The Election Recount (Or Waste of Money)

The Election Recount (Or Waste of Money)

Approximately one week ago, I published an article entitled, Jill Stein – Why? regarding the proposed Election Recount.  Unfortunately, I still don’t have an answer to that question.  Now, we are in the second week of the Election Recount of 2016.  After the first week of actual counting in Wisconsin and the events of the weekend in Pennsylvania, my questions just keep growing.  In fact, after five days of the election recount in Wisconsin, it appears that neither Mr. Trump nor Hillary Clinton have gained any votes.  See e.g.

Jill Stein appeared on Fox News Weekend last Sunday.  Here is a video of her discussion with Chris Matthews:

After watching this the first time, I felt myself getting angry.  Yes, that’s right:  Angry.  Jill Stein simply could not voice her opinion about the election recount in any way that made sense.  More and more, it seemed that this little venture was a money grab by the Green Party, Jill Stein or both.  When asked why she didn’t initiate a recount in New Hampshire which had a spread of only 3,000 votes, Ms. Stein simply did not have a valid answer.

Now, get me straight, I understand why Jill Stein has some appeal to the far left.  She is a socialist and an environmentalist.  But, to only challenge this election in three swing states which Donald Trump won and not challenge the closest state in the election, doesn’t make sense.  If she wants to verify the integrity of the election, then challenge everything that was close.  Not, just the states which would swing the election into Hillary’s favor.

Election Recount Motives

In my opinion, Jill Stein is not verifying anything.  I firmly believe Ms. Stein made a pact with the Clinton Cartel, for some payback in the future, to do Hillary’s dirty work.  It all fits.  Just look at the facts.  Hillary Clinton disappears after the election and, after she makes a very humble concession speech.  In fact, she completely disappeared to such an extent that Saturday Night Live actually did a skit about it.  Then, out of nowhere Jill Stein appears to save the day.  Election Recount

She starts what effectively is a Go Fund Me campaign to get the general public – translation, the Hillary Bots – to fund a recount of the three swing states, nobody expected Trump to win.  She ignores the rest of the electoral map completely.  What does this tell you?  It tells me that Ms. Stein made a corrupt bargain with the Clintons.  Unfortunately, there is just no other explanation.  Corrupt Bargains happen all the time in American politics.  Just Google the phrase or look it up on Wikipedia.

So, for the record, I firmly believe this Election Recount is not to verify the integrity of the election.  It is really a veiled attempt by the Clinton’s to put Hillary in the White House.  There is just no other explanation that makes any sense whatsoever.  And, to make matters worse, a large portion of the left wing was duped into paying for it.  After all, they just simple cannot live with the thought of Donald Trump in the White House.  So, now, we are forced to waste millions of dollars donated by people who mostly can’t afford it, to end up with the result everyone expects already anyway.  I just don’t get it at all.

In my opinion, all of this should stop, so that the healing can then begin.  After which, the Clintons can go into their little hole and then, hopefully, go away forever.

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