Beyond the Promises

Beyond the Promises

By Plebius Common

The genius of Renaldo Magnus was his focus on patriotism, in the arena both foreign and domestic.  Reagan understood that the spread of Communism was the strategy of an ideology which had as it core, world dominance by any means.  Today, that ideology is radical Islam.John F Kennedy

Ronald Reagan’s domestic focus was on the “Shinning City of the Hill”, a phrase entered into the American lexicon, having been returned to prominence by John F Kennedy on 9 January 1961.  It is a model of Christian charity.  His priority was on individualism and exceptionalism, knowing that with a Judeo-Christin philosophy, true freedom and liberty for a nation, was possible.  His spiritual nature was evident in his core beliefs but generally private.

Reagan is credited with the American adopted phrase that generally ends any presidential speech, that being “And may God Bless America”.  He is likely an honorary member of the Dietrich Bonhoeffer “religion-less spirituality” vanguard, if it exists.  Bonhoeffer, a German Lutheran pastor, theologian, anti-Nazi dissident, was executed by hanging on 9 April 1945 as the Nazi regime was collapsing.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy, with his anchor in Catholicism, was very much complimentary, in spiritual and political beliefs.  Seculars, with the foot soldiers of the radical progressives, have driven a wedge between the coalition of Reagan democrats and JFK conservatives of the 1960s.

And as the counter culture wrestles with the re-framing of an electoral defeat, still blaming Bush, searching through the 2016 election archives for evidence the Putin was responsible for the “truth” escaping its shackles into the “public and private” arena, does anyone remember the sign,President George W. Bush

“Do you miss me yet?”

They were talking about a guy with a pretty solid Judeo-Christian morality.  Yes, it was former President Bush 43.  The Reagan question of today would most certainly be:

“Is the world better off today than it was eight years ago?”

Pure anxiety, coupled with the anxiety syndrome and the religion issues are very concisely identified by New York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet statement of acknowledged ignorance when he said during an interview with NPR’s “Fresh Air”, that (in this election of 2016) “we did not have a handle on … anxiety …….just how much that anxiety was going to drive the election.”  And lastly “the New York-based, and Washington-based media powerhouses don’t quite get (this Judeo-Christian philosophy morality mislabeled as just a) religion.”

History is certainly the final arbiter.  And the “truth”, never to be permanently suppressed, filters out, through a clouded political parallax lens, through WikiLeaks, Snowden or the Ellsberg Papers, and it was obtained through illegal means.  Is this not the ultimate candidate for a “whistle blower” tort or civil nullification acquittal? All whistleblowers must break a social, civil or tort contract, else why the need for any “whistleblowers”?  And if necessary, let a jury decide.  Is this not the very core of Martin Luther King Jr’s “Civil Disobedience” dogma, justice through peaceful noncompliance?

Within the sovereign continuum, America must come first for Americans, as should the noble selfish case be with all other nation states and their populous.  It is not exclusionary-ism but rather national priorities.  And this will be the greater challenge for President-elect Trump.  When exceptionalism is recognized, promoted and practiced, everyone benefits.  Does one set out to build a new bridge….higher…..or flail around trying to make the ocean waters rise or fall, climate change?

To have wished that Obama would have failed in his eight years at America’s helm, is almost sedition.  That is if that was the intent.  There are few who did not want America to prosper.

However, the Limbaugh’s prayer of wishing Obama’s policies would fail is patriotic given an argument grounded in a vigorous vetting and rejection of the collectivist’s agenda.  That agenda is anti-American, where American “individualism” is the antithesis of the George Soros “Managed Decline of America”, “Open Borders”, unfettered “Globalism” and the religion of “Climate Change”, an industry unto itself, which is not a sole policy of clean air and water.

Today’s “currentism” can very easily be compared to America’s struggle with our separation from Britain, our rejection of Nazism, Aryan-ism, the American Bund Party, radical progressivism, and the subsequent battle with socialism and communism.George Washington

George Washington never wanted most of, the responsibility of, the goals and missions of, what public service demanded of him.  When it came to patriotism, however, he never shrank from service to his country.  And toward the end of his life, he clearly rejected canonization and idolatry.  He was not a “sunshine soldier”!

