What Now?

What Now?

Plebius Common

“The blacks in the West Indies had all sorts of experiences growing their own food, selling the surplus in the market, and, in fact, being responsible for budgeting what they had.  Black [slaves] in the United States were deliberately kept from having that.  Dependence was seen as the key to holding the slaves down.  It’s ironic that that same principle comes up in the welfare state 100 years later.  The black family survived centuries of slavery and generations of Jim Crow, but it has disintegrated in the wake of the liberals’ expansion of the welfare state.”  Thomas Sowell

What Now?

“A high-level North Korean defector says Kim Jong Un is racing to finish developing nuclear weapons in 2017.  CNN’s Barbara Starr reports.”

“Secretary of State John Kerry says two-state Middle East solution in jeopardy.”

“Donald Trump inherits Obama’s mess:  U.S. troops in Iraq are advancing on ISIS-held Mosul.”

What now?

America has arrived at another pivot point in history.  It is events and our cultures’ response to adversity, which make history.  It is the syndrome of a “man of all seasons”, a “nation of a proper humanity”.  This year something changed.  The essence of this change is found in two new 2016 films:  “Fences” and “Jackie”  These are narratives which do not fit today’s reality because America is on the wrong path.

Fences Film Poster“Fences” screams for the Condoleezza Rice wisdom of “No excuses, No victimization” from a flawed culture, a warped but glorious humanity.  That is demonstrating the struggle for a goal slightly above the human reach.  The perfection of an amalgamation of “tough love” and reality; respect for journey’s end, regardless of the “crooked path” of life that nature bestows on us all.  And at its pinnacle, it demands an eternal respect, admiration and deference for “hope.”  Which in the end generates an imperfect but proud result.  Adversity is cause and reason for growth.  If the human condition is contaminated with love, then it is the miracle of “hope.”  It is therefore, never lost.  It is only squandered or universally worthwhile.

“If there is no struggle there is no progress.  Those who profess to favor freedom and yet deprecate agitation, are men who want crops without plowing up the ground, they want rain without thunder and lightning.  They want the ocean without the awful roar of its many waters.  This struggle may be a moral one, or it may be a physical one, and it may be both moral and physical, but it must be a struggle.  Power concedes nothing without a demand.  It never did and it never will.” Fredrick Douglas

Insurgencies are made of this.  It frames the 2016 election.

jackie-movie-poster“Jackie”, married to America, abused by JFK, is simply a short story.  It is a window in time, about her unselfish empathy for America’s “manifest destiny.”  America, the imperfect but always with a good heart and soul.  She saw the need to re-infuse the White House with the quintessence of the Founding Fathers, redecorating in authentic tone memorabilia.  A monument built by proud slaves.  Magnificent even in their historical mistreatment.  A tribute to their journey, not simply an embrace of Fredrick Douglass “Misery Merchants” oppression.  Rather it is one of national pride.

The journey of “Fences.”  Seven hundred thousand died in our Civil War for abolition which is a flaw which we inherited.  It is an immoral substance absolution earned by tragedy and heartbreak.  And, then the events like a refusal by a truncation of great possibilities; Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr. and JFK.  They set the stage after the Civil War.  It is up to us not to squander, waste, and misuse or lose “hope.”  “Hopeless’ is the greatest evil of all.  Rather it is patriotic “to care about our country before ourselves,” or our prejudices, to treat the “impossible dream” with respect and commitment.  Where do we go from here?

Unity must come by assimilation, not compromising our principles.

Putin annexed Crimea, joined Assad to prevail in the Allepo massacre, supports North Korea, holds military exercises with China and has slowly impressed his imprimatur in Iran, Iraq and Turkey.  What now?

All of this while Obama, history will document, stood on the side lines, refusing to embrace the obligation of power, and that is “to lead”.

Will there come a time when “white guilt” will take its proper place in history, absolution by the 700,000 who died in the Civil War for abolition, along with the false narrative of the splendor and messianic qualities of the first African American President.  Yes, slavery will always exist.  Evil cannot be eradicated!  Was this an unforced error?  Was it a monumental squandered opportunity?  Will, this then be a re-positioning from euphoric adoration into the reality of the Forbes list of 2016 influential global individuals?  Ah, yes, we really do not wish that on anyone!

Will America therefore take years to come to grips with the observation that Putin was first, again.  Trump was second.  However, Obama was forty-eighth.  A position of inconsequence.  An issue of irrelevance and national denial.  He has no more global influence.   This creates the vacuum of danger in its wake for freedom and liberty with forces congealing that are all too similar to the 1930s?

With the decline of Judeo-Christianity, then, there is regression of Christian influence in Europe and the Middle East.  It is therefore, chaos on the march.  Feeding this frenzy is the ever rising influence of secularism, radical Islam, terrorism, and the decline of influence within nation states operating through the UN.  There are storms gathering of serious magnitudes.

