A Third Party in the Center?

A Third Party in the Center?

A while ago, I wrote an article about a Third Party.  At that time, I made the argument that each party had swung so far to the extreme that the time was right for the creation of a Third Party in the Center.  Well, now, I’ve got one for you.  Under the tutelage of Donald Trump, the Republican Party has become the party in the Center.

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the third party has not been created yet.  But, in my opinion, it’s just a matter of time.  However, unlike my earlier article, the third party won’t be in the Center.  The third party will come from what is left of the Conservative Base of the GOP.


Almost all of the Never Trumpers, are from the far right of the GOP.  Some of them, such as Romney and the Bushes, are establishment that are just afraid of their standing in the political process.  But, the vast majority of them are hard line, Ted Cruz style Conservatives.  All that needs to happen for there to be three major parties in this country is for the hard line Conservative to band together and declare a Conservative Party.

Some of you may argue there already is a third party which is headed up by Gary Johnson.  Of course, I’m talking about the Libertarian Party.  However, the Libertarian Party will never be mainstream because most of its positions are on the extremes of both parties.  It will always be something of an outlying party hovering around 10%.  In fact, this may be the only year, the Libertarians have a chance at getting more than 10% because the Never Trumpers have no where else to go.

Center Party Spectrum

But, if Trump wins in November, the GOP will definitely be in the center.  And, if he doesn’t have a bad four years, the party will stay there.  It already has become the party of the blue collar worker regardless of what the Democrats say.  If it can just expand its base into the minority groups, the Democrats will just be the party of the elites.  The will control the intellectuals on the far left.  For that matter, they might as well just call themselves socialists because that is what they are.

The Conservative and their base will join the new party.  It will be formed by Ted Cruz or George Will or someone else of that ilk.  And, there will be three parties.  Not, two.  Three.

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