The radical progressives have created a new political correct term, and it is fake news.  Fake news is an obstacle to the “promises”.  Fake News is simply the scientific engineering of consent and embrace of a “false narrative” for the purpose of delegitimizing the “truth” when the truth is “inconvenient”.  The argument rests firmly, securely on a proven axiom, a very powerful strategy:

“A lie is halfway around the world before the truth gets its boots on”.

Blocking, censoring or stopping Fake News is a back door to censorship.  Fake News and Pornography, the latter was a freedom of speech issue upheld by the Supreme Court, are lessons in the perilous unintended consequences of freedom of speech.

There is a certain messiness and dystopia with democracy.  To learn how to reason, a low point in our educational system of today, and the ability to make informed decisions, the arena of responsibility and accountability, these are the proper answer to this dilemma, not bowdlerization (restriction) of thoughts and dialogue.  All too many of those who argue for the policing of Fake News are also very corrupted by the same unfavorable tainting of a false narrative, it is the “fifth column” where “negative politics works”.  What thwarts fake news if not the free exchange of ideas and the sifting of morality abstractly contrived?

Like torture, is it ever justified, well yes, when the humanitarian benefits greatly outweigh the potential horrific outcome without the fruits of torture?  This is simply paraphrasing of the Charles Krauthammer axiom and argument wherein his outcome is the disabling of WMDs.

War is hell!  Any post mortal conflict reconstruction is torture.  And yet that reality is in the rear view mirror, thus acceptable!  As always, it is a judgment call, by those in control, the psychological scope of sovereignty, hopefully empowered and controlled by a Republic, which whether we agree or not, is always the duty of “Power”.

“The obligation of Power is to lead”.

The highest priority “promises” must start with strengthening the military; drain the swamp from the bloated Pentagon employment ratio of one support job for every soldier. Prepare for the coalition of Russia, China, North Korea, Iran, Iraq, Syria and Turkey.  It is coming!  Hold in check the Eisenhower concern for the unjustified expansion of the military-industrial complex, that informal alliance between our military and the defense industry.

Focus priorities on the excising, expurgating and expunging the foreign impact on domestic politics, from monetary to political influence infecting any election, China to Russia, from the treasonous quid pro quo from our State Department to the scandal of “Clinton Cash” and the deceitful and treacherous impact of the Clinton Foundation, to the corrupt back channels that gave rise to the Iran deal which aided and abetted a state sponsor of terrorism, and the Cuban deal which returned Russia, again, to our back door. Seal the borders to any and all things except lawful entry, obeying immigration laws and mandate assimilation.

The task appears infinitely indomitable but America is the “still the best hope”!

The half century cycle of the managed decline of our educational system must be broken.  Radical progressivism must be truncated.  The moderate traditional values of our founding must be reestablished along with a rigorous if not religious embrace of the sanctity of life.  The Sal Alinsky “rules for radicals”, the strategies of Cloward and Piven, and the false promises of socialism and collectivism must be considered a “social axis of evil” for America, and fought to the death; else we are a democracy committing suicide.

And if we follow this eternally sage advice:

“Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: it is dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.” Thomas Paine “Crisis”

Those leaders will say “A troubled and afflicted mankind looks to us pleading for us to keep our rendezvous with destiny: to prevail we must support the principles of self-sacrifice, self-reliance, self-discipline, morality and above all earn that “responsible liberty” for every individual.”

Beyond their promise to us, we are the solution to manifest destiny, we must fight the battle, we must re-earn the victory, and there is no utopia, only the slings and arrows of each generation’s “earned” liberty and freedom.

The battle of keeping the “promises”, every generations mission and goal to re-earn freedom and liberty, of draining the swamp which is done one drop of toxic political “water” at a time, one entrench subversive corrupt dogmatic alligator when confronted, it is a start, the challenge is to embrace the battle always and….never, never, never surrender.

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