New York and Limousine Lefties

New York and Limousine Lefties

When I go to New York, I see two New York’s. There is the invisible New York of small businesses who keep New York open and add value to many communities.  Walking through Sunset Park in Brooklyn, you see small businesses open and providing services and jobs.  Most of these businesses are owned by immigrants and in the evening, those communities will block off streets to have block parties as families enjoy each other’s company.  It was a neighborhood that just two decade ago was considered a war zone.  Today, it is thriving neighborhood. 


If you want to see what is wrong with many major cities, look at the political class whose own escape from reality and doom those thriving communities.  Frisk and search tactics have kept crime rates low and allowed thriving businesses where not long ago, it was not possible.  Michael Bloomberg irritates conservatives with his nanny state mentality but he got one thing right, he understands that a prosperous community must be safe.  Bloomberg may be a limousine lefty and he is opposed to gun rights but at least he understand that crime is a deterrent to commerce.   Let’s be blunt.  There are several realities hidden by the media and opposed by the limousine lefties who can hide behind their gated communities when the proverbial shit hits the fan.  Most of the left opposes stop and frisk and they hate gun rights for law abiding citizens.  There are five truths to think about.

Truth one:  Guns in the hands of law-abiding citizens do not increase crime and have been associated with lower crime rates.  New York has one of the toughest gun control regimens but Stop and Frisk is effective in keeping guns off the street and if you are going to deny citizens their constitutional rights then you better come up with a strategy to keep guns out of the hands of criminal elements.  Much of the limousine lefties in New York have decided that not only will they keep guns away from law abiding citizens but they will destroy any policy that keeps guns out of the hands of criminals.

Rule two:  Laws like stand your ground and “Stop and Frisk” benefit minorities.  In Florida, surveys have shown that minorities are more likely to be acquitted than whites and New York’s tactics have benefited minority communities by lowering crime rates in their neighborhoods. 

Rule three:  The call for a living wage and artificially increasing the minimum wage will hurt small businesses, most of whom are owned by minorities.  So those entrepreneurs will be the hardest hit by the limousine lefties economic plan.

Rule four:  Education reform benefits minorities.  As the Department of Justice is now keeping minority children from education reform in Louisiana; many Democratic leftists are doing the same in New York. 

Rule five:  While many limousine lefties view abortion as a woman’s right, what is missing in New York is that minority babies are as likely to be aborted as born.  Minority babies are aborted at two to three times the rate of White babies.  When mothers view their life as so hopeless that they don’t want their babies born; you have a community in trouble. 


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