Another Year Another Christmas

Another Year Another Christmas

Well readers, it is now another Christmas.  I have been writing this column for more than eight years now.  Almost the longest I have been dedicated to anything.  Sometimes I wonder if it’s worth it or if we reached anyone along the way.  However, that’s the topic of another article in the future.

For those of you that had a bad 2016, I wish 2017 is better.  For those of you that had a good 2016, then I hope 2017 is even better still.  In the Entertainment Industry, it was a very hard year.  Between the many passing and the division caused by the election, things couldn’t have been much worse.  I’m glad we were lucky yesterday and we didn’t lose Princess Leia.  Had Carrie Fisher left us, then it would have been the final topping to the cake of 2016.

But, as I said earlier, this is Christmas and accordingly, we should only think about one thing now:  that is the birth of the child in a manger about 2,000 years ago.  As you all know, he was born into poverty in the little town of Bethlehem.  It was God’s will to give us his son and to make that son human.  He came to relieve us of sins.  He came to take the pain and torture of those sins and make them his own.  And, he came to bring peace and love to all mankind.

Christmas Gift Movie
Frank DeMartini Christmas 2012

Sometimes, the state of the world is such that it is hard to believe Jesus succeeded.  But, for those of us with faith, we know he did.  He brought together the world in many more ways than he separated it.  All you have to do is see the joy and love in a child’s face and you know what Jesus has accomplished.

Now, it should be our goal to bring that joy and love from children to adults.  Maybe, the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency will succeed in doing it.  It truly cannot get any worse than the last eight years with President Obama.  However, maybe, it will not.  We will only find out as time progresses.

In the meantime, I wish all of you a wonderful Christmas time.  May you spend it with your family and friends.  And, for those of that cannot, I know they will be in your hearts.  I know I will be thinking of all of you.

Much Peace and Love!

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One Response to "Another Year Another Christmas"

  1. Suffer a little nostalgia to set the stage. This was a woman who could have helped Hillary.

    There was the Passing of Edie Wassermann, the woman behind a principled Hollywood mogul, Lew Wasserman, back on August 18, 2011. Our many movie productions were once done in Los Angeles?????. This initiated the stage for the onset of free market production money exiting Hollywood and moving offshore and to china. Today the threat to American jobs, in the movie industry, in China, a communist country, must warm Obamas’ soul.

    “On a sprawling 1,200-acre site at the foot of that hill, a gaggle of construction cranes is noisily building Qingdao Oriental Movie Metropolis, a vast development that includes a movie studio, a theme park and entertainment center, a 4,000-room resort-hotel complex, a shopping mall, a 300-berth yacht club, a celebrity wax museum, and a hospital. The Dalian Wanda Group, China’s biggest commercial real-estate developer and the world’s largest owner of movie theaters, has committed $8.2 billion to the project. Wanda Studios Qingdao is the linchpin of the new development, and it opens its doors in April 2017

    A little distraction through nostalgia of a union which had control Hollywood, by the “good heart “ of Lew Wasserman, a benevolent dictator, and the a aberration return of jobs, possibly, if allowed, it will take pain and sacrifice, to effect that promised by Trump. One only needs research in the birth of Hollywood and its underlying principle in lifting America spirits.

    The passing of Edie Wasserman

    by Guest Writer

    A Hollywood Republican |

    Lou and Edie Wasserman

    Edie Wasserman died late in August 2011. “Lou and Edie Wasserman were contributors to Many Los Angeles Charities.” She was, please read, 8/19/11 LATimes, pg AA, a “Philanthropist and a mogul’s wife”. Edie Wasserman and her husband were known as “king and queen of Hollywood. Seems like a fitting opportunity for a memorial on the Hollywood Republican.

    One needs a reality check on the economy, as if that were necessary, but unfortunately it is. Hollywood and the slings and arrows of an outrage declining economy. Revisit “Why Can’t Hollywood Help the Unemployment Rate”, ,” Are Conservatives Really Blacklisted?”

    Show us if there is any version of socialism that has ever worked out well.

    And the ask why movies are still the bright shining star on the hill of this recession infected city, Los Angeles, CA. Recently down grade to AA by S & P. And yet a “grip”, a movie or television technician, is having trouble finding work here today. Would this have happened in Lew’s days?

    Behind every great man is a woman, and here we find Edie. She manufactured her own epitaph in the life and times of Lew Wasserman. The LA Times has covered her side of this relationship well. We judge people by the company they keep, so let’s revisit Edie’s lifelong companion, the company she kept.

    Lew Wasserman was bigger than life on many levels, but a very private person. Thus the real story of his power, which was substantial, is clouded by a vacuum of personal notes, autobiography, anything written by Lew, and the silence of Edie, his beloved wife. Can we still image that quality of loyalty, love, kindness and forgiveness in America?

    He came from Russia as a legal immigrant, grew up on the mean, poor streets of Cleveland where everybody in the Jewish community worked to survive, including the children. Crime, criminals, and the mob were in full bloom, a perfect work shop for Lew to get his street smarts. He worked around, for and with the mob, learning what he needed to know, an interesting association, not necessarily new, between Jews and mobsters (or Jewish Mobsters i.e. Mo Dalitz, Myer Lansky et al) without ever getting labeled a mobster even though there were ten reported investigations into his business operations while at MCA, which was effectively all his life.

