Standing Watch Atop the Bridge

Craig Covello
September 21, 2013 Posted by Craig Covello


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Writing this piece seems a bit awkward. It has been about a year and a half since I stopped my research and commentary regarding politics. This self-imposed exile was necessary for my well being, both mentally and socially. I was growing weary of all the bad news that has washed under this bridge supporting American Democracy. A bride connecting the United States Constitution, the separation of legislative, judicial and executive powers, and of course, a body of law founded upon Judeo-Christian ethics.  These ethics place importance upon the dignity of human life, family, work ethic, common decency and individual accountability, all of which seem foreign to pseudo-intellectual statism and secular collectivism.

I was standing on this bridge 18 months ago when the garbage of the Benghazi scandal had just floated  by, but the stench of the IRS scandal of targeted conservatives had not yet surfaced upstream. Eighteen months ago Fort Hood was a bad memory, but the massacre at the Washington Navy Shipyard wasn’t yet on the horizon. Eighteen months ago I didn’t know that Bill Clinton was responsible for signing an executive order during his presidency that ironically prohibited US solders from carrying side arms on their own military bases in order to defend themselves. That prohibition has now cast a light on the darkness of both massacres, allowing us to see why the death toll was so high.

Eighteen months ago I could not have imagined a White House bent on eroding the Constitutional right of American citizens to legally own guns, yet that same White House has no problem arming Mexican drug cartels and now Syrian rebels linked to Al Qaeda. And 18 months ago I could not have predicted that our country would give another four years to a president so incompetent in foreign policy that an ex-KGB thug is now regarded as a role model for international diplomacy. Obama’s so-called red line was taken from him by the Russian bully and re- purposed to underscore Putin’s own superior political gamesmanship. We look ridiculous, but worse, the world now considers us weak and wavering, led from behind by a president better suited to short pants than a business suit.

Yes, I admit that I was weary and I dropped out. But I did not tune out. Other Americans continue to voice conservative opinions and fight the good fight. They point out the far-left’s political agenda, which is too often littered with the mind-numbing corruption, waste and abuse that too many of us choose to ignore as we preoccupy ourselves with more personal affairs. One of these conservative Americans standing watch atop the bridge is media personality and long-time friend Phil Cowan. He hosts a morning drive radio talk show on KTKZ in Sacramento. Yes, I follow many news sources, but lately I have been leaning on Phil to connect the dots and deliver commentary for my consideration. We don’t always agree, but it is comforting to know that a smart, articulate and intellectually honest friend is also watching what flows under the bridge while I take some time off to focus on my own personal affairs.

And sometimes that’s just enough to keep be from jumping.

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One Response to Standing Watch Atop the Bridge

  1. Diane on September 21, 2013 at 9:49 am

    Hi Craig
    I’ve truly missed your commentary but fully understand the need to take a break. Welcome back.

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