The EU is therefore, disintegrating.  NATO is therefore, weakening.  Russia has therefore gained a foothold in the Ukraine, Syria, Iraq, Iran and Cuba without any resistance from America.  The Crimea, facilitation of Iran’s nuclear march, and Cuba as a communist satellite was “surrendered” on Obama’s watch!  America under Obama, Hillary and Kerry has aligned the forces of the UN against Israel…..and against America!

Krauthammer Rips UN Vote on Israel as he points out that America is then paying about one quarter of the tab for what has become a social club of ingrates spending half of its time attacking Israel.  The rest of the time is spent undermining the United States and our allies around the world.

“What happened at the UN in December 2016 was that the United States joined the jackals at the U.N.”  Senator Patrick Moynihan.

He was a great Democratic senator and a former U.S. ambassador.  He spoke for the United States in the U.N. to resist this kind of disgrace.

There appears to be fewer and fewer Democrats of Pat Moynihan‘s stature.  And the Republicans hold no Reagan trophies.

This resolution declares that any Jew who lives in the Jewish quarter of Jerusalem; the Jewish quarter, inhabited for 1,000 years, is illegal.  They are breaking international law – essentially an outlaw.   One of the consequences is that they can then be hauled into the International Criminal Court or the national courts in Europe.

Jews populated the Jewish Quarter for 1,000 years.  In the war of independence from 1948, the Arabs invaded Israel to wipe it out.  They did not succeed.  But, the Arab legion succeeded in concurring the Jewish quarter.  They expelled all the Jews.  They destroyed all the synagogues and all the homes.

And for 19 years, no Jew could go there.  The Israelis got it back in the Six Day War.  And now it’s not Jewish territory.  Remember, it’s the Jewish quarter.  But, it belongs to other people.  And, any Jew who lives there are now therefore outlaws.  That’s exactly what we supported.  The resolution is explicit in saying settlements in the occupied territories and in east Jerusalem.

However, even Attorney and Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz slams President Obama for “betraying” Israel by allowing a US abstention in a Security Council vote condemning Israeli settlements and preventing Jews from praying at the ‘Western Wall.’  Dershowitz said Obama will therefore, be remembered as one of the worst foreign policy presidents.

James Buchanan
James Buchanan

History may, however, show that Obama is to Trump as Buchanan is to Lincoln.

On 12/16/16, Trump is not yet president…..and yet.  Obama is in great danger of being summarily relegated to the dust bin of history.  But, he struggles with a firewall against his missteps.  The last minute “Executive Orders,” disgraceful UN maneuvers, Machiavellian policies, and the thrashing activity of irrelevance.  Is he not a desperate Krauthammer narcissist who does desperate things!  The last eight years belongs to Obama, up to January 20, 2017.  He owns that history, despite the impossible manipulations of the “spin doctors”, those excellent prevaricators of false news and mendacities.

“If ever there was a test of patriotism, in an election, it is “graciousness’ or the lack thereof in the defeat of the honorable (sic) opposition and the vigorous resurgence of freedom, individualism and exceptionalism!”

What now?

Quantitative easing, QI, Q2 and Q3 put more than 3 trillion into bank coffers, which they used to inflate their stock market positions.  Or else, where did it go?  Did you or I get a mortgage, a loan, a business line of credit?  The stock market is at all times highs.  However, how many of America’s poor and middle class have vested?  Of the 320 million people of America, however, ninety four million have stopped looking for work.  All too many have less than $1,000 for a car repair or an emergency fund.  One must ask who is getting rich, who is putting money into the stock market.

Obama thinks Washington is so psychologically broken that it then projects his inadequacies and dysfunction. He therefore believes the next president will need a specific skill set to function.  And, he thought Hillary, the William Safire “Congenital Liar”, had that specific skill.”  Thank God the electorate felt different and fate allowed it!

“Obama aimed to have no shadows, but the Clintons operate in shadows.”  Watch for Obama to become the backwater spearhead of the Clinton Foundation, in the shadow of Bill, in his waning years of ideological exposure.  Pray, would that he might end up more spiritually Christian (sic) like Jimmy Carter in retirement, building homes for habitat or riding the bike trails with wounded warriors.

Alas, again, and possibly always!  We did not wish it, but a slap in the ideological face, again and again, is hard to deny or ignore, for if it is, the “Road to Serfdom”.

“You can fool some of the people all of the time.”

Tyranny is simply setting the standards by which others “must” live.  “Fences” and “Jackie” are the “path” of progress, of redemption.

“When one becomes the “standard” unto themselves, it is a very low bar”.

With the greatest leaders above them.
People barely know one exists.
He speaks little.
He works without self-interest.
And leaves no trace.
And when all is finished the people say.

“We did it ourselves.”

This was Lincoln.  This was JFK and Martin Luther King.  It was Reagan.  This was…….

“The next time some academics tell you how important diversity is, ask how many Republicans there are in their sociology department.” Thomas Sowell

What Now?

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