Democratic Idiocy

Democratic Idiocy
Montana’s Amanda Curtis

This election is seeing Democrats at their craziest.  In fact, they are pure examples of Democratic Idiocy.  And, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

In Montana, Amanda Curtis became the accidental candidate when the original candidate pulled after being caught plagiarizing a thesis.  She is what one National Review pundit classified as an “erratic Communist sympathizer,” who loves to post You Tube videos of herself ranting about anything.  She has mocked women who believe in owning a gun for self-defense.  She rants against the family and Christians.  Plus, she admits she has the desire to punch some of her fellow lawmakers.  The media has ignored this race for quite a while and has intentionally not made Ms. Curtis the face of the Democratic they did to Todd Akin for Republicans in 2012.

Bruce Braley

Then, there is Wendy Davis who is setting all kinds of records for incompetence and classlessness.  There are moments I think Davis is a Republican mole purposely sabotaging her campaign and making Democrats look stupid. Or as one pundit suggested, she is really looking for a new career as an MSNBC commentator.  The way she is running her campaign, there is little evidence she is interested in being governor.  So far, she has run ads with a wheel chair against a candidate who is paralyzed.  She then claims the same opponent is against interracial marriage even though he is white and  married to a Hispanic woman.  With every day, she falls further behind.  She now threatens other candidates on the ticket.

Iowa’s Bruce Braley began his campaign by insulting Republican Senator Charles Grassley.  He then went on to say we don’t want a farmer like Grassley head of the Judiciary Committee.  If that wasn’t enough, he threatened his neighbor whose chickens wander on his yard.  He has managed one gaffe after another in a race that was his to lose.  As of this moment, he is losing.

As George Will began a recent article about Democrat abuses,

“The early-morning paramilitary-style raids on citizens’ homes were conducted by law-enforcement officers, sometimes wearing bulletproof vests and lugging battering rams, pounding on doors and issuing threats. Spouses were separated as the police seized computers, including those of children still in pajamas. Clothes drawers, including the children’s, were ransacked, cell phones were confiscated, and the citizens were told it would be a crime to tell anyone of the raids.”

Democrats have led a jihad against conservative groups with the idea of suppressing their speech and ability to raise money.   They have released libelous information implying Governor Walker has violated campaign laws.  These dirty tricks may do in Governor Walker.  However, this is just an example of how Democrats use the government’s power to intimidate Republicans.  Another example was the IRS’ attack on conservative groups.

Governor Scott Walker
Governor Scott Walker

In Illinois, Dick Durbin threatened radio stations with FCC sanctions if they didn’t take a critical ad off the air.  The stations held firm.  One Newspaper’s lead story was, “Durbin intimidates Radio station.”  The newspaper concluded the ad was accurate.  In key southern states, Democrats are sending mailers to North Carolinan black voters with a lynching scene and stating; “If Kay Hagan don’t win! Obama impeachment begins!”  And, in Georgia, a picture of two young children with their hands up is being advertised stating, “If you want to prevent another Ferguson, vote now!”  This is just a taste of the racial hatred Democrats are stoking.  This is a dangerous maneuver that will encourage more hatred in the future.  The Democrats are willing to do what is needed to win:  The country and the political process, be damned.

From the comical in the form of Wendy Davis and Amanda Curtis, to the dangerous, we are seeing the Democratic Party at its worst.  Maybe the worst thing this week had nothing to do with this election.  It regards the presidential election in 2016.  Hillary Clinton actually said corporations do not create jobs.  Never mind the stupidity of the statement ,but Hillary Clinton is not just anybody.  She is the presumptuous Democratic nominee for President.  If we have a prospective President this ignorant about our economic system and how it works, we have a political party in complete disarray.  This is democratic idiocy at its worst.

In conclusion, how many of these Democratic candidates have failed to acknowledge they voted for Obama.  This is a major turn around as Obama was viewed as the Messiah six years ago.  Just as Peter denied Jesus three times, many Democrats have denied even voting for Obama.  Much less want him in their state campaigning for him.

Vote Republican.

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  1. If you care to write the truth….my wife, Amanda Curtis, and I are not Communist, that is a right-wing lie. To even insinuate that in any way is flat out lie. Sorry, but the fact is that we are anti-Communist, and anti-Fascists. We believe in Liberty, Justice, and Democracy. We are good hard working Christians. We are strong supporters of the right to bear arms, in fact I have had a concealed carry permit for over 22 years, I practice shooting several days a week (I never miss what I aim at). Stop the lies and your smear and fear tactics. Try to tell the truth. We do not deserve to be treated this way. I pray that God saves your soul before it is too late.


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