TOPSHOTS-IRAQ-UNREST-ARMY-EXECUTIONIt has been a while since I have written anything even remotely touching upon politics. Some articles on project management, yes, but nothing about Obama, Reed, Pelosi, Holder, Biden, Jarrett or the rest of these high-profile progressive movers and shakers who are shaking this country apart.  Yes, my editorial motivation waned over two years ago, and not without some bruised relationships with liberal friends and family.

Some thought I was overstating my concerns for the preservation of our American liberty, the full enforcement of our federal laws, the deflated value of US citizenship, the vulnerability of our once-sovereign borders, the dismantling of our military, the spiraling national debt, the wrecking ball to our healthcare system and our crumbling foreign policy. They have a right to that opinion, but in my eyes,there is even a more serious problem in our country that overrides all others.  It is the systematic eradication of God in the public square.  Reverence for God, once a stabilizing and guiding influence in government policy, education, defense, public discourse and civility has now been replaced with the progressive ideology of blind faith in man-centered government.   Government whose solution to virtually all problems, foreign and domestic, is to throw money at the situation. Your money.  And if you prefer using your own money for voluntary charity over mandated subsidy under threat of prosecution, then some on the left openly characterize it as “hateful.  You are a hater.   Not my words, but that of the President just last week.  Republicans are now haters according to this White House.

I remember my brother standing in his kitchen in Santa Cruz a few years back, candidly sharing his concern that he was worried about me. Much of what I wrote seemed alarmist in his eyes.   I also remember a once-close friend in Texas, who called me on the phone just to deliver a 20 minute tirade, admonishing me for chronicling Obama’s questionable activities. I suspected a bias based on dependency, since he often touted Obama as the champion of “free” healthcare, which was something apparently he expected others to fund for him.  It had become his singular issue. Perhaps questioning the concept of free health care made me a hater as well.

And during the course of the last election, I remember feeling stunning disbelief in watching Obama win a second term despite enough damaging baggage from his first four years to hold all the scandal and troubles of every presidential predecessor, including that of Woodrow Wilson, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter.  Yet still, Obama secured his second term. So after three years of rising each weekday at 4 am to write my daily editorial, I called it quits.  And unfortunately now, two years later, much of what I wrote has proved correct.  But in another sense, I was wrong. The list of political scandals, incompetence, apathy and malfeasance directly and indirectly attributed to the Obama Administration has eclipsed everything I wrote, all 250 articles.   In fact, by the time I laid my pen down, Obama and his progressive crew were just getting warmed up.

Yes, I did cover

  • The crushing national debt
  • The Fast and Furious arms scandal,
  • The Benghazi terrorist attack and subsequent cover up.
  • The deliberate delay out of overseas military ballots in 2008 and again in 2012.
  • The terrorist attack on Fort Hood and subsequent White House denials.
  • The unilateral nuclear arms reductions during treaty negations with Russia.
  • The partisan federal loans and cooked books involving DNC campaign contributors, including now bankrupt Solyndra.
  • The hypocrisy of Obama Care, including partisan exemptions, illegal revisions and planned rationing.
  • The dismantling of NASA.

Unfortunately, future news headlines would go above and beyond anything I could have predicted, including

  • The VA Hospital scandal.
  • The IRS political scandal.
  • The NSA domestic spying scandal.

Yes, I  must be a hater, because there is so much more to criticize…

Veterans were denied access to war memorials, under orders from the White House, purportedly to save money under threat of sequestration. In reality it cost more to keep the vets out than let them in.

A Marine suffering from PSD is still sitting in a Mexican prison for driving in a  wrong lane near the border, then subsequently being honest with Mexican officials about the weapons in his trunk.  His incarceration has lasted months without comment or even acknowledgment from the Commander-in-Chief.

Then, there is the amazing roll out, or lack thereof, concerning the Affordable Care Act .  I’m a Three Stooges fan, but Moe, Larry and Curly could not have orchestrated a bigger mess across the full spectrum of policy, administration and technology.  Millions of Americans lost their healthcare plans, despite scores of speeches made by Obama promising the contrary.

Not to be outdone, Erik Holder’s Justice Department went after the Little Sisters of the Poor and Hobby Lobby because they conscientiously objected to the abortion pill funding provisions of the Affordable Care Act.  It was an objection on religious grounds,which only seemed to fuel the DOJ’s strident desire to prosecute.

But again, I must be a hater, because there is more I find reprehensible …

Democrats have enlisted innocent foreign minors as political pawns in a naked attempt to swell future Democratic Party ranks. This administration leveraged the DREAM ACT to promote a reckless and cruel policy promising open borders and amnesty that was echoed across Central America.  The White House has lured minors to flood our southern border illegally, with implicit consent and assistance from the Mexican government.  This open-border policy applies even to teen gang members with criminal records.  It has also resulted in the abuse and human trafficking of tens of thousands of young, innocent children.  Yes, our own federal government is aiding and abetting human trafficking.   But then again, I must be a hater for suggesting that our existing border security laws be enforced.

Internationally, Obama’s feckless foreign policy has undone the fragile stability in Iraq and Afghanistan that was paid by the blood of American soldiers. Worse, we have witnessed the formation of a new Islamic terrorist state while our President did nothing.  Only now have we started to see America strike limited targets.  Perfect timing, as ever.

We saw “red lines” blow away like chalk on a sidewalk as Syria kills thousands of their own.

And we continue to see Putin mock the United States as a paper tiger as he attacks and annexes parts of the Ukraine by proxy. The President further distanced our country from Israel by providing tax payer dollars to the Palestinians who have decided to elect the terrorist organization, Hamas, to represent their interests. A group whose charter mandates death to Jews, whether they be in Israel or anywhere else on the planet.  A group who broadcasts videos proclaiming they will not stop killing until their flag flys over the White House.    But we sent John Kerry to negotiate anyway.  He must not be a hater.

Yes. my list of concerns since 2012 is long, but even today these problems still pale in comparison when I consider the real, singular problem that I believe is facing America. This country was founded as one nation under God.  We believed in freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.  That has changed, at least for this White House. Here is a case in point.  The US Justice Department has cut a deal with the Freedom From Religion organization to deploy IRS agents, incognito, to report what is being preached from American pulpits.  Under this new DOJ directive, American churches could be threatened with loss of their federal tax-exempt status for voicing concern regarding irreconcilable differences between biblical doctrine and today’s progressive political policy and ideology.  Am I exaggerating?   Well, consider this.  Hundreds of thousands of Christians are being chased and slaughtered across the Middle East.  Some are stranded tonight on Iraq’s Sinjar mountain, slowly dying from exposure and starvation, while the newly formed ISIS terrorist army shoots at rescue helicopters. Have you heard your church speak about it?  Have you heard the President speak about it?

 Am I a hater?  Yes.  I hate the political scandals, incompetence, apathy, indecision and malfeasance of a White House that simply stares blankly the face of genuine evil.

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