It’s Down to Colorado and New Hampshire

It’s Down to Colorado and New Hampshire

I have been telling all of my friends that if Hillary Clinton wins this election it will be razor close.  In fact, I’ve done a number of electoral maps which show Hillary winning 272-268.  These scenarios all rest on her winning Colorado.  The most I have her with is still under 300.  However, I’ve also told my friends that Trump could win with more than 350 electoral votes.  When I say this all of my friends look at me like I’m nuts, until I explain it to them.

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As we all know from the discussions, this is a change election.  Well, that couldn’t be more true.  It is 100% about change.  And, that’s where the potential blowout comes.  A while ago, I wrote an article saying that Trump’s strategy was to win the Rust Belt and Appalachia.  That article was written in May even before he was the nominee.  Well, if he wins the rust belt and Appalachia, we are looking at a potential blow out.

Of course, this would go against every pundit, because it would have Trump winning states that are very blue, such as Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Pennsylvania.  It also means Trump wins Virginia.  That would surprise everyone.  However, not me so much.  If this really is a movement as Trump says all the time, then all of those states could prove to be major surprises.

However, the reality is that this election comes down to two states:  Colorado and New Hampshire.  Most electoral maps have the race so close, that these two states matter.  I’m hearing most people saying that it’s down to North Carolina, but I really don’t think that’s an issue.  I believe Trump wins North Carolina.  I also believe Trump wins Florida.   I’m in the minority on this, but that’s something I truly believe.

Colorado and New Hampshire

This brings it down to Colorado and New Hampshire.  My electoral may has Clinton at 259 and Trump at 266.  If this pans out, then Trump can win the election with either Colorado or New Hampshire.  However, I still think New Hampshire is a long shot.  If you give New Hampshire to Hillary Clinton, she goes to 263.  That means, the whole thing now comes down to Colorado.

Watch it very closely because at midnight in the West Coast, we may all have our eyes on Colorado.  If that race is as close as I think, Trump’s and Clinton’s, as well as America’s future may rest on it.

Of course, there is also a very realistic Electoral Map that ends it at 269-269.  Then, it goes to the House and all hell breaks lose.


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