    Lew’s skills and talents were recognized by Jules Stein, the owner of MCA, who offered Lew a job in Chicago, another mob environment. Lew married Edie, a young upper class girl who was watching her father and family being financially ruined by a lawsuit which did its’ damage, mob related indictment, even though her father was eventually exonerated. This suggests where Edie got here ability to protect Lew’s back, which she is rumored to have done many times. Lew built the empire founded by Jules Stein into a giant monopoly. And it was Robert Kennedy that destroyed that monopoly in his Elliot Ness (Ness destroyed the Cleveland mob scene) persona against crime and the mob.

    Lew rose from the ashes like the Phoenix, was friends with all US Presidents including Jack Kennedy, surprisingly considering Robert Kennedy’s prosecution, the impetus seeming to come from the government successful break up of his monopoly. Why? If you can’t beat them, join them. And, keep your friends close, your enemies closer. Lew never seemed bent on revenge, only getting influence. His enemies were defeated by making them his friends. This, my friends, is a lost political art.

    Lew’s low profile, extremely effective relationship with the rich and powerful is educational, currently alarming and disturbing. He groomed Ronald Reagan for the governorship of California and backed him for the Presidency. His enterprise manner is documented proof of his lifelong genius at packaging and controlling talent.

    Lew was the real genius of the movie package deal, before Ovitz, much better at it than Ovitz, who eventfully started Lew’s demise by brokering the Matshusta deal to buy Universal/MCA. Without control, and power, Lew was inconsequential, as is the way in Hollywood. And the Japanese stripped him of everything.

    With Lew’s guidance MCA had morphed into Universal. The American Motion Picture Assoc., headed by Jack Valenti (who just died), a Lew appointment, became the mantra of Hollywood power in politics in DC. Lew then worked to help numerous presidents raise money for election. Rumors have it that with just a brief discussion at a White House Affair he got President Reagan, the actor whose career he helped rejuvenate, to quash a ripe, justified, and documented Justice Dept. investigation, one of ten, which would have been very damaging to MCA.

    He felt Spielberg was too inexperienced for Jaws but allowed it. He almost killed American Graffiti because he didn’t understand the audience. He saw TV as a natural expansion of movies, not as a threat, and stopped TV from producing its’ own movies, he produced them, until some ten years back. Who then produced the TV movies? Lew did (Triple 777 jackpot) with a special exception from the SAG President, Ronald Reagan. And yet he ignored Cable TV, and did not diversify, to his detriment.

    Ovitz orchestrated the Japanese buy out of Universal with a shady twist of a leaked rumor causing MCA stock to tumble that forced Lew’s acceptance. Lew is rumored to have lost 2 billion (stock dripped due to rumor) in the final 6 billion dollar deal.

    And this was the beginning of the end for Wasserman as a Mogul. Bill Clinton used Lew regularly for fund raisers. Lew never seemed to lose his elegance and his wife comes in for some earned praise. Some serious mistakes were made on his watch, something all great people do. But he always landed on his feet. Great people are interesting. Question, was this MCA monopoly a driving force for Disney, in those years, aside from animation, to go it alone on the human talent front?

    Interesting that Lew’s wife Edie, very powerful as the woman behind Lew, wanted the elite blue blood of Pasadena to bond with and blend into the Hollywood Nuevo Riche’ thus having it all, socially. It never happened. The result was Jules partied in Pasadena with blue-bloods and Lew partied in Hollywood with the stars. Was this an attempt to strip the mobster element out of Hollywood? Remember, Sidney Korshak, the legendary mob lawyer, was Lew’s life time friend, silent benefactor, and fixer with the unions, mobs et al.

    My take these days is that Hollywood is neither, possibly never was, as Liberal or Conservative, at any one time, as one may think or talking-heads may suggest. Hollywood, behind the scenes, supports any and all political powers and animals. Their interest is influence, after money, power, and fame (the last three define influence) as Valenti suggests, and not ideologies.

    Maybe Jerry Bruckheimer is to Bill Gates (hands on genius) as Lew Wasserman was to Warren Buffet (Mover & Shaker money magician…and now our nation’s capitalistic moralist (sic)). All go deeper, very much deeper than is ever obvious. No moral comparison, there is none intended. But today’s unions do not hold a candle to the era of Lew Wasserman, and Lew was dismantled by Robert Kennedy, rising up to help John Fitzgerald “Jack” Kennedy re-election efforts.

    The birth ofAmerica was a miracle, rich in blood and treasure, and fallible without excuses. The rich and powerful don’t follow the rules, they follow “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”, they make the rules. Most do not admire Reagan, Goldwater (Goldwater’s connection to the Cleveland Jewish Mobster Mo Dalite is very interesting) et al any less, but the pedestal they once were on is much, much shorter, facts get in the way of myth. Human fallibility is that way.

    That is the dilemma of exercising “due diligence,” our job which we do poorly. Being “fully informed” carries a responsibility too ominous for the faint of heart, thus the fallacious but informative observation. Socialism is a “Religion (follows beliefs and do not question the hierarchy), and it self-destructs when they run out of other’s money. It is happening.

    With all their imperfections, Hollywood principled unions, the “good” twin, were not prioritized as wealth redistributionists. They were and still are imperfect fallible capitalists, doing tremendous good, continually attacked by socialist union leadership, to the disadvantage of the union workers who understand “parity.” What is new? What has changed? What will change? Some say it has to be the radical insane progressivism.

    Fallibility is the human condition.

    And this is all history, something we seemed bound to repeat.

    We have much to thank Edie Wasserman for. She was the compass of that juggernaut, the soul of her charities, and the love of her Mogul.

    What is the value of history??????

    A Christmas Future might well include a reversal of the trend of the exodus of Hollywood.

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


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