The Joy of Victory

The Joy of Victory

By Plebius Common

“Donald Trump Elected President in Shock to Establishment.”

These are Eight Words that announced the triumph of good over political evil.  The unknown possible over the defeat of the “establishment criminal and corruption.”  The invitation of a revival of Judeo-Christianity over secularism.

It is the Joy of victory; a concern for those in the throes of the Agony of defeat.  The issues that resonated were:

“Make America Great Again.”

“Drain the Swamp.”

America, for the time being, has stopped the insidious growth of radical insane progressivism …for at least another moment in history.

Never, never, never forget, 228 to 290.  How close, our choice of political evil over a new start. (Michigan has still not been awarded so Trump may have 306 when this publishes)

Drain the Swamp

The real work is ahead of us.  How do we re-embrace those 228, enshrine that precipice over which we barely escaped descending.  It is the reversal of the George Soros “Managed Decline of America.”’  A William F Buckley “Stop.”  A rejection of that insidious “Transformation of America,”  And, solidify another 240 years minimum.  Our country’s suicide was too close for comfort.  This is an indelible message enshrined.  The message to our children, grandchildren and the world……never, never, never, surrender!

“Krauthammer: Trump Win Would Be ‘Ideological and Electoral Revolution Of the Kind We Haven’t Seen Since Reagan’.”

Well, God Bless America.  Game on!  This is a revival of the ideology of conservatism.  The message framed by:

“A Conservative is a fellow who is standing athwart history yelling ‘Stop!’ William F. Buckley, Jr.”

“Government growing beyond our consent had become a lumbering giant.  It is slamming shut the gates of opportunity.  It is threatening to crush the very roots of our freedom.  What brought America back?  The American people brought us back — with quiet courage and common sense, with undying faith that in this nation under God the future will be ours, for the future belongs to the free. (Ronald Reagan)”

It is problematic and morally disturbing, in a Judeo-Christian culture, to realize that there is such a fine line between a criminal and corrupt choice on the one hand, and a “crude but truly patriotic unknown” as the alternative.  And we had difficulty deciding!!!!  When we left England, the prospects were slim, the future bleak, and the horizon black.

Coal miners wanted their jobs back. Manufacturing needed to be reborn in America.  Hispanics voted for immigration control and limitation.  The African American voted for a re-embrace of Fredrick Douglass freedom and security.  Every American should have voted against criminality and corruption.  They did not.  Thus, freedom and liberty must be re-earned by each and every generation.

“Celebrated evangelical pastor Franklin Graham has declared that the best choice for President in Tuesday’s elections “isn’t difficult to figure out if you are a Christian,” in evident reference to Republican candidate Donald Trump.”

Beware!  Beware!  As we become entangled with the alligators of political malfeasance, do not ever forget, similar to our leaving King George III and Britain:

“We pledged to drain the swamp.”

Nigel Farage compared the American election to Brexit warning that the “establishment”, liken to the British Supreme Court, would still try to steal the election.  With her expressed animosity for Trump, will Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg recuse herself in an election related case?  History may well show that “draining the swamp” creeped into the “Final Nine.”  The battle “is never over.”

The election results are decried by the Saudis, George Soros and Louis Farrakhan.

America, by too narrow of a margin, choose against the “establishment”, against radical progressivism and for, once again:

“Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.”

“Those who would trade our freedom for the soup kitchen of the welfare state have told us that they have a utopian solution of peace without victory.  They call their policy accommodation.  And they say if we only avoid any direct confrontation with the enemy, he will forget his evil ways and learn to love us.  We cannot buy our security, our freedom from the threat of the bomb by committing an immorality so great as saying to a billion human beings now in slavery behind the Iron Curtain.  Give up your dreams of freedom because to save our own skin, we are willing to make a deal with your slave-masters.  Freedom prospers when religion is vibrant and the rule of law under God is acknowledged. (Ronald Reagan)”.

It is a historical pivot.  Enjoy the victory….and ingrain forever on our collective memories our escape from the agony of defeat.

Freedom and security is not for the faint of heart.  Have we?  Will we, learn anything of truly lasting value?

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3 Responses to "The Joy of Victory"

  1. For this 2016 presidential election, the concession speech of Hillary, the outreach of President Obama were gracious, conciliatory and an outreach of well-staged respect. And it was phony.

