The Electorate

The Electorate

By Plebius Common

PutinChaos is domestic and foreign.  The electorate is being “engineered” into consent by the control of the media.  Erdogan, a NATO partner, is making friendly overtures to Putin.  Putin seeks to destroy NATO.  Beware, Turkey is evolving under Erdogan.  Obama’s foreign policy is near shambles awaiting an “incident” he may mishandle.

Just as Nazism, “Hitler’s National Socialist German Worker’s Party (NSDAP)”, the rise of Aryanism (As in Iran), it was a thread in the American establishment in 1938, as explained in “The Establishment and the Media”, is not confronting us as jihadism.

Beware, much of the leadership staff of the SS security apparatus held doctorates.  Nazism then from academia might be looked at as the rise of Islamo-fascist political and revolutionary movements across the Islamic world with striking similarities in social ideology, political doctrine, propaganda and the exploitation of social inequality, in comparison with the Nazi model.

So to have we seen the Nazification of Islamo-fascism, “Islamofascism refers to use of the faith of Islam as a cover for totalitarian ideology”?  Hitler’s salting of the crowds with SS with scripting as when to cheer during Hitler’s speeches.  It was simple from there; the SS of then became the “social media” of now, our corrupt biased media, controlled by the establishment’s use of herd and group psychology.

The point is academia is overwhelmingly far left progressivism that is producing the new “doctorates” in social ideology, political doctrine, propaganda and the exploitation of social inequality for Islamofascism.

Yes, it is complicated.  But Islamofascism of today is much too similar to Aryanism of yesteryear.  It is again replacing ‘German racial purity’ with ‘Islamic religious purity’, and adopting the same tenets of Nazi anti-Semitism and rejection of Western capitalism and liberal democracy.  And it is antithetical to our Constitution.  It is destroying the middle class.

If the electorate does not rebel, there will be new crematorium lines.

The Middle class, ever shrinking, is the anti-low information electorate.  A sobering statistic, 9,000 companies have left California from 2008 to 2015, according to the 378 page study by Spectrum Location Solutions titled California’s Forty Year Legacy of Hostility to Business.

“First-time home buying hits lowest level in nearly three decades”.  These are the grass roots electorate.  California is in theoretical bankruptcy with a surplus budget and an unsustainable legacy cost and debt.  Many states are facing similar circumstances.

Unemployment is officially 4.9% while 94 million have stopped looking for work out of a population of 320 million.  That is 29% unemployment…..not 4.9%!  Macy’s is closing 100 stores.  Wall Street is at all-time highs due to quantitative easing money that flowed into banks at a rate 84 billion per month to a total of 3 trillion, to banks churning bonds and stocks, which did not translate into investments in its business and entrepreneurial enterprises.  The electorate is getting squeezed.

Trump is the master of the “butterfly effect” a conceptual theory where small causes have large effects.

The electorate is under siege.

The mass media, with an army to enforce its tyranny, has declared that she (Hillary) is right (not only to tax) but “”to bind us in all cases whatsoever” and if being bound in that manner is not slavery, then is there not such a thing as slavery upon earth.”

Why is it that “unprincipled capitalists” favor Hillary Clinton, outside of the suspension of disbelief, an unindicted felon beyond reasonable doubt for those who research the facts. Does the truth lie deeper or is the actual election also “rigged”.

Colin Powell, Michael Bloomberg, Mark Cuban, Warren Buffet, Meg Whitman, the Koch Brothers, seem to be exposed as stealth anti-populous elitists, a category of Americans who will probably never face tough times, scarcity, righteous spiritual rigidity, disciplined financial conservatism or a crisis of social conscience.

They are the socialist, the secularists, “in charge”, even pseudo RINO republican wannabes, tied to entitlement empowerment for a socialist pardon, hiding under the liberty umbrella that allowed them to excel, the opportunity to pursue happiness.  They have forgotten the meaning of “to earn it”. “honor it” and “protect it”.

To be a “brother” and have your back, in tough times, has a special meaning which is apparently totally foreign to these sunshine Conservatives.

“The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of their country”.

It is a given that the above people and their pseudo-Bilderberg group mentality know the prescience of power, that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  They are the cotillion of “unprincipled” capitalists, manipulating Ad nauseam, embracing professional characteristics, un-trustworthiness, in their peer group that would get underlings in their employ fired immediately.

Thus when one goes rouge, goes populous, the opposition is panicked, in uncharted waters, unprepared, and the mass media goes into the 2011 Obama operation “kill Romney” mode.  Should national populism see through this chicanery, this election will be a stem winder?

“Trump’s Jacksonville Rally Draws 15,000.”

