History Repeating Itself or Not!

History Repeating Itself or Not!

By Buchannan’s legacy

There is one legacy that President Barack Obama owns outright and will not be changed.  America gave him the opportunity and honor of being the first African American president.  An eight year tenure for a capable, talented and brilliant individual, history will fairly judge.

The national atmosphere President Obama will leave is somewhat chaotic divisive, and similar to that of Buchannan when he surrendered the presidency to Lincoln.Barack Obama

Buchannan’s legacy was weak in vision/agenda-setting, domestic leadership, foreign policy leadership, moral authority and any “positive” historical significance of his legacy beyond the historical ethnicity argument.  Buchanan’s issue was succession.  Obama’s is global and domestic leadership issues.  They are obscured by a Charles Krauthammer analysis of character narcissism.

Beware Soros, and the Davos anarchists are in full battle gear.  Degrade and destroy conservatism is the battle cry.  Most of the anti-Trump rioting and unrest is manufactured in the style of Amazon.  It is ordered and delivered through a George Soros indoctrinated nationwide activist group.  The Amazon carton has been delivered by bus.

“PHOTO: School Bus Drops Off Anti-Trump Protesters at Houston Fundraiser.”


“BUSTED!  Entire Blocks Filled With Buses From Soros Paid Rioters.”


It is clear that the radical insane progressives have taken over many of our schools.  Then, they indoctrinate instead of teach.  And, propagandize instead of inform.  Additionally, the travesty of using youth to foment unrest is one of the under pining’s of the Nazi Youth Camps in the 1930s.

Why do we not know about this?  Indoctrinating the youth supports anarchy.  What is programmed in the first twelve years of life is never far from the surface of action and reaction.  A truly sacred profession, instructors and teachers, have been hijacked.  This is similar to Germany during the rise of Hitler:

“Students across US stage mass walkouts in protest of Trump.”


“From New York to Los Angeles, demonstrators have marched in various American cities for four nights since Trump’s unexpected victory Tuesday capped an acrimonious campaign.”


The following is probably aberrational.  We certainly pray it is.  It does firm up the vitriol and hate that is perpetuated from progressive parents, teachers, George Soros types and the alt left on down.  It is the psychosomatic equivalent of the Hitler Youth indoctrination.  Thus, a Hitler reference is not a stretch.  Nor is the black-lash KKK?  It is a fringe element that must be held in check.  It must additionally, be extinguished.

“Police investigating mother who throws out young son for ‘voting’ for Trump at school.”


President Obama will leave office with serious cracks, if not a pending collapse to his legacy position on global security, the defeat if ISIS, his Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) signature trade policy beyond reach.  Guantanamo Bay still open.  Climate Change models fail miserably with time beyond the positive bipartisan clean air and water policies.  This is a stark reprimand for not enforcing immigration law.  It is a rejection of Kate’s Law, the lack of enforcement of federal law with sanctuary cities, and a serious rebuke of his porous refugee vetting policies.

Simply put, the State of the Union is worse than it was eight years ago.  It is a repudiation of a collectivist’s overreach ideology.

Trump’s must live up to his promise to repeal and replace ObamaCare.  He must also lower taxes, repatriate profits, bolster border security, nominate conservative Supreme Court Originalists, fix the inner cities, prevent world aggression and hostilities from fomenting WWIII.  This is horribly similar to the legacy of Buchannan and the subsequent 1930s.  And, we must move to energy independence.

Otherwise it is more of the same cowardly “establishment” end run around vision, statesmanship and the mandate from and of the populous.

In the final analysis, it will not be Obama’s fault or credit.  We elected him twice.  Maybe we asked too much!  History, alas, is the final arbiter.  Let’s just hope it is not history repeating itself.

And the same will be true of Trump!

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3 Responses to "History Repeating Itself or Not!"

  1. While Trump did throw his hat into the political ring with a patriotic agenda and a priority of America’s greatness, he did not display signs of lusting for greatness, power or a narcissistic legacy.

