Obama’s Fault!

Obama’s Fault!

Since 2009, America’s security has been imperiled due to the reckless nature of Obama and much of his foreign policy team, including John Kerry and his predecessor, Hillary Clinton.  America is less safe today than when Obama took his first oath of office.  And, the fault lies with Obama.  There is no blaming Bush.  No matter how hard Obama and his supporters within the punditry class and media will tell you otherwise, it is not Bush’s fault.  It is now clearly Obama’s Fault.

Rouhani and Khamenei

For one, Obama inherited a stable Iraq.  When he pulled out American troops in 2011, what has happened was predicted by many including George Bush who proved to be a prophet.  The reality is that America was the power broker that all side believed in Iraq.  Iraqi’s Nouri Al Maliki dealt with the Shiites Militia in 2009.  Those very same Militia who are now working with the Iraqi army in Tikrit (the same militia that is under the control of Iran).  The rise of ISIS can be traced to the American Iraqi disengagement.  This removal of American troops in 2011 eliminated the one force that would have stopped ISIS in its track even at the recommended size of 20,000.

Obama’s refusal to act against Syria when it was discovered that Assad used chemicals against his enemy gave a signal to all of the bad guys in the region that they had nothing to fear from the USA.  The bluff was called by Syria’s Assad.  However, all sides understood that Obama’s America was a paper tiger.  ISIS movement into Iraq was an extension of this weakness.

Another failure was Obama allowing Iran’s hegemony over the Middle East.  It is obvious that Obama is playing 3-D Chess with ISIS and the Iranians who simply now owe Obama.  As Colonial Ralph Peters recently noted, Obama simply refuses to learn and his negotiations with Iran is nothing more than accepting Iran as a nuclear power.  To pretend that the negotiations are leading anywhere else is be naïve about Obama.

The recent lie that the letter from Tom Cotton and 46 other Senators to the Ayatollah was something unprecedented fails to account for Democratic attempts to undermine past Republicans.  Our present Secretary of State visited Managua in 1985 with former Senator Tom Harkin while both opposed Reagan’s Central American policy.  Another example is how the the late Senator Ted Kennedy wrote Soviet leaders not to work with Reagan and wait until the Democrats win in 1984 for a better nuclear arms deal.  Can we also forget Nancy Pelosi’s trip to Syria.  How many folks are aware that there is a never denied  story that Obama contacted Iranian leaders during the 2008 election and told them not to deal with Bush?  If true, maybe we can charge the sitting President with treason. Remember no one has ever denied this story.  Considering that Obama promised the Russians on a hot mike during the 2012 election that “He would have more flexible after the election,” so believing that Obama would contact the Iranian; making the same promise is not a far stretch.

Bush's Fault

If nothing else, Cotton gave Obama and his Secretary of State the leverage needed to pressure the Iranians into a better deal that is being discussed now.   There is no evidence that he is taking advantage of the cover the Republicans are giving him.   From the opening of his Administration, Obama attempted his rapprochement with Iranians including doing nothing for those protestors in the street who marched against the present Iranian government in 2009.

On the whole where are we with this administration?  Iran is stronger in the region,with their Syria satellites in place.  Hezbollah is entrenched in Lebanon, and Hamas. essentially an arm of Iran..  Iraq is becoming an Iranian satellite and Yemen is now being added part of Iranian sphere.  Look at a map and you can see the pieces on the Chess board.  Yemen and Shiite Iraq out flank Saudi Arabia and Israel is flanked by Assad’s Syria, Lebanon and Hamas run Gaza Strip.   This Iranian hegemony is a direct result of Obama policy and this has set alarms throughout the region.

Why would the present Iraqi government cooperate with Iran? The answer is easy.  For one, the United States made it clear it was leaving Iraq   Two, the Iraqi leaders  understood they better make a deal with the new regional superpower.  After the Munich conference that gave the Sudetenland to Hitler in 1938, the French alliances with many smaller countries surrounding the German Western and southern flanks evaporated as many of these small countries left their alliance with France and made their deal with Germans.  Weaker nations will allied themselves with stronger powers in order to survive.

The other aspect is that part of what kept nuclear proliferation checked was America’s own nuclear umbrella.  As long as our allies and friends understood we would protect them, there was no need to go nuclear.  But now, American guarantees are no longer trustworthy.  Many nations may rethink their own nuclear strategy.  The Saudis have already made it clear they may decide to go nuclear and establish their own Sunni alliance in the region including Egypt, Jordan and nuclear powered Pakistan, another Sunni power.  If you are Japan or South Korea, how long will it take before you decide that having your own nuclear device is a necessity for survival?

Obama has now open the door to the spread of nuclear weapons simply because distrust of America’s promise.  The present Middle East disaster is the result of the policies of Obama, which were supported by Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.  No more blaming George Bush.  It is now, most definitely Obama’s Fault.

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