The “Establishment” has more than enough wealth to rationalize an exception to cultural aberrations, to purchase absolution from the wrong side of any cause.  Are the principled capitalist of America turning their back on the populous electorate as George Soros, of Hungarian-Jewish ancestry, did to the Jews under Hitler?  It may well be that serious.  All destructive forms of ideologies and individual fanatical demagogues are connected with threads of unprincipled economics and radical religions.

Team Trump may have invented the political “forward” pass, direct connection to the people, thoroughly confusing, mystifying, and bewildering the “establishment’, as they spend an inordinate amount of time propping up incompetence, while he talks directly to the populous in biblical “tongues”.  Wow, the miracle of imagination.

She, Hillary, was the doyen (sic) master prevaricator of mendacities, the William Safire congenital liar.  And the nation is blind to this crisis of character; we look to our noble nation and is this, if it is she, the political best we can aggregate at these turbulent times.  Is this not shame, shame on us.  This is the path to a Kim Jung-un clone and a North Korean existence. North Korea was free at the end of WWII, then disaster struck.

Paul Ryan has indicated that his support of Trump is not a “blank check”.  Paul Ryan, as with Eric Cantor, should be cognizant of the fact that “electoral support’ is also not a “blank check”.

We are lectured, possibly appropriately so, as to what “What Team Trump Must Do”.  Is not the “cart before the horse”?

Occam’s razor, the simplest solution, “What the electorate must do”, else we must awaken John Joseph “Black Jack” Pershing, a man who recognized Islamic terrorism for what it was.  The legend of bullets dipped in pigs blood would have ranked right up there with water boarding.  And then he successfully led his troops in WWI.

The electorate is being bombarded with the “Kill Romney” strategy, character assassination very effective in the past.  Hitler cheered the start of WWI.  Crowd manipulation was a Goebbels specialty during WWII.

“The Nuclear Option: As the World Burns, ‘Clinton News Network’ Sets Out to Prove Trump Is Crazy.”

Goebbels used this Edward Bernays concept of crowd and herd control by “salting” Hitler’s public speech assemblies with SS and Nazi agents who cheered at the “right times’” leading the masses to “robotic, mindless” consent, manipulating the “group” and “herd”.  This often works when the “merits” of the argument fails, and the “truth” is obliterated.  Do not awaken the sleeping giant, the electorate.  Goebbels controlled the media.  This is the radical progressive strategy!  Beware the Svengali manipulator and not the patriot.

“Orlando Terrorist’s dad for Clinton.  Cheers Hillary at Rally.  Said God will punish Gays.  Supported Taliban.”

“Seddique Mateen, the father of the Orlando nightclub shooter, attended a Hillary Clinton rally in Kissimmee, Florida, placing himself prominently behind the presidential candidate as she spoke to supporters.”  Paul Begala stated that the Clinton campaign should disavow the support it received from Seddique Mateen, the father of the perpetrator of the Pulse nightclub terrorist attack, who showed up to a Clinton rally, and “fire the advance person.”  In essence disavow the “truth”, again.

The electorate is being softly manipulated by the absence of impartial news coverage.  It is seditious, intentional, and Machiavellian.  Since the Obama administration began, when Bush was blamed for the 70K dead in Syria, the use of chemical weapons (Chlorine) continues, the superiority of Russian involvement expands, the Syrian dead has mushroomed to over 500K, and the news cycle has gone essentially dark on these issues.  They do not fit the narrative.

Now it cannot escape the wheelhouse of this administration, that the number of Syrian civil war dead is well over 500K.  It is buried in the dishonest and disingenuous Ben Rode’s “echo chamber”, the “Goebbels social media machine “ of currentism, where the “Thumb sucking” journalists, representing some 80% of our News conglomerates, devoured the tainted red meat of bias.Obama Clooney

George Clooney was consistently criticizing George Bush about his lack of a firm response in the Darfur tragedy.  And yet George is silent now on Darfur, on the rise of ISIS laid at Obama’s feet, Boko Haram, the Syrian tragedy, and the festering spread of radical Islam.  Why, because Obama is his guy.  Ah, hypocrisy, the downy silk padded Comey exclusion room of the rich, thy definition betrays you.

The sound of social media, our corrupt media, the establishment, the disciples of Goebbels propaganda, will temporarily overwhelm moral and political rationality.  For a short time, history is eternal.  The progressive unprincipled will be beyond the grasp of the fallen angels of truth.  Un-indicted felons will tease or triumph in our Republic, trending, ever so slowly, toward a society like North Korea, beyond the grasp of the fallen acolytes of freedom and liberty, the electorate…..that is unless the electorate reclaims history.

The message for Hillary from Mateen “I am with her”.

Trumps response is a message to the electorate:

“I am with you!”

Oh, how a nation suffers with leaders not up to the caliber of President Theodore Roosevelt Jr.and General John Joseph “Black Jack” Pershing.

“A leader is not an administrator who loves to run others, but someone who carries water for his people so that they can get on with their jobs”. “Black Jack” Pershing.

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