The Catholic Quandary – Pedophilia

By Alan Smithee

Pope Francis has questioned Capitalism, not properly differentiating between principled and unprincipled capitalists, with some $170 billion principled capitalism supporting the US Catholic Church, doing much “good”.  Pope Francis in his December 2013 apostolic exhortation labeled unfettered capitalism as “a new tyranny.”  The American liberal mass media went wild with enthusiasm, quenched, to silence, when the Pope, shortly thereafter, decried abortion.

“UN denounces Vatican on sex abuse, abortion.  02/05/14.”  It is a wide vilification of “known” policies that encouraged by omission and allowed priests to rape and molest thousands of “children” over decades, alas, this last century, and have justifiably condemned the Vatican’s unwillingness to open its files on these criminals, overwhelmingly protecting the predators who will and are sinning again.

Much like in the managed decline of America, “we the people” know about this evil.  Have we now permanently embraced our political culture of lies and denial!  We have not done nearly enough to protect and defend the children.  The responsibility, accountability and answerability for the continued subsistence of this evil ultimately rests squarely on you and me.  Edmund Burke said it.  For evil to exist, good people must do nothing.

Catholic PedophiliaIn his January 2014 yearly address to diplomats , a speech known as his “State of the World” address, Pope Francis Calls Abortion ‘Horrific.’  “It is horrific even to think that there are children, victims of abortion, who will never see the light of day,”There is little or no reportage about this utterance in the American press because it does not fit the left’s narrative about insane radical secular progressivism.  Not a word about clerical catholic pedophilia victims, a distinction without a difference.

Once again on Sunday, 1/12/14, a pope has passed over, sidelined and marginalized an exceptional churchman in predominantly Catholic Ireland as a potential cardinal:  Dublin Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.

Why is this important?

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has irritated some, more than justifiably so, in the Vatican, by strongly criticizing how the hierarchy handled the worldwide clerical sex abuse scandal.

Who is this “Prince of the Church” and why was he passed over?  He is a priest who has challenged the Church about its stance on the condemnation of gays and the moral question of suicide.

Archbishop Diarmuid Martin has honorably confronted the Church sexual abuse scandal.  In 2009 he took on the Catholic sex abuse cases in Ireland as an unfathomable repulsive moral scar that will shock us all (did it, really, where is the outrage?).  He articulated the challenges this scandal presented to Ireland and the harm it has done to thousands of children and young people across Ireland.  He framed the abuse as a “horror for which it will never be recognized”.  Prophetic?  Absolutely?

Has anyone seen the splendid portrayal by the late Philip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep in “Doubt”, a drama film adaptation of the stage play by the same name, a John Patrick Shanley’s Pulitzer winning “fictive”….no longer?

Catholic Pedophilia

And the 10/30/13 The Irish Times headlines read “Archbishop Diarmuid Martin in robust defense of (the) Murphy Commission (Report).  Over 500 children may have been abused in Dublin where 98 Catholic priests face allegations.”  He also embraced the condemning reproachful conclusions of the Ryan Report.

The Murphy Report was Ireland’s investigation into the sexual abuse scandal in the Catholic archdiocese of Dublin.  Implicated in the cover up were archbishops, John Charles McQuaid, Dermot Ryan, Kevin McNamara and Desmond Connell.

The Ryan Report comes from The Commission to Inquire into Child Abuse.  The Commission’s work started in 1999 and it published its public report, commonly referred to as the Ryan report, on 20 May 2009.  Amid a culture of self-serving institutionalized secrecy, the majority of allegations it investigated related to the system of sixty residential “Reformatory and Industrial Schools” operated by Catholic Church orders, the report dealt with life-threatening beatings, rapes, punishment for aborted (sic) rapes by “brothers”.  This abuse has been described by many as Ireland’s Holocaust.

Who were/are the “global” champions of the victims of clerical pedophiles?  How were/are they treated by the Church?  They are in addition to Archbishop Diarmuid Martin; Father Gerald Michael Cushing Fitzgerald, Bishop Geoffrey James Robinson, Father Thomas Doyle, and Walter Richard Sipe.  Why are there so few?

Father Gerald Michael Cushing Fitzgerald was marginalized because after treating clerical pedophiles, in the 1950s and 1960s, he argued strenuously for the defrocking of these individuals, not allowing them to return to parish work.  Because of the dangers these priest presented, Fitzgerald tried to establish a “Devil’s Island” for them…unsuccessfully as we know.  He was ignored, removed from his Jemez Springs retreat that he founded, in New Mexico.

Father Fitzgerald wrote numerous and often, letters on the subject of the rehabilitation of clerical pedophiles.  Many of Fitzgerald’s letters were written to American Bishops, Vatican officials, including the pope, expressing his knowledge of this evil and his advice that many of these abuses were incorrigible, near 100% recidivism rate, not curable and these moral derelicts should be lairized immediately.  He was a prophet, ignored.

