Identity Politics – Post Election

Identity Politics – Post Election

Democrats just don’t get it.  They don’t get it when they win.  And, more importantly, they don’t it when they lose.  President Obama is currently under the delusion that because his approval rating is 57%, most of America believes in his policies.  Did he ever think that he’s a likable person and that’s why his approval rating is so high?  It might not be his policies people like.  It might just be him.  I know I like him, but I abhor everything he stands for politically.  I especially abhor the Identity Politics that the Democratic Party and President Obama rely on so heavily.

What is Identity Politics?

As I’ve said before in this column, Identity Politics is the use of a person’s identity to garner his or her vote in an election.  For example, the Democratic Party claims to be the Party of women, African-Americans, the LGBTQ community and Hispanics to name a few.  Unfortunately, the Democratic Party does not talk about issues anymore.  They talk about these special interest groups and pander to them every election cycle.

Donald Trump called the DNC on this.  He went into the African-American communities and laid it all on the line.  He stated to them, “What have you got to lose,” by voting for me?  And, he was right.  Pandering to a special interest every two or four years and then ignoring them until the next election cycle has got to be wearing thin within these communities, especially the African-American community.

Under President Obama, African-Americans have done worse than almost every other special interest group.  See e.g.

As Donald Trump said, “what have you got to lose?”

And, the minority groups seemed to buy the argument made by Trump.  Trump got twice the African American vote of Mitt Romney.  He also got 40% of women and a larger percentage of Hispanics since the days of Bush 43.  Something worked.

The Future of the Democratic Party

Regular readers of this column know I’m no fan of the Democratic Party or liberals.  In fact, I disagree with almost all of their policies.  I shouldn’t be saying what I’m about to say, but I must.

The Democratic Party will cease to exist as we know it if they continue to rely on Identity Politics and Special Interest groups.  They must start to address the issues that face Americans on the whole.  It is what Donald Trump did and why he will soon be President.  He went into the Rust Belt and spoke to the people there.  He spoke to them in a way that politicians haven’t spoken to them in years.  Michael Moore was smart enough to understand it.

Why doesn’t the rest of the Democratic Party?

Tim Ryan Ohio
Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan

Wait – maybe some of them do?  One of them is Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan.  He is challenging Nancy Pelosi for House Minority Leader.  And, in my opinion, if he wins, the Democratic Party has a chance.  Tim Ryan is saying all the right things.  He’s telling the Democratic Party to get off Identity Politics.  He’s telling them to start thinking about the working man.  Unfortunately, he is Trump’s worst nightmare.  Fortunately for Republicans, he doesn’t have a chance.

In fact, I will go so far as to say that Tim Ryan has as much of a chance to defeat Nancy Pelosi as Bernie Sanders had of getting the nomination.  The Establishment just won’t let it happen.  Nancy Pelosi controls the party in the same manner Hillary Clinton did.  She owns the purse strings.  And, the DNC and Congressional Democrats are still controlled by those purse strings.  The GOP had Donald Trump to break that hold.  I don’t think Tim Ryan has the personal resources to break that hold in the same manner as Trump.

So, two years from now, the Democratic Party will get another shellacking at the state level and maybe even at the Federal level.  Two years from now, the Democratic Party will still be practicing identity politics.  And, two years from now, they will be looking at everyone except themselves to blame.  Meanwhile, the GOP under Trump will continue to grow.

Maybe, that’s not such a bad thing!


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One Response to "Identity Politics – Post Election"

  1. We are lectured from the stage of “Hamilton” but is it truly representative of Alexander? It was a synergistic modern day example of crying “fire” in a crowded theater, inflammatory rudeness rather than chaos. VP Pence was the gracious one.

    There is so much in this short essay that can be culled into wisdom for the ages. It will be a while before, for some, the passion of losing, the magnificence of achieving, will be temper and life will, in its perpetual natural flux, the caldron of change, there is something we can always count on, it will open channels of wisdom that will show the way.

    The trick is to view it through the prism of what is good in an ideology. Somewhere someone said America’s Judeo-Christianity is on display in “Classical Liberalism and Classical Conservatism.” Any explanation required frames the decline of our educational system from kindergarten to the Ivory Towers of our Ivy Leagues.

    Everything that radical progressives find wrong, mostly a false narrative, the provenance of today’s radical progressives, what they find wrong with Trump is a mirror image of the Clinton Cartel on steroids, strange-well not-that they know the subject so well, and yet there is no ability to connect the rational dots, when passion overwhelms.

    One could replace the word Democrat with Republican, in this critical essay, and we have a cautionary tale for the moderate “Conservative Right”. It is the eternal wisdom of “Be the change you seek”. What is ill advised for them is also ill advised for us.

    When one sees the “snowflakes” melting, the indoctrinated young, the products of elite educational institutions, the lack of effective and efficient tools for individualism and exceptionalism, the inability to embrace two opposing ideologies at the same time and still function, it is the seductive wilderness of the Cloward and Piven strategy, the magnificent majesty of the orator.

    And I witnessed some of this turbulence, all families have some on both sides of the ideological spectrum, crying, some signs of despair, and some severely depressed, acting out in anger, because of the election outcome. One has to wonder, do they not know how half of America has felt for the last eight years.

    Compassion and empathy requires a heart and soul. He was not our choice, but America gave him two opportunities to guide America to a growth of soul and prosperity. History will be the judge.

    The discipline demanded to fight evil is hardly ever a feel good project, but it is generally necessary for a “good” outcome”. If the objective is too easy to obtain, one must suspect its worth is a critical question.

    If one has no idea what the greater good is, then no “holy book” will properly lead, the call to arms will be corrupt, its interpretation will be bastardized, and that flag will be the wrong one to follow.

    Is it too much to ask that this new administration be given the same respect, the support and opportunity to succeed, the benefit of any doubt, which the last one enjoyed, or do we not remember? The first sign of a cultural recovery will be an honest media. Or are we, as a people, the populous that won, and lost, too callous and fallow.


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