Trump or Pence

Trump or Pence

I’ve been hearing a lot of people these days say Donald Trump is not their President.  They refuse to accept him.  The still believe he is an anti-Semite, a racist, a Homophobe, a xenophobe and anti-Islamic.  Never mind that he is probably going to be one of the most pro-Israeli Presidents this country’s ever had.  Never mind that his daughter is a converted Jew.  I could go on and on in this regard, but that is not the Point of this Article.  The point is that to the left, Donald Trump is Satan.  So, now I ask you:  Would you rather have Trump or Pence?

Donald Trump will prove to be a middle of the road Republican.  In fact, many of his positions are to the left of Hillary Clinton.  Yes, that’s true.  They are actually in Bernie Sanders territory.  If anything, Hillary Clinton is a secular globalist with middle of the road positions in certain areas.  She believes in open borders, the UN and open trade.  Notice, I didn’t say free trade.

Bernie Sanders, on the other hand, believes NAFTA and the proposed TPP are the devil.  Sanders believes in protectionism and probably tariffs.  Well, Donald Trump feels the same way on these issues.  In fact, Donald Trump believes NAFTA caused the loss of millions of jobs in the United States.  He also believes TPP would be even worse.  However, to the left, Donald Trump is, again, the devil.

Trump will probably do nothing to change the law on abortion.  He may limit it as he is definitely not for abortion on demand like Hillary, but he has said it is established law.  He actually said the same about gay marriage.  Again, he is not far right and is more closer to the Liberal Positions than the left is willing to admit.

Mike Pence

Mike Pence
Vice-President Elect Mike Pence

Now, let’s look at Mike Pence.  As much as I like him, you can say, he is to the far right on almost everything.  He has stated abortion should be overturned and made 100% illegal.  Same for gay marriage.  In fact, he has even stated that gays should be sent to camps to have the gay taken out of them.

All of his other positions are just as Conservative.  They swing from right to far right.   Trump is only with the far right on Illegal Immigration, tax policy and a few others.

Yet, the left is doing everything in their power to get rid of Trump.  Well, I’ve got news for the people on the left, the alternative to Trump at this point is Pence.  It is not Hillary Clinton.

So – Trump or Pence?

So, let me ask you, do you think Trump or Pence would be a better President if you’re a lefty Progressive.  I think the choice is clear.  You should be thanking your lucky stars that Donald J.  Trump is going to be the next President of the United States.  However, just imagine what it would be like with Mike Pence?  Would you be as much up in arms as you are now?  No.

Accordingly, the arguments of the left just don’t make any sense to me.  Trump may prove to be a disaster, but we don’t know yet.  Give the guy a chance.  He may turn out to be a President to be remembered as good for years.  I honestly think you would be much sadder if Mike Pence becomes our President.  And, that is the only alternative at this point.

So, I ask you one more time, Trump or Pence?

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One Response to "Trump or Pence"

  1. Ok, it is a fair question, so let me help you understand our viewpoint. I am going to rephrase your question, no offence meant (truly!), but this way it´s easier that you see our dilemma.

    What do we prefer: an incompetent but “kind-of-moderate” asshole or a competent “extremist”? Tough choice, it´s not easy to choose between what we see as a dangerous clown (based on his erratic behaviour, lack of knowledge about world-affairs and hateful speech) and a prepared person full of far-right ideals (which similarly endangers the freedom and rights of others). Both would destroy precious things for us, just in a different manner.

    Donald Trump would probably do it by mistake or momentary rage, Mike Pence fueled by strong convictions. Probably, Trump won´t make as much harm as Pence could do, but with him is harder to tell. I personally prefer Pence because its harm would be confined to the USA (and for a lot of people, that “harm” would be even a good thing). Trump is a world-danger, it threatens foreign relationships, worldwide commerce,… AND the rest of the world didn´t choose him and don´t deserve it!!! And the people of other countries, trust me, they are not happy and think more or less the same as those “liberal Hollywood stars”. So, they are not so alone as you would rather think about their hatred towards the next president…


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