Bishop Geoffrey James Robinson has advanced degrees in philosophy, theology and canon law.  He was also Chief Justice of the Archdiocesan Marriage Tribunal, and president of the Canon Law Society of Australia and New Zealand.  His published book, “Confronting Power and Sex in the Catholic Church” is a brave exposition of what the author judges to be some of the root causes of abuse.  He is roundly condemned by the “princes” of the Church, and was forbidden by Roger Cardinal Mahoney, (Mahoney was admonished by Archbishop José H. Gomez in 2013 for lying about the Los Angeles clerical pedophilia scandal during Mahoney’s tenure) from promoting his book in Los Angeles Archdiocese.

Father Thomas Doyle. O.P., J.C.D., A Dominican priest with a doctorate in canon law and five separate master’s degrees, Rev. Thomas Patrick Doyle, O.P. sacrificed a rising career at the Vatican Embassy to become an outspoken advocate for church abuse victims.

In 1985, Cardinal William Joseph Levada was given a report by a three-man panel headed by Father Tom Doyle about medical, legal, and moral issues posed by abusive clerics. A few days later Father Doyle was informed by Levada that their report would not be heard by the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in the June 1985. Weeks later, Doyle was demoted from his post in the Vatican embassy.

In June of 2003 Doyle was also issued an official commendation from the Dominican Fathers for his “prophetic work in drawing attention to clergy sexual abuse and for advocating the rights of victims and the abusers.” Is there a higher honor than being condemned by “evil”?

A.W. Richard Sipe, born Walter Richard Sipe, was trained specifically to deal with the mental health problems of Roman Catholic Priests. He conducted a 25-year ethnographic study of the celibate/sexual behavior of that population. His six books including his now classic A Secret World and Celibacy in Crisis explore various aspects of the questions about the pattern and practice of religious celibacy. He has served as a consultant and expert witness in both civil and criminal cases involving the sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests.

Let us be clear about the statistics of clerical sexual abuse. This can all be found in the The Nature and Scope of the Problem of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Catholic Priests and Deacons in the United States, commonly called the John Jay Report, which in part blames clerical pedophilia on the abstract morality of the 60s. Only 2 to 6% of clerical sexual abuse victims come forward. Thus if Ireland can identify 500, is the minimum reality closer to 10k to 25K for Ireland. Try and get our minds around the implications of that “globally”.

The “Trojan Horse” of evil is silence and the inability of the populous to search out and embrace the infinitely difficult facts, arrive at reasonable but brutal conclusion and decisions, at a time when most of the evidence is as close to a certainty as we will ever see in our lifetime, this and this alone explains the decline and extinction of great cultures.

After the Nazis came to power in Germany, the Nazis signed an agreement (Concordat) with the Catholic Church whereby the Vatican would accept the Nazi government in return for the Nazis not interfering with the Catholic Church. The “oath of cardinalate ordination” is to say nothing, even lie, as one bishop informed us, if it, the truth, may harm the Church. Today, denial, attempts at insurance, the shell game of moving predators, and the global scandal speaks for itself. This was cowardly survival over morality, a weakness of social Darwinism.

Are the warriors for “good”, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, Father Thomas Doyle, Bishop Geoffrey James Robinson, and Walter Richard Sipe alone? Do we allow them to be disenfranchised, in the battle between good and evil?

The aforementioned UN report goes finally to: “On sex abuse, the committee is gravely concerned that the Holy See has not acknowledged the extent of the crimes committed, has not taken the necessary measures to address cases of child sexual abuse and to protect children, and has adopted policies and practices which have led to the continuation of the abuse by, and the impunity of, the perpetrators.”

This evil begets evil. At the 2014 Super bowl, “High school students, teens as young as 13 and other children ….juveniles rescued from forced prostitution during Super Bowl 2014 ……, the FBI said Tuesday (2/4/14).” The radical insane secular progressives are spiritually led by the clerical!

And Edmund Burke said of the Pope’s influence “…(the) Pope cannot bear every truth. He has a timidity which hinders the full exertion of his faculties, almost as effectually as bigotry cramps those of the general herd of mankind.” We have a Pope, as our President, who lead, if at all, from behind.

“Pope’s “peace Doves” attacked”. 01/27/2014: “A crow and a seagull attacked two white doves released by children standing next to Pope Francis on Sunday at St. Peter’s Square. The birds of prey swooped down after the “peace” doves flew from the open window in the Apostolic Palace.” Symbolism will drive thoughtful individuals into spiritual, psychic and transcendent reassessment.

Pope Francis has a miracle of an opportunity. Is he embracing, abusing, wasting, or ignoring it? The UN has thrown down the gantlet. Will the Vatican continue to embrace denial? One can only pray that in our time, the extinction of Judeo-Christian philosophy is not another “transformation”!

We pray for the Pope, demonstratively second, after the clerical pedophile victims.

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