but we can’t ignore the rest of the world either.  The last time we did that Nazism spread across the world and tens of millions of people died.  Winston Churchill’s famous quote “Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it” certainly fits today’s world.

Merkel and TrumpToday’s rulers, especially those that run a democratic republic, have learned to multitask.  They are the leaders of their countries and one of the many voices of the free world.  In our modern world you must learn to do both.  Donald Trump thinks he can ignore his international responsibilities, both to our allies whom we depend on and to the rest of the free world.

Honestly I don’t think he is doing this intentionally I really believe he is incapable of doing more than one thing at a time.  This is evident by the numerous projects he has started and then put on hold because the going got tough; immigration reform and healthcare to name two.  He sits there and rolls out executive orders like an assembly line, throws them to the wind then proudly proclaims “Look I did this.”  That’s not governing.  Then he fires off ridiculous tweets that he spends the next month trying to justify.  Which in most cases he can’t.

Trump TweetingNow he is at war with a section of his own party, the house Freedom Caucus.  Why?  Because they dared to stand up to him and would have voted against his and Paul Ryan’s AHCA.  Which is a piece of garbage anyway.   He even went so far as to tweet about it.

Donald J. Trump


The Freedom Caucus will hurt the entire Republican agenda if they don’t get on the team, & fast. We must fight them, & Dems, in 2018!

6:07 AM – 30 Mar 2017

Trump AngryThe longer he is in office the more I feel I am watching a child.  He fails to be able to stay on topic very long.  When he gets mad he explodes into childish rants that make no sense except maybe to himself.  He hears or reads something and expands what he hears into fantasy’s of his own creation.  When he gets caught in a lie he blames it on anyone but himself.  He doesn’t play well with other people.  And, he has an ego that is bigger than any building he has ever built.  He has the lowest approval rating, 39%, of any president in modern times and he is even beginning to lose support from some of his own party.

Can he rebound from this disaster?  Of course he can but he needs to smarten up, lose some of his advisors and stop acting like a small child.  This might be beyond the President’s ability but I hope not because whether you like the man or not he is the President for all of us….at least for now.

I just want to add this note.  I agree with my two colleges that Paul Ryan has lost all credibility and must step down.

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4 Responses to "The Child President"

  1. This seems to be a second bite of the apple. A first response to your essay was:

    What is happening to America is much deeper than that glossed over by this almost petulant essay.

    It is a shame that today’s Radical Progressives are a mixture of warped ideologies and chaotic methods lethal to our Republic, they are: communism, Leninism, Marxism, Liberation theology, socialism, anarchy, George Soros violent revolutionary tactics, anti-Americanism, crowd violence, intellectual intolerance, philosophical dishonesty, and atheism.

    Remember, Nazism had to be run out of America, as they had established Nazi Youth camps in America before WWII, last in the 1930s, triumphed by Joseph Kennedy.

    Today we no longer seem to recognize the complimentary and compatible nature of JFK conservatism coupled with the Reagan liberalism. Chaos is a “go-to” strategy of those who are losing on the merits of the argument. Where has the “classical” “Liberal” argument gone astray? It has not, it has been redefined. It used to be:

    Classical Conservatism and Liberalism

    The problem is ideological slavery is maintained by extreme “wedge issues.” Hubris and arrogance is just one step ahead of loss of integrity.

    F.A. Hayek addresses it as “The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism.”

    William Easterly speaks to the “Tyranny of Experts”.

    “Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other. John Adams

    Classical Conservative and Classical Liberal values are complimentary!

    “Classical Conservatism is a political philosophy emphasizing the need for the principles of natural law and transcendent moral order, tradition, hierarchy and organic unity, agrarianism, classicism and high culture, and the intersecting spheres of loyalty.”

    Classical Conservative Values-Reagan (Today’s Conservatives are not Reagan Conservatives)

    Free Trade
    Limited government
    Individual freedom
    National Security
    Traditional Values

    “Classical liberalism is a political ideology, a branch of liberalism which advocates civil liberties and political freedom with representative democracy under the rule of law and emphasizes economic freedom.”