    From a previous Hollywood Republican posting,

    “Bottom Up Destabilizing, Weakening and Undermining”


    What America has experienced in the past presidential term is unsustainable debt, depressing leadership doubt and the managed decline of America’s greatness. What is offered, promised and needed to save our Republic is a noble vision and positive solutions for a better America.

    To be a good President and Vice President of America, one must be formed in the image of George Washington, not wanting the job, willing to lose it for what is noble, honorable and principled. And that illusive political imperative, that which is absolute, is to believe in “something” of a higher order.

    “Above all, we must realize that no arsenal, or no weapon in the arsenals of the world, is so formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women. It is a weapon our adversaries in today’s world do not have” – Ronald Reagan. Let us not surrender to them!

  2. Unfortunately for America–and very clearly stated in the anti-Trump post election activity–the Democrat (read “Nazicrat”) Party, as well as silent and not so-silent Establishment compatriots on the other side of the aisle are busily engaged in covering their tracks.

    The Democrats are holding their breath and hoping they don’t get scooped up in any recriminations for their part in the massive, generation long deal with the devil that started when–in desperation to get back into the White House–they took on a corrupt, amoral young Governor named Clinton to run against George H.W. Bush. Raised, literally, by criminals, Clinton was very bright, attractive and fast on his feet, and with a little boost from well-placed election frauds he made it into the White House.

    The DNC was jubilant and confident they could control his activity because they had the evidence of his criminality in their possession. But what they didn’t count on was Hillary Clinton–his “bagman” and personal “fixer” to make a beeline for J. Edgar Hoover’s personal files on Democrat politicians to neutralize the DNC’s hold on the new President.

    After eight years of Clinton’s ongoing corruption, George W. Bush was barely able to wrest control of the White House from the Democrats, and for eight years, the Clintons plotted re-entry into the White House, this time with Hillary’s political rise, which occurred only because of the untimely and suspicious death of JFK, Jr. (Had JFK, Jr. survived, he very likely would be winding up his 2nd term as President because there was no way that she could have bested JFK, Jr. for the Democratic nomination for Senator from New York in the 2000 election. (Note: In 1999, JFK, Jr. with advice from his uncle Ted, had decided to go for the Senate nomination, a well documented and publicized fact. YET DURING THIS PAST CAMPAIGN, someone attempted to rewrite history by planting a story on the Internet that JFK, Jr. was going to launch his political career with a run at the NY Governorship in 2003. The politically astute Kennedys would never do such a thing. JFK, Sr. launched from the Senate and so did Bobby Kennedy. As any detective worth his shield will tell you, it looks like somebody was trying to erase Hillary’s motive for murder. Circumstantial evidence? Absolutely… nonetheless hard to ignore.)

    After re-election to the Senate after one thoroughly non-productive term, Hillary was ready to go for the Presidency and the DNC was fearful of the devil again. In desperation, reached out in a Hollywood movie casting effort and grabbed a worthless young Senator (so typical of Illinois politics), albeit harmless and non-threatening looking African-American with seemingly formidable credentials (Harvard Law-graduated doesn’t necessarily mean Harvard Law- educated).

    Thus the DNC dodged the bullet… but America paid the price… economic stagnation and more corruption from the Clintons… this time with international bribery and the plunder of Libya with the permission of Obama and cooperation of the Brits and the French. (Gaddafi personally was the 4th wealthiest man in the history of civilization. His gold and hard currency stash alone was worth near 200 billion… and America needed gold to help pay the vig on its debt. That’s the big secret of Benghazi, and what got Ambassador Stevens killed… he caught people skimming. Take a guess who!!!

    And that’s what all the social craziness and politicizing of the DOJ, FBI and IRS coming out of the White House for the last 4 years has been all about… a big smokescreen and distraction to keep people from digging too deep. And they almost made it into the clear. So here we are, after 8 years… the DNC has dodged the Hillary bullet once again and is holding its breath to see if they have a viable political party after all the dust clears.

    The post-election tantrum is a paid for effort to keep the smokescreen going. Whether its succeeds is unlikely, as the public has made its point to the swamp rats. In due time the prosecutions will begin. My suggestion of fitting punishment for the Clintons… America’s #1 Crime Family: Life imprisonment without parole, IN THE SAME CELL.


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