    The problem is that for eight years of Obama, and nearly thirty years of the Clintons, America has been witness to the master prevaricators of mendacities. But alas, you can fool some of the people all of the time.

    The progressives opine” Hitler was just elected. He’s still not a legitimate president, they say. Racism and sexism and Islamophobia have won! The planet is doomed! This is a national day of mourning! Woe is me! It’s the new 9-11!! The streets are flooding with the tears of Hollywood elites! Quick, stockpile birth control before the Pope comes and steals it! The walls are closing in!

    Do not get complacent. The mission and goal of radical progressives is not the prosperity and goodness of America. Rather it is the defeat of Conservatism.

    And the excuses and victimization of how Hillary lost the election are infinite.

    “Hillary had the popular vote by 1.2 million. … The reason Trump won, however, is because he reached the threshold of 270 votes from the Electoral College; he ended up with somewhere around 279.”

    “Did third-party candidates cost Hillary Clinton the election?”

    Some of Hillary’s supporters are even hoping for an Electoral College revolt on December 19, 2016. The very consideration of this event being possible is well within the ideology of the Clinton Cartel, and the insane radical dogma of extreme progressivism.

    The simple, obvious, and largely denied reason for Hillary’s failure is her character. The sad commentary is that a majority of Americans would have surrendered their nation into the reprehensible morality of the Clinton Cartel” tyranny, had she won.

    History will make much of this. America dodged a “bullet” aimed at the heart of freedom and liberty. Soft tyranny is the recon of a democracy’s suicide.

    “Tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered; yet we have this consolation with us, that the harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly: It is dearness only that gives everything its value. Heaven knows how to put a proper price upon its goods; and it would be strange indeed if so celestial an article as FREEDOM should not be highly rated.

    What is the reaction when the sensitive opposition is “triggered” and don’t have a “safe space “to retreat to:

    Triggered: Violent Anti-Trump Riots Break out in West Coast Cities, Campuses
    Violent anti-Trump protests and riots broke out in several West Coast cities and on California campuses as news of Donald Trump’s victory in the 2016 presidential election spread.

    Students at the University of California Los Angeles rioted in the streets of Westwood, Los Angeles, declaring: “Not my president!”

    The Los Angeles Times reports that there were riots in San Francisco and Oakland, and protests and several other California campuses:

    Demonstrations were also reported in downtown Los Angeles, at UC Santa Cruz and UC Irvine.
    A throng marching in Oakland chanted, “Who’s got the power? We got the power.”
    Small fires in Oakland also prompted the closure of a Bay Area Rapid Transit station.

    In Seattle’s Capitol Hill neighborhood, according to local news station KIRO 7, about 100 protesters gathered, and the demonstration turned violent: “They set fires, blocked traffic and threw bottles.”

    This is not America. It is the paid “Occupy Wall street” crowd, funded by George Soros types hidden by the octopus arms of the disjointed desperate group, in the shadows of the Clinton Foundation Cartel, the “mobs for hire”, and those violent groups that attacked the Trump 2016 campaign rallies. It didn’t happen at the Hillary rallies.

    The future holds a serious promise. America is a nation of sovereign states. This was the miracle of the Founding Fathers, our Constitution.

    California, New York and Illinois are Blue States with substantially more dependent Democratic populous, a strong government dependency, a bankruptcy trending unsustainable legacy costs.

    The edge in popular vote, if sustained, regardless, opens a window into an attack on the Electoral College, into the obvious dangers of the decline of our educational system and the miserable and purposeful deconstruction of our constitution, an eroding spiritual foundation, our Judeo-Christian culture, which if not sustained, rebuilt, reinstalled, re-instilled, recommitted to, will prophesy continuing challenges, a tipping point. If reached, the irreversible path back to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness may not happen without a violent revolution.

    The defeated do not want the just deserts of their reward. While circling for post battle skirmishes, they want to diminish the just mandate of victory. Do not relax and settle into a complacent and magnanimous false security. Offense is the only strategy for a victorious defense of our unalienable rights, individualism and exceptionalism.

  2. Republicans just won a battle in a political war. Magnanimity right now is a sin, treason and a partial capitulation. Compromise now is a surrender of principles. Deliver on the promises that won the battle is a must. Victory means power and the obligation of power is to lead….not to concede.

