Coming Out in Hollywood

Coming Out in Hollywood

Gay ConservativeThis is the first in a series of articles that will run on Saturdays for the next few weeks.

Hollywood is one of the most tolerant places on Earth…unless you’re not like everyone else.  And, being a Women, Gay Conservative definitely places me into that category.

It takes a determined, ambitious person to keep after a dream in an industry where success is rare and rejection is extremely common.  You have to want success more than anything just to have the strength to keep going.  I’m an aspiring screenwriter, director, and actress, and have been for as long as I can remember.  I’m the movie geek that has always watched the same movies over and over until she knew every line.  I was the weird girl who, in public, upon hearing one of her favorite films mentioned, would start acting out scenes.  I can tell you who wrote a movie I love, who directed it, the names of all its principal actors, who wrote its score, who the music supervisor was on a film that had a great soundtrack, and I love watching special features on DVDs.  I studied film in college.  I made short films.  I acted in some of them, did voice-over in some of them, and I’ve written five feature-length screenplays.  I love film.  I always will.  And ,I’ll never give up on my dream.

So why, despite my passion; despite people telling me my screenplays have the power to make them laugh and cry; despite the fact that I haven’t given up; am I told that I have three strikes against me?

I’m a woman.  Not the daughter of a famous producer, or director, or rock star, just a woman.  A woman who made boys in her classes in film school look silly.  A woman who debated her male film professors, made them first dislike her, and then respect her, and pulled “A”s.  A woman who’s written more screenplays than any guy she went to school with, but a woman just the same.

I’m gay.  I’m not a famous comedian with a hit TV show everyone loves.  I’m not an Oscar-nominated actress.  I’m just gay.  And I understand that although Hollywood preaches tolerance on this subject, if there were true tolerance, people wouldn’t spend more time debating the sexual orientation of certain actors and actresses than they do discussing their work.  Actors and actresses wouldn’t have to make a grand gesture out of coming out.  They could instead just be who they are, rather than feeling like they’re expected to live a lie, and rather than worrying about how their careers will be affected if they’re open about their personal lives.

And finally, and perhaps the most damning of all, I’m an outspoken Conservative.  Coming out as gay in Hollywood isn’t half as surprising as coming out as Conservative.  One need only look at the fact that Stacey Dash, after showing support for Mitt Romney during his 2012 presidential campaign, was invited on shows like The View to defend her position, to see that it’s not exactly hip to be an outspoken Conservative in Hollywood.

A gay, female, Conservative, trying to break in to an industry run by straight, male, Liberals?


Gay Conservative

I blog about politics on a daily basis and one of the most common questions from Liberals is, “If you’re gay, why would you ever be a Conservative?”   Given the perception of Conservatives, considering the picture of Conservatives painted by the Liberal media, I never take offense to the question.  I instead do my best to explain that I am fiscally Conservative; an Objectivist, which makes me more in favor of personal freedom than most Liberals.  Fiscal Conservatism has nothing to do with the social issues.  Liberals are so fond of harping on of late, and everything to do with the issues that are most important to me, and I think, most important to the future of our country right now.  We’ve accumulated a great deal of debt, which we can’t spend our way out of, no matter what Liberals say.  You don’t pay off your credit card bill by spending more and we won’t pay off our debts that way either.  We have a bloated, inefficient government that has gotten way too big for its own good.  The only way to stop increasing our debt, to start paying it off, while helping businesses and individuals to succeed and giving them more personal freedom, is smaller government.  Liberals seem to forget that Statism has a very poor track record throughout history for both helping people out of poverty and giving them more personal freedom.  Do bread lines and mass graves ring any bells?

Now you may see why I don’t vote Democrat, but you’re probably asking yourself why I’m not voting Libertarian.  It’s pretty simple.  In 2008, while the majority of the country was choosing between “Country First,” a slogan and a candidate who seemed a little too much like a right-wing Statist to me, and a junior senator with little to no experience, outside of being a community organizer, who no one seemed to know anything about, I was buying Bob Barr t-shirts.  I voted for him and I was angry with kids on campus who’d never heard of him telling them to get informed about the guy who was truly the right person for the job.

Although the Obama administration is likely the most corrupt in American history, I don’t actually regret not voting for John McCain.  I think we would’ve had four years of his big government, and then eight more of Obama’s.  But something made me change my tune in 2012.  Not only did Gary Johnson not appeal to me, as his record suggested he was less fiscally Conservative than Mitt Romney, and his stance on foreign policy seemed just as weak as Obama’s, but I came to like Mitt Romney.  Don’t get me wrong, given the state of the country even in 2012, the “Anybody but Obama” slogan I kept hearing made perfect sense to me, and of course the Republican candidate had a better shot at beating him than any third party candidate, but as a gay Conservative, I couldn’t for the life of me understand what made Romney all that different from Obama in terms of their stances on gay marriage.  On Univision, Romney was asked what he would want for one of his grandsons should he come out as gay and Romney replied, “I’d want him to be happy.”  He also said that a marriage in one state should be recognized in another.  He said, constitutionally, it was a state issue, not a federal one, which is the same thing Obama said.  Romney wasn’t out for a federal ban on gay marriage and essentially, because both Obama and Romney wanted to leave this issue up to the states, their personal opinions on it didn’t matter.  I wanted a fiscally Conservative candidate who believed in the constitution, and that candidate was Mitt Romney.Romney Gay Flag

My ideal candidate is someone who’ll give us all the best of both worlds, and stay out of our wallets and bedrooms, and I think someone like Rand Paul would be that candidate.  Barring that possibility, however, I would still take a social Conservative with the right fiscal policy over a Liberal, because I have priorities both for the country and for myself.  I would rather have a decent job, get 40 hours, pay low taxes, and be able to support myself and a partner I live with, but never get to marry, than struggle every day of my life with a ring on my finger.  That is why I’m a gay Conservative.

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2.   How Being Conservative is Causing Exclusion from the Gay Community

3.   Conservative Acceptance of Gays Contrary to the Stereotype

4.  Conservative Positions on Gay Marriage

5.  Birth Control and the “War on Women.”

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