    Classical Liberal Values JFK (today’s democrats are not JFK Democrats)

    Individual well-being for all
    Universal opportunity for all to advance socially and materially
    Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

    Those who miss the complimentary and compatible threads of these cultural issues will be inclined to miss the downward slope caused by our nation’s decline in education and spirituality. This was clearly acknowledged by Alexis de Tocqueville.

    Adversity is a blessing in disguise and certainly a character builder.

    Natural Law: principle or body of laws considered as derived from nature, right reason, or religion and as ethically binding in human society….clearly at odds with radical progressivism.

    Transcendent moral order: Source from something of higher order, spiritual.

    Organic unity: A structural philosophy-Plato-the sum of the parts.

    Agrarianism: Relating to land, cultivation and ownership.

    The discipline of individualism and exceptionalism is fallible but it is the strongest argument of Ayn Rand’s egoism, it strength is simplicity, individualism and exceptionalism, which is often misinterpreted as childish, and it is formidable.

    “Childish,” like the Berkley riots against “free speech,” are often a method of “shooting the messenger.” PC “Hate speech” crumbles under the wisdom of pornographic free speech, upheld by the Supreme Courts,” leaving communities to define their own cultural limits. It if is not so subtlety, or burdensome, it puts the ominous back on the “we the people,’ not the Executive Branch”.

    The need for “trigger warnings”, and “safe places” is a dead giveaway that we are creating a generation of children, improperly educated, to handle adult crisis. This is the cultural “bullseye” that is “purposefully” obscuring elevated intellectual; cultural garbage to “principled truth.” Clarity can be easily distorted see “Spotlight,” spiritual decay. The truth will out!!!!

    If it works, the army of Gorge Soros will not have prevailed. And the people must be in charge!

    In a prior world you opined making an assumption about “the majority of Americans,” of which you could not “know”. ,

    “In your opinion which I respect but do not share…neither do the majority of Americans. Doesn’t make it right makes it just an opinion.”

    Yes, and everything the Supreme Court adjudicates is an “opinion”….not “right or wrong”!!!!

    So we are a nation that lives by “opinions”, not necessarily “right or wrong.” This is the justification for our judicial system.

    An olive branch of what I believe “the majority of American” could accept.

    With the greatest of leaders above them,
    people barely know one exists.
    Next comes one who they love and praise,
    Next comes one they fear.
    Next comes one whom they despise and defy.

    When a leaders trust no one,
    No one trust him.

    The great leader speaks little.
    He never speaks carelessly.
    He works without self-interest
    And leaves no trace

    When all is finished, the people say,
    We did it ourselves.”

    Both sides, selectively, can find comfort in some of this, each tethered to their own bias, except the last two lines.

    When all is finished, the people say,
    We did it ourselves.

    These last two lines require individualism, accountability, responsibility and exceptionalism, not “excuses and victimization” (wisdom from Condoleezza Rice).

    The wisdom here is that if “we did it ourselves”, we were the “leaders,” we are responsible and accountable, you and me!!!!! SO what is our action plan? The status quo or the historical prediction of WWIII.

    Take a few moments and research the 1930-1940 era.

    Tell us if one can find a clue to “cause and effect,” to the “moment of our discontent?”

    To blame the president, whether Obama or Trump is truly cowardice.

    And thus the wisdom and vision of the entire theme and verse of this affirmation applies directly to “us”!! No “selectivity” allowed for bias. Fallibility is only an obstacle to success, to be overcome, unless we deem otherwise.

    Thus whatever befalls us henceforth, “we did it ourselves.”

  2. Trump is unfit to be President. He was elected fairly and legally so he is the man but I don’t have to like it and I don’t have to like what he is currently doing to this country. It’s always a pleasure reading your comments and thanks for reading the article.

  3. Wow.

    “Trump is unfit to be President.”

    If you change that to “It is my opinion, Trump is unfit to be President.” then you make an argument. Otherwise you show a high disdain for at least half of the country, which I doubt you intend. If you do, that would be sad.

    You are not the alt-Hollywood Republican. You are the voice of progressivism, one who had stated he could not stomach Hillary, the consummate progressive. And that is my opinion.

    We always need to understand the voice of the opposition. You do that well. Keep it up.


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