Donald Trump and America First

Donald Trump and America First

In the 1930s, there was an America First movement.  It ended upon America’s entry into World War II.  However, that American First movement had a checkered past.  What started out as a movement in response to America’s involvement in World War I, became and Pro-Nazi, Anti-Semitic movement by the end of 1941.  See e.g.

Lindbergh America First
Charles Lindbergh was one of the Main Supporters of America First

However, you cannot compare, the prior America First movement with Donald Trump’s campaign slogan today.  Of course, the left is trying to do just that.  When Donald Trump says America First in 2016, it is within an entirely different intent.  In 2016, it’s about jobs in America.  In 2016, it’s about defending our borders.  And, most importantly, it is about protecting American interests and not those of foreign powers.


The United States is currently at a cross-roads.  As Donald Trump says, we don’t make anything anymore.  Everything is made overseas.  To many people on the coasts, this is not an issue.  If you live in Los Angeles or New York, you have plenty of opportunities.  You can work in finance.  You can work in real estate, etc.  However if you live in the rust belt, it’s a whole different game. The rust belt states were built on manufacturing and industry.  As a result of “free” trade agreements such as NAFTA, you can no longer make a middle class income.  Almost all of the manufacturing jobs have left the country.

One just has to look at cities such as Detroit, Dayton, Pittsburgh and Upstate New York.  Almost all of the factories are closed.  In Detroit some of them have been closed for so long, nature has taken the land back.  If something isn’t done to solve this problem soon, there will be nothing left to save.  Donald Trump, as a longtime businessman, has the answers.

His entire life has been devoted to creating jobs.  First, he did it in New York.  Since then, he’s been doing it all over the country.  And, additionally, all over the world.  One just has to look in Florida and Las Vegas to see his developments there.

On the other hand, Hillary Clinton doesn’t care about putting America First.  She is for free trade agreements such as NAFTA and TPP.  In fact, she stated that TPP is the “Gold Standard” of trade agreements.  Never mind that TPP would put American jurisprudence in the hands of a foreign power for the first time in American history.  Wasn’t BREXIT a direct rebellion against Brussels’ influence in the United Kingdom?


Second, America First means our border must be defended.  Again, it goes back to jobs.  But, this time it is not just about jobs.  It’s much more than that.  In addition to Illegal Immigrants pouring over our border in the south and taking lower paid jobs, illegal drugs are pouring over as well.  And, they are not mostly harmless drugs such as marijuana.  It is mostly heroin and cocaine.  And, my friends, heroin kills as does cocaine to a lesser extent.  Just ask the people living in the small towns of New England.  Heroin from Mexico and further south is destroying children and adults in the towns of New Hampshire and Vermont.

As stated earlier, Illegal Immigrants are also effecting jobs as well.  Again, in the rust belt and the mid-west, jobs that used to be middle class are now being done by illegal immigrants.  The liberal line is that Americans won’t do those jobs.  I beg to differ.  Anyone who is trying to support their family and put food on the table will do whatever is necessary to achieve those ends.  If that means, getting a job cleaning toilets or farming, I know a good breadwinner will do it.

Wikileaks has shown that Hillary wants to open the borders.  She stated in a highly paid speech in Brazil that her dream is a world with no borders.  She doesn’t care about Americans.  TPP and NAFTA are based upon Globalism.  The same is true of the EU.  Apparently, the revolt there is not just coming from the UK.  It seems Hungary and Poland are now becoming nationalist as well.  Hillary cannot get elected, if just to close the borders and build the wall.

Foreign Policy

Most importantly, America First is about defending America.  It means America should be first and foremost in our thoughts whenever use of the military is contemplated.  It is not about creating democracy in foreign lands.  Frankly, I don’t care about the political situation in the middle east or elsewhere unless it directly effects our defense in America.  Very simple.  America First.  Protect our interests wherever necessary.  Do not protect those of other countries.

After sixteen years of nation building and continuing neo-con policies, do we really need another neo-con in the White House.  That’s right readers:  Hillary Clinton is a neo-con.  She has never met a war she doesn’t like.  And, in furtherance of those ends, she will do whatever is necessary to protect her friends; the Saudis.  After all, don’t the Saudis and other foreign powers support her?  Doesn’t Mrs. Clinton take money from countries in direct contravention of her alleged liberal roots?

On the other hand, Donald Trump has stated that he will defend American against ISIS.  He has also stated that he will try to work with Russia.  Hillary, wants to effectuate a no fly zone in Syria.  There is a pretty good chance that this will actually start a military conflict with Russia.  During the entire Cold War, this never happened.  Hillary just may change that.

America First

So, in closing, I just want to emphasize that America first is not an evil slogan any longer.  America First is about America and our country.  If you truly love this country, you simply cannot vote for Hillary Clinton.  Hillary Clinton is not about America First.  She is about Globalism.  And, most importantly, she is about Hillary.  In fact, isn’t her slogan, “I’m with Her.”

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