    Just listen to the “honest political bile” coming from the mouth of Harry Reid. If we learned anything from this political reprobate; it is “we won”, didn’t we?????

    Rise the political drawbridge, fill the dogma Mott, repopulated the defensive and offensive party alligators, repair, rebuild, strengthen and thicken the walls of ideology, re-suppled the Judeo-Christian armory, for with acolytes of progressivism like Elizabeth Warren, the Clintons, Schumer, George Soros, the Pope, and Obama, peace for the loser is a time for adversarial regrouping. It is not a “coming together”, a unification. It is the only the lull between hostility.

    Can it be clearer? There is no peace in the streets. As yet there is no loyal opposition!

    “At a certain point it became clear something had gone horribly wrong. Celebrants’ faces turned. The (Presidential election algorithm for 2016… 80% polling, NYT “fudging” admitted, had been incorrect throughout 2016) modeling had been purposefully incorrect.”

    Dunham wrote in an essay for her Lenny Letter blog . “Watching the numbers in Florida, I touched my face and realized I was crying. ‘Can we please go home?’ Many are thinking more constructively, “go away, temporarily, please.”

    For some this particular Wednesday morning, 11/9/16, was oh, so right, finally…… For others, Lena Dunham, it was personal, historical and pathetic:

    “I ached in the places that make me a woman”.

    This is Megan Kelly-ism hypocrisy. Arrival is but an unwillingness to lose the trappings of “excuses and victimization”. This is a demand for equality while being unwilling to surrender the effective and efficient tools of wedge issues. If white you are infected with “white” privilege’ and are always a Van Jones soldier of “white-lash” rather than an ethnic-less Templar.

    The roof came down when Trump, referring, for most of us, to a Willy Coyote moniker, until we were corrected by the biased experts, the fiery blood coming out of eyes and ears (whatever), was conveniently converted to vulgarism, or at least inferred “crudeness”, and then …Lena Dunham, is the one to lecture us, this is the same Lena Dunham who, by her own account, molested her own sister,

    “Lena Dunham Describes Sexually Abusing Her Little Sister…anything a sexual predator might do to woo a small suburban girl I was trying.”

    And she is given a pass??????

    “It isn’t so much that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so many things that aren’t so.”

    “So you’ve got a Republican president, Republican Senate, Republican House. There is no excuse, no excuse now, to not make the changes in Washington we want. And, by the way, because of the aforementioned, we will now have every prospect of a conservative Supreme Court and a conservative judiciary for the next generation.”

    No Olive branch. Drain the swamp. Do not bind up the wounds yet. Make the rules. Establish the imperative. We won. …..even Obama understood and verbalized that in 2009…..Then, after implementing promised changes, there is ample time for “reconciliation”, “vetting”, expunging radical progressivism, the political Ebola, re- establishing terms of a Republic treaty, our treaty, until the next election……it is their turn to carry our water!!!!!

    Do not snatch defeat from the jaws of victory!

  3. Why is the voting privilege reserved for citizens by our constitution? Because it could fraudulently shift the balance of power.

    According to AP’s count as of November 13, 2016,

    Hillary Clinton has 60,981,118 votes to Donald Trump’s 60,350,241 votes.

    The popular vote count means that Trump got 47.3 percent of the vote while Clinton got 47.79 percent. It’s a small percentage difference, but it’s significant. Essentially, Clinton currently has 629,877 more votes than Trump as of the latest count.

    The popular vote gave Hillary a margin of 629,877 votes, while the reported votes of illegal aliens was over 3 million. How many of those votes, if true, went to Hillary.

    It is close enough, the ACCORN and radical progressive strategy, to be a hideous attack on our sovereignty and the constitution.

    “Three million votes in the U.S. presidential election were cast by illegal aliens, according to Greg Phillips of the organization.

    If true, this would mean that Donald Trump still won the contest despite widespread vote fraud and almost certainly won the popular vote.”

    “We have verified more than three million votes cast by non-citizens,” tweeted Phillips after reporting that the group had completed an analysis of a database of 180 million voter registrations.”

    America must fight for the integrity of our election system.

    This does affect the voter mandate.


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